Coping And Staying Open

This week’s Soulful Blog is on the topic of moving through resistance and anger.

“I felt all of this is false and it’s not true. When all of this started in March I knew it was false. I made me angry. I started to have migraine headaches. I needed to sleep and rest to allieviate the headache.”

As I was working with Christine she said to me “I need to open up my heart. I feel pain in my neck and somehow I know that I am not in my heart. My resistance is strong.” Being very sensitive she felt it in her energy. She wanted to align her head with her heart to be heart centered like she usually is.   We talked about what it takes to open up our heart.  Having a responsible compassion for herself this will bring her to the results she wants.

I knew that the unresolved energy within her being was coming up to the surface with what she was experiencing in the present moment with this over emphasised media where no one knows what seems to be true or false.  The anger or rage has to flow through one way or another and it’s best that it does so through awareness.  This powerful energy does cause pain and dis-ease. This can be resolved with healing and increasing one’s consciousness with more self-love.

Just when the world is opening up slowly bam! the United States hit the world with another abuse of power with injustice. A police officer holding his knee over the throat of a black person’s neck causing death. The media has been all over this case and racism was activated once again.  

The bottom line is hate causing more hate and more division amongst people. Ego consciousness. This is the dark energy that causes people to suffer. Putting fuel to the fire is to stay stuck in the hate and anger energy. There is forgiviness work in the heart to tender to this heartfelt rage for everyone who suffered by this tragic event. There is compassion to be shared. Justice in our human form will balance it out with its lawful punishment. At a soul level the negative karma will not be escaped.

As I was participating in a virtual live class with Oprah Winfrey’s her heart was heavy and she was angry as she talked about this abuse of power that triggered racism. She had a stye in her right eye. Her words and her body expressed her energy. Throughout my energy healing and coaching work I know that the eyes are connected to the fire energy and the fire energy is connected to anger and rage.  The body speaks just like words do through its own intelligence.

When this energy gets out of control as we have seen with the abuse of power its emotional cocktail of anger and pride stemming from ego consciounessness has consequences that will be handled by human laws that holds society together. Every person has value and are worthy. The suffering is felt and the heartfelt rage will cause a movement in society. My heart goes out to everyone who were directly involved. May they be blessed with grace.

Structure Brings Freedom

Do you believe there is power in structure? I want to offer you a way to look at structure and freedom together in a very positive way. 
Structure brings freedom. I heard this yesterday and it resonated with me at a core level. You will discover how presence with foucs works out well through structure. 

As we were just about one month into this world crisis, when the world shut down, in my meditations and journaling the word structure was very strong. This word structure was always brought into my awareness for a solid week.

Put a structure in place. Put in your agenda times to exercise. Put in your agenda times to contemplate and rest. Put in your agenda times to work.
Basically it was all about structuring blocks of times. As an entrepreneur doing healing and coaching work, and even when I was in the corporate in a project management profession locking in blocks of times in my agenda is something that I am very familiar with.

Then I thought of a teacher in university who told me that after 90 minutes concentration is diminished and needs to be replenished with a break of 20 minutes or so.

As we know the energy since February and more in March was dense and is continuously shifting as we keep adapting. It is making us discover strength and resilience at a deeper level. 

Let’s ponder on structure bringing freedom with presence and focus to accomplish what you want and have the results YOU want in your life. 
For this I will bring you back to the basic foundation of structure. Then I will include ways to allow your intentions and creativity to lead you forward in motion.

When a baby is born there is a natural structure set in place with attention for the newborn baby such as eating, ensuring sleeping patterns, pooing and peeing, bathing, bonding, being nurtured with affection.. etc.. 

When the baby grows into a toddler there is more structure added to this basic structure such as playing and being social, discovering how to talk and to make impressions with sounds..etc…

There after daycare or school adds a little more structure with timed based activies structured the day.

The child grows into a teenager, and then into adulthood. The indivitual has learned through structured time with times to learn through growth, play, study, gym, exercise, leisure days, being social, healing and resolving issues..etc…  Then the famous question comes what am I going to do to work. Sometimes a child knows this at a very young age and other times it is discovered along the way. Soul callings and decisions leading to work and make money with purpose. 

Let’s come back to how allowing structure leading you to your freedom with what you wish to live to enjoy the richness of life“what do I really want to create that will add more life to my life in a way that feels really good?”

Today is creating your tomorrow.  The vision you had before this global shut down started is still there even though you’ve hit the reset button on your life. We all have had to hit the reset button in one way or another. 

