Connecting To Happiness: Live-Love-Work On Purpose

How are you feeling these days? 
Are you expanding by adding more life to your life through joy or are you emotionally triggered and feel that your energy is contracted and the search to resolve this is on because of a block or overwhelm?

You are right on track !!

The joy of growth, learning, healing is the path that opens us to our general purpose. From our general purpose we have a deeper calling to follow our unique purpose through joy to experience opportunities to connect even more to love, peace, flow and fulfillment. When this is experienced you enjoy the richness of your life, the abundance and the happiness you deserve.

Each and everyone of us was given the gift of life to claim our freedom of being, doing and having. Here’s a little reminder: having is the outcome of doing, and doing is translated into taking action or inspired action that stems for being.

This state of being is what requires efforts in effortlesness. Effortlessness is associated with coincidences and the law of synchronicity. When we are connected and in alignment it brings to us exactly what we need. It is critical to stay open and acknowledge this is exactly what is required for your next step so you can have what you want or accomplish something for yourself that you dream of.

The efforts to grow, learn, heal are what confuses the mind because the mind wants to have control. It stems from fear, ego, conditioned mind patterns with its false and dispempowering beliefs and will never give you the rewards of love and fulfillment you expect. Why? This has an agenda of its own and entertains a false sense of safety with something missing. When this is on or activated, well the mind thinks that something external will give it what it needs to feel safe, loved and prosperous and this will lead you astray by BEING misdirected and misguided. Yeah, because of fear, deeper fears that hold you back from the fulfillment you want. 

This disconnect and misalignment taxes your happiness and joy.
The insecurity caused by this pushes you to seek externally where what needs to happen is to get to that sense of security inside, believing in your own soul to then allow the love and the money to flow in.

Why is this so? 
1. In very simple terms beliefs are associated to the false self that was constructed by a disconnect from the authentic self you truly are in your divine nature of being. Yeah, this does go back to childhood stuff and you probably know this.
2. Our divine nature of being will always push us to growth, learn, heal to live through oneness in this world of duality or contrast because that is our general purpose with the gift of life.
3. Enjoying the gift of life is to be involved emotionally with awareness of knowing your thought and emotional patterns and then purposefully chosing good thoughts, and living with spirit through consciousness. 

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You see the intelligence of life will always show you where you are on your path with your general purpose and unique purpose. 
This is exactly where tolerating or settling, losing yourself in another person because your sensitive nature absorbs their energy and issues. 
Putting someone else’s needs in equal proportion to your own and taking it one step further to fill your cup and feel whole through joy will shift the unhappiness because you put yourself in the equation (significant partner, family, friends, and clients in business). Finding balance in your relationships with boundaries that are empowered with togetherness.
In business it’s about your view on money and this comes right back to you, finding security within to then allow money to flow to you.

If something needs to be set right it requires a moment of attention. Yes it does ask you to roll up your emotional sleeves to do the inner work. Some do and others don’t. It’s free will, freedom on choice to grow, learn, heal and own your value knowing that you are worthy to live with the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. 

Being connected and in alignment with happiness is the path of purpose.
With love, Yvonne

How To Resolve Worthiness

Hello Soulful friend! I hope that you are enjoying summer! July has been very active enjoying beach time and a little downtime.

In this soulful newsletter I want to share ways to get back into your space of worthiness.​​

This past week the theme of feeling worthy came up a lot. The number one thing that gets in the way of living or loving or working on purpose is this: unresolved worthiness issues stemming from childhoon and deservability blocks stored in the conditioned mind, patterns.
Yes of course ego and purpose are like water and oil so integrating ego results in more happiness.

Talking with many people throughout my coaching journey, I can tell you that not having been heard, or not having been seen or not having been validaded growing up impacted your worthiness, what you believe you are worthy of receiving..Worthiness became my expertise for this one reason: I was raised with deaf parents that I love which came with challenges and blessings.

When a person has not been heard, seen or validated in their childhood it impacted their worthiness. That’s how it is. If you have experienced rejection, abandonment, betrayal and lies this created fear, mistrust and insecurities) and rides the same waveline of unworthiness along th fear and unresolved grief. Allowing yourself to hold the pain your worthiness holds is critical for this reason: it impacts confidence, self-belief, manifestation…
You will keep seeking your worth externally through another person in life (significant relationship) or business (clients).

How this shows up ? Now owning your value is closely knitted with worthiness and self-worth and in business this problem shows up with poor boundaries and this impacts money. Money is a consequence.

Worthy to be loved: I want to feel worth living, I need a relationship, I want to know that I am worthy of love. I want to feel validatedYou might tolerate what does not feel good, or now be caught up in a relationship where there is no heart connection, being physically driven with physical intimacy, or connecting from the intellect.. codependency, narcissism, dysfunctional ways that for some reason make you tolerate … even as you see the red flags

Worthy to be seen: this pulls on pride, is dependant upon external conditions, giving the power of one’s existance upon external conditions, giving one’s power to others for their survival to be validated or admired because this need was not fulfilled in childhood.

