Part 2 of 4 – The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

Part 2 of 4 

The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

As adults we strive to be emotionally and spiritually mature. We strive to align our mental attitude with our heart. We strive to connect our heart with our head. As adults we become mindful and connect our mind with our heart. The ego part with the child or teenage part will linger on until it has been lovingly and compassionately taken care of. When our emotions and our feelings flow through us, while at the same time capturing the negative thoughts, it enables a deep transformation in the psyche. As an adult it is our responsibility to discern our ego and to heal our heart through soulful love.

When the pain of ego is not healed it turns into a control issue. Controlling one self and controlling others, putting pressure on one self and putting pressure on others. It can also turn into a very strong emotional resistance. This pressure to control how we love and care for our self, or how we love and care for another person is very much intertwined between fear of the ego and love of the heart. The ego has developed and learned ways to have or get love and to feel safe. It did this to be protective. This is referred to as survival mechanisms of the ego. These survival patterns become dysfunctional relational patterns. The dysfunctional relational patterns give birth to emotional turmoil and emotional drama within relationships.

 When the child grows up, as an adult, the man or the woman wants to find someone to love. However over the years the ego has developed internal defensive controlling ways to protect the child from suffering. The energy of the child lives on within the adult. These defenses are filled with systems that are controlling. The controlling ways are both conscious and unconscious. Finding the right person to love will not give the adult the love he or she craves. The heart and soul craves love to heal. The way to feel the soulful love that is needed to heal is through one’s own Essence.

Connect with your Heart and know the soulful needs of your Essence. Heal your heart through love.

P.S. Connect With Your Heart.

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