YvonnesmlIntroducing Yvonne St-Louis – An Artist at work!  Life – Body – Mind – Spirit and Author, Money, Business.. all what you need to Live-Love-Work ON PURPOSE. She found herself at a crossroads in 2003, feeling called to fully live her humanness while still working in project management and business analysis. This drew her in a direction that would honor her highly sensitive nature and big picture thinking, and led her on a healing journey. The results? She offers a unique blend of compassion, intuition and vision, based on a solid understanding that personal growth and life success is the foundation of entrepreneurial growth and financial success.

”What I find that clients struggle with is life imprints, specifically what touches their personal connection and alignment, self-value and worthiness, self-worth and business, money blocks, vision-strategy-manifestation, and this is something that I help them with so they can be well surrounded, do what they love, earn good money and have more freedom, happiness and satisfaction.. living, loving and working on purpose!

I help my clients establish value for themselves, by helping them discover their true value, and also by creating a new relationship with money. As this happens, money starts coming in with more ease, and they get going in their business with a solid business foundation.

You could say I’m a Prosperity Coach, and  it’s a bit more than that.

I also work with coaches, by helping them make money and make money quickly. I help them increase their value by removing the blocks that limit them.”

She is followed by OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) via Twitter as a result of her contributions in the community of Super Soul Sunday community.

Founder of the Connect With Your Heart Formula, Mastery in Connection, Gifted in Manifestation

– International Life Coach trained in a Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach

– Certified Money Breakthrough ® Coach

– Project and Business Management
– Energy Healer certified in Polarity and Therapeutic Touch
– 8 Years Conventional Psychological Therapy and Education
– Author of several books including Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego and A Woman’s Guide To Self-Esteem: How To Build Confidence