Worthy to be heard: this makes it that you don’t express your feeling, emotions, toughts, wants, needs, desire because a part of you think that you don’t matter. That everyone else’s needs are more important than you so this makes you forget about you.

False lies of the ego, I am unloveable, flawed, broken…Fulfilling the false needs of the ego versus your human fundamental needs will give you more of what you don’t want through emptiness.
Unresolved worthiness issues will continue to create blocks to genuine love, sacred love, your function of being happy impacting living, loving, or working on purpose.

You are worthy and that unworthiness space will keep putting situations in your life until you resolve this, one experience after the other until you know that you know you are valued and worthy with love, joy and peace supporting you effortlessly.

With love, Yvonne
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Living-Loving-Working On Purpose

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Really powerful sharing, Yvonne. Thank you.

Eye opener 😃😘🙏🏼✨

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With love, Yvonne
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Allowing Ease, Trust & Wealth By Reconnecting To Your Good

Releasing what holds you back to reconnect to the goodness of life, of people, of animals, of money, and all what makes up the magnificence of nature.

It’s time to let go of fear based living and its entire energetic system to be allowing Ease & Wealth. Fear and ego is being squeezed out of everyone, so are dysfunctional patterns caused by past experiences that made up one’s conditioning.

If I was to tell you that love is trusting and wonderful some would say yes it is and others would say yeah right.

If I was to tell you money is love some would say yes it is and others would say yeah right.

Reconnecting to goodness with ease by allowing and giving yourself permission to love yourself more with value is to restore your authentic self-value. It is a desire for life, so is love, so is money, so is being on purpose with your gift and talents. It is about restoring your value and worthiness in a soulful way that empowers you to live, love and work on purpose with your unique brilliance and self-worth.

To release conditioning that limits love, joy and peace is to open up a little more to mercy. What is mercy. First let me tell you what is ego insecurities and then you will know how to apply a merciful way of living. Finding your way to have balance to live a spirited life in this material way of living.

Ego’s insecurities with its fear and control makes you firmly believe you don’t deserve good in your life and returns to a mind that is corrupted. This is where protecting your mind from its corrupt thinking becomes critical for your happiness and grace.

In my practice I ask simple questions that give me simple answers and I apply this for my integration. Question: “How can I forgive myself that I have strayed from your loving abundant mind?” Answer: “Humility my child, restore innocence in your own self”.

The contrary of humility is ego. The contrary of innocence is punishment. this leads to struggles. Ego punishes and humility restores innocence.

Merciful is what opens up more love, compassion, tender ways of communicating, forgiveness, ease, wealth, value and much more. It opens up to living in a loving state with harmony by owning one’s power. This is where logic offers the capacity to find one’s truth for one’s own sake. I am not referring here to the defensive mechanism of rationalization where feeling are thought instead of flowing by feeling them.

There are many outside influences with wisdom, and there are many outside influences that have a limited perspective.  This is why it is critical that you know your truth and know what to allow in your mind. When you know your conditioned mind’s patterns it is easier to get back to a place of feeling good, and at times you need to allow yourself to allow another person to support you in what you don’t see for yourself.

Ego’s insecurities is known as the split mind. Those who read the bible know that satan is another word for ego. This is the division from oneness. Someone asked me one day, “Yvonne what is your biggest fear?” I smiled and answered my mind.

In my practice I meditate and pray to be one with the mind of the divine. I apply life tools that releases stuck energies that hold an emotional charge. It sometimes makes me feel vulnerable as I know something is opening up. From there I put my intentions in the energy field where I know in my heart centered and soulful way of loving value and wealth opens up a little more ease, flow and wealth.

Be blessed and have mercy for you are deserving of the goodness of life.


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Being On Purpose Doing What You LOVE

How are you at putting yourself out there, doing what you love and receiving your worth?

Making a decision is one thing.
Telling yourself, yes I am going to do this. When this is your mindset that you will find a way to find the way you will have the results that you have imagined.
Taking inspired action in spite of fears is something else. It takes courage.
You can have all the courage that you want but if you have blocks that courage will also ask you to have determination.

I created a video after having talked with Laura, and I told myself that it could help many others.

The only one reason you don’t have what you you want is because of this: your conditioned pain pattern that wants to keep you safe, and worthiness blocks. That’s it.


You are intelligent! You have in to you have success. Think about it for a second. Your hair and your nails grow without any effort. This is part of your nature. How about leaning into this powerful nature of yours a little more..
actually all the way to grace..
.. and then all the way to connecting with great people..
.. and then all the way to the bank.This is what you dream of.You want to feel good, feel useful and really be sure of who you are, and have more freedom with time, and perhaps even have more material comfort.
launch your business and have fun doing what you love.

And if your business is already up and running you want to uplevel, serve more efficiently, make more money..
uplevel some more.

