3 Tips For Getting What You Deserve Through Comfort

3 Tips For Getting What You Deserve Through Comfort

There is a part within you that is telling you don’t you dare –  the rebel within you that is yearning for your loving and caring attention. This little rebel is actually really cute! When you give it your attention it will smile at you and tell you finally I have your attention! What a relief!
Take a moment to consider 3 points that can give you some clarity:

1.Look at what you tolerate – what is that familiar experience and feeling that you have lived with perhaps for months or many years that limits you from getting your deeper needs met and feel the comfort that you deserve.

2.You have the right to live good experiences. Get very specific on what you want to improve and get to the why.

3.Start accepting and owning up to how you are giving your power away – this is the only way to resolve this and stand in your power.

Your powerful sacred inner guidance is guiding you to live with more richness and what is best for you – can you start trusting this more?

I know that you don’t only want information. You want a transformation. You can take what you just learned and you can go put it to work and get this done to start being more into yourself and get to that unshakable space within that makes you feel fully open hearted and connected with yourself and others and be aligned in a way that feels good to receive what you want deep down inside.

If you are telling yourself, I am curious or I am ready there is a service you may want to know more about. And here is how that works. Click on the words Breakthrough Session. It will open up a new window. From there simply follow the steps. Get excited for your breakthrough.