Want More Freedom?

Where do you want more freedom in your life?

Where don’t you feel free? Let’s start with that.!

What do you want to change? What makes you not value yourself so you can allow life to return to your your worth? to live with more purpose and joy, and freedom.

When you are an entrepreneur, coach, healer.. in business for yourself you are seeking more freedom for yourself. Here’s the thing. All businesses are people businesses and the bottom line is connection.

If your personal connection is not fully tendered to how will you fully reclaim both your worthiness and your self-worth? You know, getting past your blocks, your self-value blocks so you can live your life with more freedom, more love, more money.. and just more and more..

In your personal life where are you lifted to have courage, allow vulnerability to sty open hearted and stay open minded, and genuienly be ope to not only give but also to receive.

Freedom seekers like us want fulfillment, love, meaning and purpose, wealth, and all of this in a way that makes you feel emotionally secure and safe and financially secure and relieved!

You see I was more into other people’s dream than my own dreams. YES! I did! I was! I had not been using my gift of manifestation for myself first. Let me tell you that when I reclaimed my self-value, my worthiness, and defined my unique self-worth and brilliance my life transformed. It’s as if what I wanted and was waiting for quickly and naturally flowed into my life, just like that.

Next thing I knew I was serving more clients that are really pleasant to work with, making 5 figures per month,
my name and prosperity coaching was starting to be regarded with high value, referrals came in, compliments that I am a genuine coach that is gifted were what life was returning to me.

On top of this life just flowed my way a gentle and at the same time handsome soul that ignited a beautiful relationship with a man that tells me ”because of how you are it makes me want to up my respect for you by one notch”. So be it.. how better does it get for these aspects of my dream life.!!

Do you now get how you value yourself and allow life to return to you your worth works like magic.!
I would not have this magic if I had not tendered to my personal connection. You are here in my Soulful Community and you can also have this.. I am no different than you.!!

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Connect With Your Heart, and OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN!


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Connect With Your Heart,

Do You Feel a Nervous Tension Inside and Feel Some Sort of Fear or Maybe a Disconnect..



Connection Ranks #1 According to Psychology Today

Connection Ranks #1 According to Psychology Today

Wanting to feel better in your life? I have created a solution that you will love.

In psychology today a survey asking people what they needed to feel happy in their life. Respondents consistently replied that CONNECTION to family and friends, love and intimacy, even over… fame and financial wealth, and even above physical health was important. CONNECTION is the first thing that people need over and above everything.




Staying connected to how you feel and to the Source of your Divinity through your faith and gratitude is the life force. Love is a healer.It’s the natural healer. It’s a medicine. True unconditional love has to start with you if you want to extend it to others. True essential needs are centered within your being. It stems from your shine within wanting to be free and create the life you want to live. Being genuinely happy and satisfied! We all need to be loved, to be heard and to be understood. We need to feel secure. We need to be recognized and esteemed. We most certainly need to take responsibility for our lives. Vital needs stemming from an emotional state are closely linked with survival needs. These needs are fulfilled throughout your day. Many times your basic needs are simple. The essential needs of your heart and soul are over and above emotional needs.

If your own needs are not fulfilled, meeting the needs of another person will breed resentment within. Other times you think you know what another other person needs. This involves caretaking. It takes its root from codependency. You are more into the other person than into yourself, or perhaps you do not allow the other person’s soulful guidance to reveal its clarity. Caretaking is natural for those in need. Parenting a child is natural. Parenting an adult that is not in need involves both caretaking and controlling behaviors.

Perhaps you have difficulties with your own feelings in your heart and to feel better for yourself you must do something for another person. Controlling another person to make you feel better is selfish. It is not with pure intentions of your heart. It is subtle. The ego is at times very subtle. Dominating another person is being disrespectful. Every person has their individual soulful essence. This guides people perfectly. Your Essence guides you perfectly. Be faithful to you and connect with your heart. This will enable you to authentically connect with others.