Debt, Credit Card – Get control – Release stress. It’s blocking you.

Remove insecurity from the debt or credit card.

If you have more than one card put them away and only use 1.
Go buy yourself a pink envelope and put the credit cards that you are not using in them. Write a little note that says ”paid in full with grace and ease” and put the note in the enveloppe along with your cards.

Before making a plan to pay these, or perhaps you already have a plan to pay the credit card debt, or if you have no credit card debt and want to stay this way use the magic in a fun way and write on your note ”clean slate every month with grace, ease and fun”.

The lack of love and trust is reflected in your debt or in hoarding. Yeah, I know all about your insecurity. It is how at one point you needed to not only prove to others but also prove to yourself that you needed all those things and experiences to get you to a place whre you could finally tell yourself that’s it.! I’ve done it.! I’m at a right place now.

I’ve really outsmarted what was making me feel that I really needed to have all of those experiences and things to make me feel better, to make me feel like I was moving forward. You cannot fool your energy and your heart and soul. All those efforts you did by yourself, trying to hold it all together for everyone. Of course you did not spend a lot of money on your self-love and care. And this is where it’s costing you in energy because deep down inside you’re sad about this, maybe even feel anxioux. This is where your pain point, sensitive string, ego mind, conditioned mind is getting the best of you.

For now observe what your thoughts and emotions are. Do not resist your own energy. Don’t fight against yourself. I will continue with Part 2 and Part 3. You will have it all this week. So for now take it step by step. Trust the process of your growth, and especially the expansion of your soul that only wants you to have more divine and fun experiences and joy.
Connect With Your Heart, OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN so you can Master ALL of YOU!


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You Are Worthy!

YES.!! You are worthy!
How important are YOU for YOUR LIFEE?
Do you know that your efforts and pain, and growth have a very good reason for being?

Yes, allowing yourself to return to that space within of innocence, joy, enthusiasm and wealth is what this is all about!
How you give attention to WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU is the most BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY you’ll ever live.
What is required is love, YOUR INTERNAL WEALTH will then reflect this externally and you will be MANIFESTING the RESULTS you want.

If you’re in it for the money first your life will not work. It won’t because that emptiness and deeper ‘there has to be something more’ will still be there.
You see LOVE wants to fill
you up and MONEY wants to bring more happiness to your life.
You can believe all you WANT, but if you’re not acting on the beliefs from a mindset practice AND practical action point of view DAILY, then you’re beliefs don’t serve you. It’s as simple as that! I know that your past left you with a burdened heart, that your life experiences made you struggle and even push away what you want deep down inside..
And here’s the thing –

Your positive affirmations, when not glued to your core and your conscious beliefs ARE worth nothing, EVERYTHING you feel inside of you is real and will BECOME real, but for that to happen
YOU have to be willing to step up.!!
Trust me on this one!
Two months of being immersed in a state of grace after a very difficult life moment, Certified International Holistic Life coaching (mind-body-spirit), Certified Money Breakthrough Coaching, Certified Business and Project Management Coaching, Certified Energy Healing Polarity and Therapeutic Touch, 8 years of conventional psychological therapy,
Manifestation Expert, Author of the Connect Formula and the published book Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego, followed by the OWN Oprah Winfrey Network on twitter dueto my contribution to Super Soul Sunday, Co-national Ambassador for the Prosperity and Peace Global Initiative along with 196 nations..
Let’s just say I know a few things.

The difference between you and me is not much, only that I have a bit more information and did my deeper healing. That’s it!
The reason anyone struggles is because of their own internal disconnect to the grace that wants to reward you with everyting that you ask for, pray for, want, need and desire.

It is normal to have internal disconnects, an ego mind, a conditioned mind that wants to make you live as if you are not worthy, do not matter.. and perhaps some of you have resigned from what you want deep down inside because it requires wayyy too much work and effort.
I get that!
You can’t do it alone.
I don’t know anyone who does their life or their business alone. I sure can’t!
The ego will try to make us believe that we can figure it out alone on our own.
You see the ego mind is he disconnect, it is the defensive and protective part within you that wantsto keep you small, not important, unworthy, not deserving, poor hearted, poor financially, tolerating, settling, and slowly allow more misery to replace your happiness.

Self-development is great for growing and the mind.
Psychological Therapy is great for healing and resolving problems and the focus is on problems for sure.
Coaching is the best of all of this growth and healing combined with a strategy to take action and know how to keep moving forward specifically with what is important for you!
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So when you say visualize, journal write or just when you’re stuck..
or even if you DO do it daily but you don’t see it working, that honestly breaks my HEART.
And I wish I could meet you and sit down and share a tea or offee with you and get into your truth and creating your life on purpose, but since I can’t?
We’re gonna do this instead.
So Here is What’s Going Down! 6 weeks
You and me.

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These are the SAME STEPS that have impacted my life in a positive way!
I’ll be guiding and helping you WEEKLY on exactly what to do and exactly how to do it, so you know how to HONOR your worthiness, value your unique brilliance and self-worth, Overcome doubts, worries and the lack of belief in yourself Attract and make more money by making money your friend and improving your mindset with money and have enough money to do what you want.

