Being in Agreement With Your Life Choices

Vision and Values That Pull You Forward

If you are more sensitive or perhaps feeling vulnerable there are ways to move forward without wasting time or being caught up with a mismatched guide, mentor or coach. Some stay alone and push through it regardless of… even if it is detrimental to their health. Others procrastinate or get scattered, overwhelmed and freeze with fear.

When I invest in myself I want to be sure that it is matched with what I want and what I value. I carefully choose the right person and the right community. Being very sensitive I have learned to give attention to what matters.

WHY glueing your vision to your core values pulls you forwardright

  1. This represents your uniqueness. Knowing how to value yourself is critical for your self-worth.
  2. Easily, this motivate you to build momentum. Knowing how to stop before your wellness is affected.
  3. The right people show up at the right moment. Knowing how to allow your self-worth to guide You.

If you struggle with an aspect of your life and need help to give space to the pulls and tugs of your soul to feel in alignment with the flow of your life there is a solution to this problem.

Reach out. Get validation. Waiting that things will get better or change on their own is an illusion and wasted time that gets lost in the space of indifference and fear. That is one solution!

If no one is around you, no one person fully understands you at a deeper level get the support that you deserve. Reach out. I would enjoy connecting with you.