Authenticity-Connection-Love-Money and Connecting the Dots

#ConnectionAuthenticity Let me CONNECT THE DOTS with LOVE and MONEY. I WILL GIVE YOU A LITTLE COACHING RIGHT HERE if you want to connect the dots for yourself, within yourself.

1st – Taking care of the needs of the other and not taking care of your own needs is not what will give you happiness and prosperity.

I write from both PERSONAL experience and client EXPERIENCES. No one is a sacrifice, however when you have learned to take care of others without taking care of yourself then there are programs installed such as I am not important.

The surface of the program is this: my needs are not important. Now these BELIEFS block you in two ways along with beliefs not serving you such as I am not WORTHY of attention, I am not deserving of happiness, of success, of money…etc

1st : meet your self in your own vulnerability and allow another other person to have their own vulnerability, a natural way of being opens authentic communication, reciprocal attachment, love grows.

Authenticity – Vulnerability – Soulful essence all point to the same ENERGY This DEEPER CONNECTION is YOUR ALIGNMENT with your SPIRIT, Inner Being, Higher Self the part within you that knows exactly what to create and then to reward you with PROSPERITY and the HAPPINESS you deserve for showing up and getting to be ALL OF YOU.

The 2nd way is very simple. I will give you a coaching exercise that you will take you 2 minutes. It’s a little coaching work that I did quite a while back that I want to share with you. I start with a clear example with myself. Then apply it to you and do it for your self.. I will coach you to do this.

“I am not important” Replace I AM with Yvonne (your name) : Yvonne (your name) is not important

Replace Yvonne (your name) with money: Money is not important

Replace Money with Spirit: Spirit is not important

I AM is the SPIRIT of the Almighty CREATOR with you to co-create your existence, all of it.

I am Yvonne (your name)

Spirit lives within me, of course I AM (Yvonne) (Your name) is important.

The physical me is materialized spirit, of course money is important.

Of course I want to be ONE WITH SPIRIT and allow all magnificence, beauty and all that I want from the richness of this life ADD MORE LIFE to my life.

You can get to BE ALL OF YOU human and soulful.

When you are ONE WITHIN it’s then easy to be ONE WITH WHAT YOU WANT. That is what is referred to as high level and quick manifestation. The law of attraction says that you cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is Spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies living through 5 senses (for most people) you cannot separate yourself from that which is physical or material.

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