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EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE When we want to CREATE something new, reach a goal, make something happen we need to ask our self a few questions.

The impact of following the little voice within, a soul nudge, the same recurring thought and feeling! “That’s it. I’ve had many vacations in the Caribbean and now it’s time to move there. I will be shown”! I was shown to BE ONE WITH the ocean. From that moment it started to unfold quickly. Life orchestrated the whole thing.

My job was to connect within at a deeper level to receive my instructions, honor my VISION and INTUITION and keep my sacred FOCUS to accomplish this HIGH LEVEL MANIFESTATION.

I was shown exactly where to live, which country in the Caribbean. I moved from Canada to the Caribbean within no time at all. I did the country move with ease, support and courage. More GROWTH, EXPANSION & PROSPERITY unfolded in more ways than one.

I simply do what I know best, staying faithful to my INNER CALLINGS and TRUSTING that I will be shown.

BEING ACTIVATED at a soul level brings in deeper satisfaction. I know it does the same for you !!


Life hit the reset button on the world! What’s changing for you? Did you make major life changing DECISIONS and you need to TRUST a little more to reach your next level OR did a little complacency set in? Here’s a few ways to tell..

..Feeling overwhelm or scattered

..Not being clear on what are the priorities (too many options or coaches or books or videos…)

..Hard time to focus


..Feeling stuck

..Not fulfilled with your dream

..Hard to put a finger on your calling

..Fear not having enough money or stuck with financial limitations

..Unhappy in a relationship that seems to repeat the same cycle and pattern

..Asking yourself where did my passion go (what’s going on?)

And if you BELIEVED that you are exactly now where you are meant to be?

It is up to each and everyone to regain balance with life to claim what is yours with CONFIDENCE and WHOLENESS

My message to you:

You have what it takes within you to make a decision and BE ONE with what is meant to be for you.

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne

P.S. You might be wondering “why is Yvonne doing this Empowered & On Purpose free weekly  THURSDAY challenge?” Back in March 2020 I felt the collective energy and I took a step back from being present online. I adjusted and rested. Now my inner calling is telling me “yvonne give time”. Being human I resisted for a big minute and a half. Then I took inspired action to create something so I could give my time, doing it with passion, no pressure with flow and ease.


WEEK 1: VALUE Standing tall in your AUTHENTIC VALUE, acknowledging the GROWTH and EXPANSION available for you at this time to build WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS.  

WEEK 2: PURPOSE By letting go of soul crushing BELIEFS that weigh you down so you can stand transparent with yourself and put the VALUE on your WORTH.

WEEK 3: ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING.  Letting go of distractions, insecurity holding you back, what’s causing limitations or restrictions so you can take INSPIRED ACTION for yourself. ***

WEEK 4INTENTION & ONENESS Open to receive what you want to allow quick and high level MANIFESTATION by being ONE WITH what you want.


BONUS: Show up EVERY WEEK and receive a GIFT, laser focus private 20 minute coaching call with me with on your goal and what you need.


I FELT THE ENERGY SHIFT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS BLOCK WAS LIFTED I just had my first coaching session with Yvonne and all I can say is WOW! In less than 15min did she break through the money blocks that I have been carrying ever since I was a child. I was not even

aware that this belief was so deeply integrated and linked to something else than I initially had thought but this was all thanks for Yvonne’s expertise and guidance.  

I feel so much relief now and I felt the energy shift immediately after this block was lifted. Thank you so much, Yvonne, you are truly amazing! I am so grateful you showed up when you did. 

I can highly recommend Yvonne to everyone who feels they need some extra guidance to release their blocks. Whatever it may be, this lady can definitely help you. Again, thank you so much ♥ Ingunn T.