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4 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – Intention And Oneness Open To Receive

4th of 5 series in the EMPOWERED & ON PURPOS is what  brings clarity with your intentions. INTENTION & ONENESS Open to receive what you want to allow quick and high level MANIFESTATION by being ONE WITH what you want. Throughout these past weeks I have noticed there’s a bigger need regarding connection and intention so […]

3 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING

Here we go with the 3rd of 5 series in the EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE challenge. ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING. Letting go of distractions, insecurity holding you back, what’s causing limitations or restrictions so you can take INSPIRED ACTION for yourself. *** You can see 3 of 5 Empowered & On […]

1 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – Standing In Your Value With Growth & Expansion Through Wealth Consciousness

It’s done !! I am giving time in a most wonderful way. Passion and action are ignited! If you recall my inner calling was to take a step back from my presence online to adjust, rest and get creative. I did just that. I followed my powerful inner guidance. Then came the time “Yvonne give time”. […]

Connect To Your Divine Clarity Through Grace

Half of the year, gone!The worlds shake up is on-going. Are you surprised?It will continue on this year.It will continue on next year.Naturally next year will be the result of this year, 2021.2021 is the result of 2020.And we will see what opens up for 2023.If we take time out of the equation we get […]

Good Vibes & Alignment! You’ve got it!

You’ve been shown.The relationship you have with yourself,with your life, with your own connectivity,with the almighty creator of life,with your own passion for  your life,with your connection to nature,with your connection with animals,with your connection to another person?with your connection to your money?with your connection to your business or work?Connection or disconnect.Each and everyone of us […]

Trusting Your Own Authority

💥💓 #connection by connecting the dots with the flow of abundance.Authenticity, vulnerability, essence, connectedness, alignment, wholeness. All these words point to the exact same thing.Different labels for the referring to the same energy..It seems so easy to reach, doesn’t it? And you tell yourself will I ever be there OR maybe you’re telling yourself that you are […]

Igniting The Alignment Of Your Inner Calling

IGNITING the ALIGNMENT and WISDOM of getting to be in the vibrational state of being with what is meant for you so you can call it into your experience, be MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE. Going a bit deeper within offers insight, highest truth and guidance, creativity and inspiration, and offers deeper soulful satisfaction opening up the […]