Allowing Ease, Trust & Wealth By Reconnecting To Your Good

Releasing what holds you back to reconnect to the goodness of life, of people, of animals, of money, and all what makes up the magnificence of nature.

It’s time to let go of fear based living and its entire energetic system to be allowing Ease & Wealth. Fear and ego is being squeezed out of everyone, so are dysfunctional patterns caused by past experiences that made up one’s conditioning.

If I was to tell you that love is trusting and wonderful some would say yes it is and others would say yeah right.

If I was to tell you money is love some would say yes it is and others would say yeah right.

Reconnecting to goodness with ease by allowing and giving yourself permission to love yourself more with value is to restore your authentic self-value. It is a desire for life, so is love, so is money, so is being on purpose with your gift and talents. It is about restoring your value and worthiness in a soulful way that empowers you to live, love and work on purpose with your unique brilliance and self-worth.

To release conditioning that limits love, joy and peace is to open up a little more to mercy. What is mercy. First let me tell you what is ego insecurities and then you will know how to apply a merciful way of living. Finding your way to have balance to live a spirited life in this material way of living.

Ego’s insecurities with its fear and control makes you firmly believe you don’t deserve good in your life and returns to a mind that is corrupted. This is where protecting your mind from its corrupt thinking becomes critical for your happiness and grace.

In my practice I ask simple questions that give me simple answers and I apply this for my integration. Question: “How can I forgive myself that I have strayed from your loving abundant mind?” Answer: “Humility my child, restore innocence in your own self”.

The contrary of humility is ego. The contrary of innocence is punishment. this leads to struggles. Ego punishes and humility restores innocence.

Merciful is what opens up more love, compassion, tender ways of communicating, forgiveness, ease, wealth, value and much more. It opens up to living in a loving state with harmony by owning one’s power. This is where logic offers the capacity to find one’s truth for one’s own sake. I am not referring here to the defensive mechanism of rationalization where feeling are thought instead of flowing by feeling them.

There are many outside influences with wisdom, and there are many outside influences that have a limited perspective.  This is why it is critical that you know your truth and know what to allow in your mind. When you know your conditioned mind’s patterns it is easier to get back to a place of feeling good, and at times you need to allow yourself to allow another person to support you in what you don’t see for yourself.

Ego’s insecurities is known as the split mind. Those who read the bible know that satan is another word for ego. This is the division from oneness. Someone asked me one day, “Yvonne what is your biggest fear?” I smiled and answered my mind.

In my practice I meditate and pray to be one with the mind of the divine. I apply life tools that releases stuck energies that hold an emotional charge. It sometimes makes me feel vulnerable as I know something is opening up. From there I put my intentions in the energy field where I know in my heart centered and soulful way of loving value and wealth opens up a little more ease, flow and wealth.

Be blessed and have mercy for you are deserving of the goodness of life.


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