I love to nudge individuals in the right direction. Join our Tribe Conscious Soulful High Vibes Tribe officially launched March 12th, 2020. How did I know to be more present online? I just followed my inner voice and followed through. Here’s to going next level. 

Live-Love-Work On Purpose! 
Keep learning, growing, healing… you’ve got this!

With love, Yvonne 

Find Your Focus With Ease

Are you struggling to find your focus? You aren’t alone. In this Soulful Blog you will find ways to get your focus back. You will enjoy a free masterclass with Oprah specifically on thise theme that I attended live virtually just yesterday. The last time I sent a Soulful Newsletter was March 10th, 2020. In late February my inner voice told me that I needed to move, that a cycle was ending and I needed to start fresh. I surrendered to spirit and next thing I knew I was moving houses.

When I quickly got settled in I took out a pen and paper to journal write to have some sort of clarity.
Why have I moved so fast? How long will I be here?
There were 2 sentences and only 2 sentences. The answers to my questions were: 3 months, you are learning life. Little did I know that the whole world would be shutting down except for essential services to relearning life. The confinement where I am has now been ongoing since mid March.

I started to feel then in March a very heavy and dense sensation around my head. It’s as if I could not bring myself to focus and put one foot in front of the other. I slept and rested for about 3 weeks. I was receiving so many “look at this, read this, consider that I started to declutter my emails and my Facebook.

Thereafter the words structure become very loud within. I then started to add exercise. Thereafter I started to be more present for myself. The more present I got within the more I knew the energy of the collective energies. If you are sensitive to energy, the moon, other people you sure have felt a lot of dense energy. There was fear, powerlessness. Thereafter anger and irritation started to be felt.

Being present with your own energy and then knowing how to manage your own energy as you feel the collective energy becomes important. From there it gets easier to gain your focus back.

Here is a great #SoulfulResourceSunday that I offered to Conscious Soulful High Vibes Tribe, a free 90 minute masterclass with Oprah. Yesterday, Saturday I attented this live virtual masterclass with Oprah. I enjoy how Oprah has defined focus. It is a good definition. 

You will discover ways that will bring your focus to the next level. You will have the opportunity to do a Fun Focus Quiz. My score was 18. This scored ranked in the top 12%. This is when I said to myself “girl, Yvonne because you are in a magnificent vibe it’s good to spread this. Here I am. I am back! It is good to see people on the same soulful wavelength. ♥ You will learn by the end of the masterclass that it is cool to have a therapist or coach at hand and on demand. I’m sure glad I do have my go to coach.

It would be great to know more about you and become a foundational member o Consious Soulful High Vibes Tribe to help you to achieve self-realization and soul accomplishment. Join our Tribe Our Consious Soulful High Vibes Tribe launched on Thursday, March 12th, 2020. How did I know that Spirit was guiding me to be more present online? I just followed my inner voice and followed through.

Here’s to going next level.

Live-Love-Work On Purpose!
Keep learning, growing, healing… you’ve got this!

With love, Yvonne

Connecting To Happiness: Live-Love-Work On Purpose

How are you feeling these days? 
Are you expanding by adding more life to your life through joy or are you emotionally triggered and feel that your energy is contracted and the search to resolve this is on because of a block or overwhelm?

You are right on track !!

The joy of growth, learning, healing is the path that opens us to our general purpose. From our general purpose we have a deeper calling to follow our unique purpose through joy to experience opportunities to connect even more to love, peace, flow and fulfillment. When this is experienced you enjoy the richness of your life, the abundance and the happiness you deserve.

Each and everyone of us was given the gift of life to claim our freedom of being, doing and having. Here’s a little reminder: having is the outcome of doing, and doing is translated into taking action or inspired action that stems for being.

This state of being is what requires efforts in effortlesness. Effortlessness is associated with coincidences and the law of synchronicity. When we are connected and in alignment it brings to us exactly what we need. It is critical to stay open and acknowledge this is exactly what is required for your next step so you can have what you want or accomplish something for yourself that you dream of.

The efforts to grow, learn, heal are what confuses the mind because the mind wants to have control. It stems from fear, ego, conditioned mind patterns with its false and dispempowering beliefs and will never give you the rewards of love and fulfillment you expect. Why? This has an agenda of its own and entertains a false sense of safety with something missing. When this is on or activated, well the mind thinks that something external will give it what it needs to feel safe, loved and prosperous and this will lead you astray by BEING misdirected and misguided. Yeah, because of fear, deeper fears that hold you back from the fulfillment you want. 

