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Looking for more ways to live an inspired life that you love?

heart-fingerprintsCreate a prosperous life for yourself! You will find ways on how to be in harmony, be happier and have more money – be more productive in your life or in your business and feel empowered in YOUR value and self-worth so you can earn money doing what you love, being on purpose.

Not too sure how to put this in practice efficiently and this causes you to feel insecure and not safe or scattered? (anxious, worried, frustrated, pressured, stressed with money issues…)

Are you feeling challenged on how what to do and how to set a fee to the value of your offers and services? (feeling worthy and having more than just enough or pushing through your days, so how about valuing yourself and improving your relationship with money to have more money?Feeling on purpose, valuing your growth (life-business)!

How would it feel to live your day through good energy, having a deep connection to what matters to you, taking inspired action, feeling  in harmony through your powerful inner guidance and enjoying more prosperity in your life?

How would it feel to have ways to be pulled forward by your high self-worth and sensitivity, by staying practical, reaching steady progressive results that up-level your business and creates more money?

If you are ready to move forward or change one thing that causes you to feel stuck (by the way there is nothing more permanent than change itself), keep learning and growing, be of service in a way that feels great, have a better relationship with your financial wealth and stop the cycle of upset and frustration it is time to act. Connected and in alignment, one step at a time – everything is possible!

The More You Connect With Yourself The More Empowered You Are To Connect With Others.

A disconnect can reveal itself in many ways, typically difficulty making decisions, unhappy relationships, a strong discontent with your work or business, unhappy with yourself, are the big ones.

  • a burdened heart or troubled mind stopping you from moving forward – unresolved trauma, childhood issues needing attention and release, frustrations, fears and ego taxes your energy and procrastination keeps you stuck
  • your reality is difficult or tiresome and this affects your passionate energy, focus and momentum
  • not knowing the blocks that affect your financial safety keep you stuck with little or not enough financial security

This can change in the blink of an eye when you powerfully embrace your personal growth or entrepreneurial journey and increase in love & prosperity.

Well I can tell you, change can happen!


I’ve lived monumental changes and now I help people, mostly women and some men also that are between the ages of 30 to 60 years old, most of them are entrepreurs and coaches themselves or want to be, and I also help coaches refine their coaching practice.

My clients are either in business for themselves or want to start a business.

Most of my client are highly sensitive; they are either born this way, or have aquired their sensitivity throughout their life experiences. They also struggle with lack of confidence or confusion. And as most people who are guided by their emotions, they shut down when they hit a wall.

They lack clarity on the specific things needed to make lasting change, and they struggle with self-value. Moreover, they are disconnected from money. I help my clients establish value for themselves, by helping them discover their true value, and thus creating a new relationship with money. As this happens, money starts coming in with more ease, and they get going in their business with less obstacles..

I’m a Prosperity Coach, and it’s a bit more than that.

I also work with coaches, by helping them make money and make money quickly. I help them increase their value by removing the blocks that limit them.

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Mes résulats ont été au delà de mes attentes!

L’amour ou l’argent? C’est le coeur qui gagne toujours!!! L’amour de soi est la clé pour votre réussite comme le dit si bien Céline.

Céline Miron March 21, 2016