Being On Purpose Doing What You LOVE

How are you at putting yourself out there, doing what you love and receiving your worth?

Making a decision is one thing.
Telling yourself, yes I am going to do this. When this is your mindset that you will find a way to find the way you will have the results that you have imagined.
Taking inspired action in spite of fears is something else. It takes courage.
You can have all the courage that you want but if you have blocks that courage will also ask you to have determination.

I created a video after having talked with Laura, and I told myself that it could help many others.

The only one reason you don’t have what you you want is because of this: your conditioned pain pattern that wants to keep you safe, and worthiness blocks. That’s it.


You are intelligent! You have in to you have success. Think about it for a second. Your hair and your nails grow without any effort. This is part of your nature. How about leaning into this powerful nature of yours a little more..
actually all the way to grace..
.. and then all the way to connecting with great people..
.. and then all the way to the bank.This is what you dream of.You want to feel good, feel useful and really be sure of who you are, and have more freedom with time, and perhaps even have more material comfort.
launch your business and have fun doing what you love.

And if your business is already up and running you want to uplevel, serve more efficiently, make more money..
uplevel some more.

You cannot get away from growing and expanding with life.

The question is this: what is the cost of continually waking up daily with the energy of hope?
Hope will not give you the results that you want.

Whatever your prosperity desire
 (not just wishful thinking and hope, but true, burning desire)  asks you to value your heartfelt wish, value your life and take action. 

Making a promise to yourself that you deserve to be happy and are worthy of living your life with fulfillment opens the door to so many wonderful opporunities.. in other words you are in alignment with your soul and mind to receive what your heart desires, including the prosperity that you are worthy of enjoying.

Make a decision NOW! You can make a change now.. or you can continue to wait.
Think about it and continue having the same results or make a different decision by investing in your future, your happiness, your heartfelt wishes. It’s an investment, an emotional and financial investment. It’s scary.
Look at it this way, you create your future but you don’t have to do it alone. I sure don’t!
When you’ve made that decision that you’re not doing it alone your life will change for the better. It sure did for me!

Connect With Your Heart! Own YOUR value, your life, your dream, and make good money doing what you love!

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