2 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

Here we go with the 2nd of 5 series in the EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE challenge.

If you recall my inner calling was to take a step back from my presence online to adjust, rest and get creative. I did just that. I followed my powerful inner guidance. Then came the time “Yvonne give time”. It’s time.

So here I am. 
Hummmm give time is to give time. As simple as that. 🙂

Finding your soul’s PURPOSE, by letting go of soul/spirit crushing BELIEFS that weigh you down…so you can stand transparent with yourself and put VALUE on your true WORTH.

You can see this 2 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose Challenge teaching for free by clicking here…

You will find the 1st teaching of this series by clicking here…   The 1st teaching shows you proven ways of Standing in your AUTHENTIC VALUE, acknowledging the growth and expansion available for you at this time to build wealth consciousness. 

Getting activated at a soul level offers inner stability!

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne