3 TIPS on Valuing Yourself and Feeling Good

3 TIPS on valuing yourself and feeling good

TIP #1:
 Examine your well-being. You deserve to do what renders justice to Your Love. Offering yourself rewards makes you feel that what you do is worth it. This touches your satisfaction at a deeper level. What can you offer yourself that will really make it feel worthy for you! For example I broke a necklace and it was sitting on the desk. I could not wear my heart pendant because I did not have a chain. 

I am not into jewellery that much – I spend on what is truly meaning for me and this diamond heart represents for me a sacred symbol, a vision I had when I incorporated my soulful business. When I incorporated my soulful business I did a meditation visualisation asking for a symbol that when I would see this symbol it would remind me of my commitment and soulful support.  What I saw behind my eyes was a heart with diamonds. I found an image of this symbol and pasted it on my vision board. Sure enough it manifested. When I reminded myself of the meaning of my symbol I set out to have the chain repaired.
TIP#2: The more that you allow yourself to value what you do when you render services or do something the more you will feel calmer. Yeah! This calm settles within you and increases your confidence. When you value what you do and it increases your vibration with a calm confidencethat others feel. When you value and recognize yourself it makes you feel empowered (When you accept that you will not please every person that crosses your path you will then allow yourself to define your intrinsic worth with high feelings and be uplifted from within.

TIP#3: When it comes to reviewing your personal or business finances of what you have already paid or what needs to be paid, instead of feeling anxious with your money story you can choose to look at the value that your spending has brought you. 

Here are 3 questions to reflect on:

  1. How has it been worth it for you?
  2. How have you invested in what is really worth it for you?
  3. How has it rewarded you?
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