Have clarity with your vision to manifest consciously and purposefully
Optimise your environment and be more relaxed and calm by living a life of meaning..
So you actually SEE it come to life during our time together, and so you create on purpose what you want so you can live, love, work more on purpsoe and have more what you want deep down inside and be confident, connected, aligned, wealthy, happier…

Connect With Your Heart, and OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN!


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How Would You Like To Attract More Abundance By Feeling Aligned and Deserving At Your Core

If you want to up level something in your personal life or in your business or change your money mindset you will enjoy what I want to share with you! A gift from you to you with opportunities that feel good! Abundance mentality, prosperity, feeling rich in both energy and fabulous experiences that makes you grow more into yourself … enjoying more business … enjoying the richness of life! 

From my own experience and my clients’ experiences that I have helped to do just that…understand the abundance mentality, thrive with high feelings and positive energy, and feel worthy and deserving of having the right support, enjoying business and serving clients, serve more ideal clients, buying a jeep, knowing that they still have what it takes to share a loving and fun relationship with a partner what is worthy of their loving and fun ways, getting their needs met, being offered help along the way that feels good…

Essentially to reach for what they want through high self-worth, faith and action, edging out ego and recognizing their fears for what they truly mean for them. This will always be there… always needs to be adjusted in order to reach that next step.You might be telling yourself, sure Yvonne I’ve worked on myself … and I tell you that valuing yourself and your worthiness with what you want, need and desire through high feelings – high self-worth has a formula, a framework that works.

Attracting what you want can be easy and what I find that gets in the way is that women and highly sensitives including men beat themselves up, judge themselves or blame the past in an unconscious way, stay stuck and do nothing, or struggle and push by doing so much that they become exhausted. What they are having is not being able to attract what they want and frustration sets in. This is why I have created a pathway of 5 key points that will help you. 

  1. Define your genuine value to value yourself in your business (abilities, gifts, talents, creation). Knowing how to be of service in your unique brilliance and value. Be and Feel At Your Place!   Increase your confidence, enthusiasm and satisfaction in business by having a solid foundation and business principles that work. Connect with your ideal clients and develop long term relationships.
  2. Master your psychology, growth and ego and feel worthy, deep knowing that you deserve attention, love and money, abundance to live a prosperous life with happiness and success.  Believe in YOU! Understand growth steps and surpass stress, worrying and doubts by valuing the intelligence of body, mind, heart and soul… live with a deep satisfaction.
  3. Improve your emotional relationship and your mindset with money …live with the positive consequences of your planning, actions and energy. Surpass what is unconsciously holding you back and feel more in control of your money. Value your expertise, gifts, talents, creativity and know how to set a price to these.
  4. Have a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power… with presence, awareness, consciousness while valuing your entrepreneurial path and growth, be in agreement with your decisions, choices and values : (tangible and non-tangible) go to the heart of things quickly to know how to transform a resistance into an inspired action!
  5. Optimise your environment to live with more comfort. Be well surrounded! Connect with trust to live with more emotional and material safety enables you to live with peace of mind, heartfelt serenity and more comfort. Connect To Soulful Wellness! 

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Connecting To Success & Happiness

Your energy does not lie to you!

Not being able to relax, not sleeping well, being caught up in waiting game, thinking and being paralysed with fear, crying because it is difficult…etc.. You can neglect, ignore, reject it, essentially a disconnect, sort of a self-abandonment. We all have our unique ways of coping however pressure is pressure and it is no fun.

What I can tell you is that the closer you look at it the more empowered you become. You know exactly what that pressure, tension and insecurity is all about and you CAN do something about it.

  • Pressure from an unresolved heartache (difficult existential feelings)
  • Pressure from relationship conflicts
  • Pressure from money worries that reflect bad money habits OR debt that is linked with an unforgiven past OR you are shut down with a poor mindset and a poor heart
  • Pressure from psychological structural pressure caused from being in the middle of a change, known as in the gap
  • Pressure of needing to work harder to have more money
  • Pressure to have more clients and undervaluing your value and your self-worth
  • Pressure from insecurity, feeling scared about something and it contracts your energy – this can even be afraid of being afraid.

Taking action and not allowing fear to paralyse you – When the ego is not edged out or when fear is taking too much space this will leave  a person feeling stuck, at the mercy of living a disconnect with one of these:  body, mind, heart, spirit or money. It is very challenging.

You have a deep need to feel safe and not putting your pressure under the microscope will keep you feeling insecure and not feeling safe. If you are affected by a disconnect I would enjoy talking with you. Click here to connect with me.

You cannot fool your energy. Your energy wants to be resolved – personal or business energy does not know the difference. Who you are follows you everywhere, at home, at work, at play and with friends…


3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

Worry – What You Believe – Community (Moving Onward & Upward)

When a situation worries you essentially you have 2 choices to deal with this.
1. face the reality and take action that will diminish the anxiety caused by worry
2. get caught up in scenarios that makes you even more worried

Face Reality
You have been told that something will happen. It makes its way in your mind and in your heart. All is well and you feel good about what will happen.
You have been told that something will happen and right away it gets you very worried. Accepting what might happen is difficult.

