Connect With Your Heart helps you to live the life of your dream, what you imagined. Connected, it helps you to open up a little more emotionally, financially, spiritually by allowing more passion and creativity to flow through your unique brilliance and self-worth, be more purposeful and enjoy prosperity.  People take that next best step feeling confident, valued and worthy as they keep moving forward!


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You know sometimes you get into a funk and become frustrated, and 99% of the time it’s because of a disconnect. You are at the right place to be soulfully connected and start living the life and business you desire. It inspires being connected, aligned and purposeful. I have proven ways to help you get out of that funk and shift into a life and business you love.

Do you ask yourself how can I add more life to my life, really have the lifestyle that I know I am meant to live? Maybe you question yourself on How Can I Connect Back With My Heart?

Connect With Your Heart, Mentoring and Coaching is unique and transformational.

It offers proven ways that guide you to be successful and purposeful with your PASSION, gift, talents, and creativity by being one with your vision that flows from your HEARTFELT DESIRES, with support that is based on life-holistic (mind-body-spirit), and money breakthrough international coaching certifations as well as a business management offering successful business mindset and practical life tools that helps you to soulfully expand your personal and spiritual connection, and increase wealth consciousness.  Its immediate benefit impacts positively your relationships, all of them.

We know that we are meant to live our life in a way that connects us to a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment and we need help to get out of our own way.

You sense this, and know deep down inside that something needs to be done or decided, and your inner voice, that internal push gracefully needs to be fully intergrated with the wholeness of who you are, and because of a deeper disconnect it causes you to feel stress, feel stuck, even procrastinate, leaving you to feel tired and a bit frustrated. That internal pressure or quiet tension disturbs your peace of mind, burdens your heart and you spend your money as you keep looking for the solution that your heart and soul yearns for.

A disconnect can reveal itself in many ways, typically difficulty making decisions, money challenges, unhappy relationships or no significant relationship, struggle with growing your business, or a strong discontent with your work or business, unhappy with yourself, are the big ones. The underground of this deeper disconnect problem stems from issues related to the unresolved pain of rejection, abandonment or neglect or trauma that impacts your value and worthiness. 

Trauma suffered in childhood or the teen years can cause an individual to feel a disconnect… especially with driven, high achievers. I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants solve that disconnect, have new levels of clarity so they can be purposeful, happier with themselves and their business, and live a successful life which has a positive ripple effect on their love and wealth.

How would it feel to live your day through good energy, having a deep connection to what matters to you, taking inspired action, feeling  in harmony through your powerful inner guidance and enjoying more prosperity in your life?

Connected and in alignment, one step at a time – everything is possible!

Self-discovery and self-knowledge opens a soulful way to release deeper issues. WE ALL HAVE THE SAME CHALLENGES.

I help clients transform this disconnect that not only impacts their life imprint but also their money imprint and this makes them struggle in their life or business, so I help them to reclaim power over their life and money imprint and so they can not only be connected at a deeper level, they are soulfully aligned through transformational, positive and sustainable changes including empowered beliefs and a successful mindset.

Well I can tell you, change can happen!


Because during a difficult moment in my life I completely surrended my ALL. I was immersed in a state of grace that lasted two months I got how grace offers us the strength to merge with our higher self, our soul, our godly essence. It helped me to overcome my disconnect and create a Connect Formula, a practical life tool. It also helped me to transform my insecurity complex to complete trust. I got what closes the heart and contracts energy and what open the heart to allow more love and well being.

“Grace is an energy; not a mere sentiment; not a mere thought of the Almighty; not even a word of the Almighty. It is as real an energy as the energy of electricity. It is a divine energy; it is the energy of the divine affection rolling in plenteousness toward the shores of human need.” — Benjamin Jowett 1817 – 1893

I’m a Prosperity Coach, and it’s a bit more than that. I help clients to fulfill their heartfelt desires, be soulfully connected and aligned with their purpose, releasing blocks and limiting beliefs, with increased wealth consciousness, presence, awareness and connectedness. There is no school that teaches you to own your value, define your unique brilliance and self-worth, and resolve worthiness issues so you can keep expanding with life in a soulful way and allow yourself to wholeheartedly receive so much more from the universe which really gives you that deeper satisfaction and fulfillment. This is what Connect With Your Heart helps you with.

I also work with coaches, by helping them make money and make money quickly. I help them increase their value by removing the blocks that limit them.

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Céline Miron March 21, 2016