Challenges, Miracles & Blessings!!

Entrepreneurship and coaching, I hired top mentors and coaches, paying top dollars, working long hours implementing their strategies and scripts, and coming to a realization that I was out of alignment. I felt like a mini me of these amazing people. The energy was off, felt pressured,  misaligned, it didn’t feel good.. and my monthly income went down from $11,000 to under $2,000.

We all set out to create the money we want, serve the clients we are meant to serve, honor our gift and talents and when something inside shifts and the worthiness gap is closed there is no chasing money, no chasing clients and there is that deeper feeling of satisfaction by knowing how we are meant to offer our contribution and gift. The pressure, forcing and pushing is transformed to being in the flow.

I am well known for my journal writing. Here’s a sample of my journal writing to quickly move forward.. (click on the picture to read what I wrote).. and clients and friends tell me that I journal write just like a tea drinker who loves tea. Part of my gift is to pick up information a different way, and I will tell you more as we get to know each other.

Back in my alignment I started to be in love with my business, connecting with people whose energy was authentic and optimistic, enrolling soulful clients that are fun to work with, and pay well. The consequence of this had a positive impact in both my personal life and business, and my monthly income was once again on the rise for good.

Most of my client value their sensitivity. They are either born highly sensitives, or have acquired their sensitivity throughout their life experiences. I help my clients establish value for themselves, by helping them discover their true value, that also helps them in creating a new relationship with money. As this happens, they have fulfillment, more happiness and money starts coming in with more ease. They rise to their next level, and they get going in their business with less obstacles.

I help them increase their value by being on purpose and by removing worthiness, deservability and money blocks that limit them with Value & Confidence, Value & Money, and Value & Business so they can own their gift and contribute through their self-worth and unique brilliance to make the difference they know they are meant to do by connecting with purpose and creating their income.

Building, transitioning, OR growing your business through your creative passion, connecting with people that resonate with your energy and gift, busting money blocks and deep rooted beliefs so you can own your authentic self-value and have more love, money, time and freedom.


Be laser sharp focussed on the specific results you want and take inspired action

  1. Empower Your Personal Connection (uncovering patterns and shifting disempowering beliefs, including worthiness and deservability blocks)
  2. Attract and Connect With New clients with Ease & Confidence
  3. Bust Money Blocks including Deep Rooted Beliefs and Create Money
  4. Master connection, enroll your clients with ways that inspire them to say yes to themselves so they can benefit and enhance their lives or business from your help.. (you will stop giving it away through value and empowered boundaries and offer blessings to those who are not a fit
  5. Receive both group coaching and private coaching on what impacts your worthiness, purpose and prosperity
  6. On-going coaching in the private group community, including higher level of accountability, and additional resources to support you even more to accomplish what you want in your journey
  7. Have priority to work in a VIP way with Yvonne

Let go of  internal pressure that you don’t do enough, don’t know enough and all of that frustration and follow a proven path to success.

My experience, credentials, certifications, education and professional highlights offer ways that are unique and helpful to help you accomplish your what you want:

Yvonne S. – Guiding You To All That Is Possible

Followed by OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) via Twitter

Founder of the Connect With Your Heart Formula, Mastery in Connection

Certified International Holistic Life Coach (Mind-Body-Spirit) – Being On Purpose

Certified Money Breakthrough Coach – Improving Your Relationship With Money

Business Coach – Believe In Yourself And Your Business

Project Management and Business Analysis Consultant – Aligning your vision with your priorities, strategy, goal and action to have the results you want

Certified Happiness Life Coach – You Deserve To Be Happy

Connection Mastery – Empowering your personal connection to live with personal fulfillment, call in your soul mate and share soulful love, connect better with your children, inspire your ideal clients and build a long lasting connection with them

Psychotherapy and education (8 years) – Having the right HeartSet & MindSet

Author of the book Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego


Two (2) 90 minute group Zoom Calls per month and one private coaching monthly call (you will be able to take advantage of XMas and summer vacation)

You will have an opportunity to have laser focussed coaching within the group calls

You will be part of a private members only facebook group where you receive additional coaching, resources as well as group support and energy, a safe space to post your progress and have more accountability to overcome obstacles so you can reach your goals.

BONUS: Kickstart Vision Call

*** Shift patterns that keep you stuck so you can be on your way to allow, believe and receive wholeheartedly what you deserve

*** Own your value and know how to set the fee to your services through soulful assertiveness and empowered boundaries

*** Master connections and know when to offer your time to those who appreciate your gift to then inspire them to take it one step further so you can help them as you render your offer for financial abundance

Apply to be considered for this exclusive and selective group.. work in private with Yvonne and receive the energy and support of a collective group. (meet several criterias and you’re in, spaces are limited)

  • New perspectives, fresh ideas, and suggestions, useful and purposeful specifically for you.
  • Group Energy and Quality Connections, being supported with people who believe in you and support your happiness and success. Group members form friendships, strategic business relationships that bring growth opportunities, or additional revenue streams.
  • Resulting in feeling capable through celebrations, inspiration, motivation, a strong momentum grounded giving you a solid foundation in your achievements.


You have my promise that I will hold you as powerful as you can be, even in those times when it will be challenging and you will want to bail out on yourself. This is what makes me different from others. 

I hold you at a high standard because you are committed – I’m holding the space for you even in those challenging moments! No self-abandonment and no disvalue as I spot this quickly.

You will increase Your Value, self-trust and confidence and remove money blocks to expand your income and create money.

I work with coaches, entrepreneurs, (also those who aspire to be a coach and entrepreneur) with support in the removal of their blocks; this helps them make more money and get deep satisfaction from life and work.

Here are some transformations clients have experienced as results:

  1. Owning your self worth and seeing yourself as the amazing person that your are
  2. Unconditional support with love, never giving up regardless of obstacles
  3. Having more possibilities and knowing that more is accessible
  4. Enrolling high end clients
  5. Making money
  6. Opening your heart and accepting your natural state of vulnerability
  7. Getting to the heart of things quickly and being guided in a way that is painless – It’s the feeling of having lived a transformation without realising it, it is natural
  8. Having the middle ground between psychology and being practical
  9. Clearing out block and having a soft place to land to reach professional goals
  10. Having satisfaction
  11. Feeling accomplished and knowing how I belong
  12. Getting beneath the surface of what’s holding you back
  13. Freedom, be valued, be yourself through safety and security, etc…

Apply to be considered for this exclusive and selective group.. work in private with Yvonne and receive the energy and support of a collective group. (meet several criterias and you’re in, spaces are limited)