FACTS: Get the facts. Talk to the right person that will tell you exactly what is. It can take you 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the situation or it can take you 4 hours of intensive research or telephone calls. Your focus is to get relief!
COMMUNITY: Eventually you get to the right person that has the answer that is based on facts. This person usually has dealt with this and can guide you or instruct you on what to do. Be empowered with the right people!
BELIEVE: With facts you are in a very good position to either take the action that you were instructed to take and go to the end of it. This puts a limit to worry. Do not under estimate the power of belief.What you believe disempowers or empowers you!
Panic or the wrong source of information will drain you of your precious energy and you will have lost your focus on the situation at hand. If you look to others that do not have factual information to guide or instruct you and you talk to people that have never lived a similar experience chances are very probable that you will double your worry.
Emotional drama will most likely be the outcome of your experience. The worry energy will turn to all sorts of supposition and what ifs that is not helpful. This will spin you around and around. You will loose your focus and you will feel drained out. You will want to control everything and everyone because your anxiety will make you feel that you do not have control.
When or if you get to this space within you have 2 choices. Give your power to the energy of fear and allow the energy of anxiety to control you or surrender the whole thing to a Higher Power and be energized through the energy of faith that you will have the perfect solution.

The victim consciousness does not see solutions to problems. The victim stays stuck and blames. Spiritual consciousness enables you to be faithful. The built up confidence of your previous victories, all your little wins of the past confirm that you have always found the solutions.

Always there is a solution! When you trust in a Higher Power you know that you are always protected and safe.

Be connected with reality – Be empowered by the people of your community. Take action to release your worry without taxing your own energy. Trust in YOU and trust in Life! Being on the shoulders of Your Highest Power guides you perfectly.

Be the CEO of Your Life – You can make it happen!

Money and You

Money and You

Irina Baker, M.A., C.H. is part of Connect With Your Heart Community.  Irina is offering you the opportunity to apply for a complimentary Awareness Shifting Discovery Session. You will enjoy meeting Irina. Make sure to give her my best regards when you speak with her.

I am sure you will enjoy reading this week’s blog written by Irina herself.

Where are you in relationship with money?  Are you friends or do you ignore each other?  In other words, do you want money?  Do you want more money than you already have?  Do you have enough money?  On the surface, all these questions seem silly:  Who in the right mind doesn’t want more money? Read more

Insecurity Through *Feeling Disconnected*

What if you are living with immense anxiety and cannot feel connected to Spirit?

This is where many people struggle and they close their heart. Living with a closed heart is what many fearful people do. Living with a closed heart does not stop a person from functioning. A disconnected person will live through their ego. The outcome will be struggles. It is very difficult to live a relationship with a person that is not emotionally available and feel safe.  If you want to live with emotional security in your relationships you need to start listening to your heart. It is this that will empower you to respect the natural limits of your heart and set your limits with what does not make you feel good.  Taking your decisions from the Intelligence of your heart will enable you to trust yourself and feel more confident.

From Scared to Faith

From Scared to Faith

I want to focus on what is the opposite of scared. You will love this. In the letters S C A R E D is also the letters S A C R E D.

Feeling scared usually holds insecurity. It is not the same thing as a fear. Fear can be either the presence of real danger, or uncertainty. When you know your fears you can surpass the fear by allowing yourself to lean a little into certainty by feeling supported with a trusted person, by recalling your past victories, and also by leaning into Spirit for guidance. Your actions will empower you to overcome the fear.

Insecurity is a deep tension. It is a state. There is a good reason why you feel scared. If you ignore this or reject how you feel you are abandoning yourself.

When you take courage into your own hands with the intention of wanting to uncover what this is all about it reveals precious information. This insecure state is transformed with time and action. It does not happen over night.

In order to start transforming the scared to sacred you need to want to learn what is causing you to feel this way. The separateness of ego or deep heartache cannot be resolved through your thoughts and your emotions. It is precisely this that is causing you to feel scared. This can be resolved at a higher level with the intelligence of your heart, Spirit

From Insecurity to *Trust*

From Insecurity to *Trust*

Ways to change insecurity to trust:

  1. Allow your emotion with its judgment to be released to then be enabled to allow the feelings of your heart to  naturally flow. This will enable you to trust in what you feel. You will know why you feel the way you do.
  2. Merge with the intelligence of your heart for spiritual guidance to know what is the loving inspired action for you to take, the loving thoughts you should have, when to set the natural limits of your heart in a situation or with a person.
  3. Surrender the will of your ego for a Higher Will. This will give you your ultimate safety and will definitely put an end to struggles.

When you keep your heart open and listen to your heart it enables you to be real and transparent with yourself. Living through the intelligence of your heart guides you through theultimate security there is.

When you respect the natural limits of your heart by making feeling good your top priority this will lead you through high frequencies feeling high on life and unshakable.

When you listen to your heart the intelligence of your heart guides you in your decisions and actions.This naturally increases your trust and confidence.

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