Being in Agreement With Your Life Choices‏

Being in Agreement With Your Life Choices

As the new year approaches it is a good time to review the current year and adjust your vision to make sure that it is tied with your values.

My pay it forward is to be a Mentor for a young woman, Anna who is aspiring to become an international entrepreneur. I myself am mentored by a person with the Foundation of Entrepreneurship and I feel very blessed therefore this inspired me to pay it forward.

Yesterday, Anna and I we were talking together before we officially agreed to our Mentor and Mentee relationship of why she wanted to be in the textile business at an international level. She spoke with her heart and told me that she felt this push inside. I quickly got it that these are soul pulls gently tugging at her. She wants to ”value women’s clothing and make beautiful clothes available at an affordable price so women can value themselves with beautiful clothes in countries where this is a challenge for women”.

Quickly the leader in me inquired about vision and values and how this was tied in with her heartfelt desire.

WHY glueing your vision and core values to the pulls of your soul make your foundation very solid?
1. This represents your uniqueness
2. Easily, this motivate you to build momentum
3. The right people show up at the right moment

If you struggle with an aspect of your life and need help to give space to the pulls and tugs of your soul to feel in alignment with the flow of your life there is a solution to this problem. Reach out. Get validation. Waiting that things will get better or change on their own is an illusion and wasted time that gets lost in the space of indifference and fear.

If no one around you fully understands your motivation and does not fully believe in you and support you reach out. I would enjoy connecting with you.

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