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How To Activate Your Vision To Have What You Want

Your gentle push within, you know that part of you that gently pushes you to do something about a certain situation, that part of you that always wants to be in the flow and in alignment… I am here talking to this part within you to help you to activate what is important, giving importance […]

Increase Your Comfort By Trusting More

When people connect together the first thing they seek is feeling comfortable. Connection leads to TRUST, trusting leads to feelings safe, and safety leads to comfort. COMFORT: You need to decide that you will cultivate how you show up in any situation. Aligning Head and Heart offers internal freedom. You need to want to live […]

Connecting to Success

Are you allowing yourself to live with more comfort in your life? That is how I define success. I have discovered that Connection leads to Trust. Trust leads to feeling safe. Feeling safe leads to feeling comfortable. We all want comfort when we connect with another person and we all want material comfort. Comfort is […]