“I will share powerful and proven ways to support your ability to move forward in motion with ease, soul and confidence through your authentic value so it feels right for you.”

When we want to CREATE something new, reach a goal, make something happen and make it a priority we need to ask our self a few questions.

What do I want? What’s my INNER CALLING?

What is this push from within asking of me?

What do I need to know about this calling to take action for myself with this?

Hello I am Yvonne St-Louis and I am glad you found this kick-start challenge!

IGNITING MOMENTUM & ACTION with ALIGNMENT and WISDOM to be in one with with what is meant for you so you can call it into your experience..

Manifesting on purpose by going a bit deeper within offers insight, soulful guidance, creativity and offers soulful satisfaction opening as it just opens up the path to a prosperous way of living. 

I simply do what I know best to stay faithful to my INNER CALLINGS. Writing this challenge, I can tell you as if it was yesterday, the Caribbean had been something that I had never thought of until one day, sitting in my office, in Montreal, back in 2002 I had a strong intuition to look at a map and discover what is or where was the Caribbean. You can read more about this below where you will see the photo of the beach.

Let me ask you something. As life hit the reset button on the world did you make major life changing decisions and you need to trust a little more to reach your next level OR did a little complacency set in? Here’s a few ways to tell..

..Feeling disengaged with what you do (complacency)

..Stopped thinking about life and stuff (complacency)

..Lacking initiative? (complacency) Get excited with this Empowered & On Purpose free 5 day kick-start challenge

..This decision is one that will bring me where I am meant to (next trust level)

..Are not investing in yourself (next trust level mixed with complacency)

..Not going the extra mile for what you want, (next trust level)

..Letting distractions get the best of your time (next trust level)

..Playing it really safe, not changing what needs to be changed because of insecurity (next trust level)

..Asking yourself where did my passion go (what’s going on?)

You are where you are and that is the perfect place to start from. It’s OK how you feel. It is!! What I have noticed is this:

– Some people never stopped and kept going, being at the forefront for other people.

– Another group of people took a step back, strengthened their faith, rested, questioned their purpose, or got creative.

– And there are people just wanting to put the whole thing behind them, being fed up with confusion on what are the priorities.

By the way I seem also to have been with this as well, all 3 of them at one point or another since January 2020. 

It is up to each and everyone to put the button back on play and decide to just do it!

Being activated at a soul level always brings me back quickly into alignment. I know it does the same for you !! Are you ready to be activated and aligned so you can manifest on purpose?

You resonate to this? Yes? Join me, I am doing this for myself and I want you on board because I know that when your soul is hungry for what its calling will never leave you alone. It’s always there, the little voice, the push you feel inside.


DAY 1: CLARITY Standing in your value by being clear with your SOUL pushing you in the FEEL GOOD, RIGHT DIRECTION with what is IMPORTANT now for you at this moment in your life.  

DAY 2Letting go of soul crushing BELIEFS that weigh you down so you can stand transparent with yourself and put the VALUE on you.

DAY 3: INTENTION & ONENESS Open to receive what you want to allow quick and high level manifestation by being ONE WITH what you want.

DAY 4: OPTIMIZE YOUR ENVIRONMENT Letting go of distractions, insecurity of what holds you back, negativity of the programmed part of your brain causing limitations or restrictions so you can keep your SACRED FOCUS and take action for yourself.

DAY 5: Building WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS to allow MONEY to add more value to your life

This is where I live. I walk on this pristine beach just about daily. Back to telling you about how this soul urge unfolded. My soulful powerful inner guidance prepared me to be one with the Caribbean. My inner calling with this guided direction started in 2002 and then at the end of 2003 my whole life what turned upside down. I had to find my way again. Deep down I trusted knowing life was preparing me.

From there the whole path opened up where my intuition and inner guidance pulled me forward to grow in more ways than one in every aspect of life. Life pulled on my hair for me to grow it seemed.

Then I made a DECISION. “That’s it. I’ve had many vacations in the Caribbean and now it’s time to move there. I will be shown”! From that moment it started to unfold quickly. I was shown. Life orchestrated the whole thing. My job was to connect within at a deeper level and receive my instructions and honor my soulful vision.

I moved from Canada to the Caribbean within no time at all. One year after the decision was taken I was shown exactly where to live, which country. Thereafter 10 months from being shown where I did the country move with ease and courage. 

GET READY to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE, ACTIVATE that deeper part within you to trust more, and get your MOMENTUM going in this EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE free 5 day challenge.

I am doing this for this with you,

for you, for the love of life.

My message to you: You have what it takes within you to make a decision and BE ONE with what is meant to be.

With love and blessings, Yvonne

YOU WALK AWAY WITH: 5 Days To Ignite Your Alignment With Action (Value $497.00)

– On Purpose & Feeling Safe

– Knowing What You Want

– Making Conscious Choices

– Getting Your Needs Met

– Empowered

A challenge is an excellent way to show up for yourself, and get a strong MOMENTUM !! I wanted you to know every detail of this Empowered & On Purpose free 5 day challenge, what we will do, what other people have with my help because I value time and energy which mirrors back to you that I value your time and energy. I appreciate that you appreciate putting the value on yourself to live a life of meaning which mirrors back to you that part within you that is meant to be living a life of meaning at a soul level.



I am more empowered, trusting from the inside. My trust has increased from a 5 to a 9 – 10. 

I know that I am MORE than enough – I deserve more in every single aspect of my life. I am able to keep living my heartfelt desire and dream and stay teamed up with my Connected Source. We will make it happen with ease & grace. Yvonne taught me a practical and structured way to resolve emotions and feelings in the midst of feeling them while feeling connected at the same time.

I can only say Thanks Yvonne, soooo much!!!  You gave me something wonderful and priceless. Isabel M.

Thank you so much for today!  
I appreciate the time you took today not only on the masterclass but on the call… Thank you so incredibly much Yvonne – you are a blessing in my life and I will look back and forever remember this moment that changed my life! Karli J.

LETTING GO OF BEING UNSURE Yvonne is amazing! When we first met, I was frustrated, scared and unsure of where I was going in my business.
In the past two months, I have experienced more growth, both personally and professionally, than I have in the past 10 years, thanks to Yvonne’s intuitive guidance.
Thank you so much, Yvonne! Kim Y.