This disconnect and misalignment taxes your happiness and joy.
The insecurity caused by this pushes you to seek externally where what needs to happen is to get to that sense of security inside, believing in your own soul to then allow the love and the money to flow in.

Why is this so? 
1. In very simple terms beliefs are associated to the false self that was constructed by a disconnect from the authentic self you truly are in your divine nature of being. Yeah, this does go back to childhood stuff and you probably know this.
2. Our divine nature of being will always push us to growth, learn, heal to live through oneness in this world of duality or contrast because that is our general purpose with the gift of life.
3. Enjoying the gift of life is to be involved emotionally with awareness of knowing your thought and emotional patterns and then purposefully chosing good thoughts, and living with spirit through consciousness. 

Join me this Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at 7pm eastern standard time for August’s Free Live Masterclass: Connecting to Happiness, Living-Loving-Working On Purpose. Bring your questions if you want answers.

You see the intelligence of life will always show you where you are on your path with your general purpose and unique purpose. 
This is exactly where tolerating or settling, losing yourself in another person because your sensitive nature absorbs their energy and issues. 
Putting someone else’s needs in equal proportion to your own and taking it one step further to fill your cup and feel whole through joy will shift the unhappiness because you put yourself in the equation (significant partner, family, friends, and clients in business). Finding balance in your relationships with boundaries that are empowered with togetherness.
In business it’s about your view on money and this comes right back to you, finding security within to then allow money to flow to you.

If something needs to be set right it requires a moment of attention. Yes it does ask you to roll up your emotional sleeves to do the inner work. Some do and others don’t. It’s free will, freedom on choice to grow, learn, heal and own your value knowing that you are worthy to live with the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. 

Being connected and in alignment with happiness is the path of purpose.
With love, Yvonne

How To Resolve Worthiness

Hello Soulful friend! I hope that you are enjoying summer! July has been very active enjoying beach time and a little downtime.

In this soulful newsletter I want to share ways to get back into your space of worthiness.​​

This past week the theme of feeling worthy came up a lot. The number one thing that gets in the way of living or loving or working on purpose is this: unresolved worthiness issues stemming from childhoon and deservability blocks stored in the conditioned mind, patterns.
Yes of course ego and purpose are like water and oil so integrating ego results in more happiness.

Talking with many people throughout my coaching journey, I can tell you that not having been heard, or not having been seen or not having been validaded growing up impacted your worthiness, what you believe you are worthy of receiving..Worthiness became my expertise for this one reason: I was raised with deaf parents that I love which came with challenges and blessings.

When a person has not been heard, seen or validated in their childhood it impacted their worthiness. That’s how it is. If you have experienced rejection, abandonment, betrayal and lies this created fear, mistrust and insecurities) and rides the same waveline of unworthiness along th fear and unresolved grief. Allowing yourself to hold the pain your worthiness holds is critical for this reason: it impacts confidence, self-belief, manifestation…
You will keep seeking your worth externally through another person in life (significant relationship) or business (clients).

How this shows up ? Now owning your value is closely knitted with worthiness and self-worth and in business this problem shows up with poor boundaries and this impacts money. Money is a consequence.

Worthy to be loved: I want to feel worth living, I need a relationship, I want to know that I am worthy of love. I want to feel validatedYou might tolerate what does not feel good, or now be caught up in a relationship where there is no heart connection, being physically driven with physical intimacy, or connecting from the intellect.. codependency, narcissism, dysfunctional ways that for some reason make you tolerate … even as you see the red flags

Worthy to be seen: this pulls on pride, is dependant upon external conditions, giving the power of one’s existance upon external conditions, giving one’s power to others for their survival to be validated or admired because this need was not fulfilled in childhood.

Worthy to be heard: this makes it that you don’t express your feeling, emotions, toughts, wants, needs, desire because a part of you think that you don’t matter. That everyone else’s needs are more important than you so this makes you forget about you.

False lies of the ego, I am unloveable, flawed, broken…Fulfilling the false needs of the ego versus your human fundamental needs will give you more of what you don’t want through emptiness.
Unresolved worthiness issues will continue to create blocks to genuine love, sacred love, your function of being happy impacting living, loving, or working on purpose.

You are worthy and that unworthiness space will keep putting situations in your life until you resolve this, one experience after the other until you know that you know you are valued and worthy with love, joy and peace supporting you effortlessly.

With love, Yvonne
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Living-Loving-Working On Purpose

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Really powerful sharing, Yvonne. Thank you.

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With love, Yvonne
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