You cannot get away from growing and expanding with life.

The question is this: what is the cost of continually waking up daily with the energy of hope?
Hope will not give you the results that you want.

Whatever your prosperity desire
 (not just wishful thinking and hope, but true, burning desire)  asks you to value your heartfelt wish, value your life and take action. 

Making a promise to yourself that you deserve to be happy and are worthy of living your life with fulfillment opens the door to so many wonderful opporunities.. in other words you are in alignment with your soul and mind to receive what your heart desires, including the prosperity that you are worthy of enjoying.

Make a decision NOW! You can make a change now.. or you can continue to wait.
Think about it and continue having the same results or make a different decision by investing in your future, your happiness, your heartfelt wishes. It’s an investment, an emotional and financial investment. It’s scary.
Look at it this way, you create your future but you don’t have to do it alone. I sure don’t!
When you’ve made that decision that you’re not doing it alone your life will change for the better. It sure did for me!

Connect With Your Heart! Own YOUR value, your life, your dream, and make good money doing what you love!

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Prosperity Hour Free Online Event With Yvonne

Owning Your Vision With Purpose To Uplevel Your Income.


Being on Purpose, living-loving-working on purpose does ask you to own your dream, create the vision, do the inner work that is required to have the breakthrough that you dream of. 
According to 6, 7 and 8 figure earners there are 3 common things that are essential. 

  1. Have a vision
  2. Do the inner work
  3. Have a mentor or coach

WHAT THIS MEANS in simple words:
  1. Owning your dream gives you the umbrella to then create the vision that will bring to life your dream.
  2. Dealing with your inner stuff does ask you to have courage, emotional strength and steadfast faith.
  3. Emotionally and financially investing in yourself as you reach your next level sets you up to have the results or breakthrough that you desire and YOU need to open your heart and your mind and get comfortable with the uncomfortable, let go of blocks and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you so you can have the breakthrough you want.

Whatever your prosperity desire (not just wishful thinking but true, burning desire) it asks you to value your heartfelt wish. You need to come from your heart space. If you come from fear or lack you will attract more fear or lack. This applies to both life and business.

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Own Your Dream, and LIVE – LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!


FREE Live Training on how to manifest your heart’s desire

How would you like to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire?
The life partner that you’ve been dreaming for so long…Or

Pursue your life’s purpose that will give you freedom and fulfillment. Unfortunately, most of us are struggling to manifest our true heart’s desires.


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While others are experiencing an awesome life…
and you, stuck and lonely!

Believe it or not, I was in your shoes, years ago.
I was stuck, frustrated and lonely!

But things started to change when I decided to connect deeply in my heart.

You see…

When you are into that higher vibration of love and own your value, life returns to you your worth!

I want YOU to experience the life you wanted for yourself.

I am inviting you to a FREE Live Training on how to manifest your heart’s desire.

On this webinar, you will have the opportunity to practice My Proven Connect Formula.

This will help you to stay connected to love, and will help you receive your divine life partner with a smile and excitement!

I will also dive into 5 fundamental aspects to help you to materialize your heartfelt desire and wish, proven ways that work.

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What It Takes To Have It All

Sensitive, highly sensitive, hyper sensitive. We are all sensitive beings! How do you stay grounded and practical while you reach for your dream?
The one thing I tell myself is that I own my life, my dream, my soul. It goes back to that one difficult moment where I understood how my own emotional self-abandonment had caused me such pain. I surrendered with this prayer:
Dear Lord, my heart is open to you
My heart is open to your love
All that is divine, my heart is open to you
I surrender completely
My heart is open to love, peace, joy comfort abundance, passionate grace, beauty, true love.
My future is yours. Use my talents and led the way. I am grateful for your guidance.

This prayer was recited in 2003. It immersed me into a state of grace that lasted 2 months. I was guided to heal, end a marriage to then stay single for 7 years and keep healing and growing as a single mother.. that’s the time when I wrote my 1st book PURE INTENTIONS OF MY HEART: EDGING OUT EGO, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart. I was inspired to write this 292 pages within 6 weeks.

I then was pushed within.. remember my prayer.? I was guided to leave my corporate profession of project management and business analysis to follow my purpose and passion. I took the risk of leaving a highly good paying profession to start my own business. Some people believed in me and others didn’t it! So it it! I got some high level coaching to set the foundation of my business. It was a steep investment of time, energy, money.

You need to honor your growth, you are guided, are you listening? Are you TAKING ACTION IN SPITE OF FEAR AND WORRY?

My next relationship lasted 6 years – I ended it because it was becoming a toxic one.. it taxed my energy and my money. It showed me where I needed to step up so I got group and private coaching specifically on love and relationships. I then stepped up in my life and at the same time my business and money upleved! YOU NEED TO HONOR YOUR GROWTH, You are guided, are you listening?

The in between of all of this is that since 2006 is that I have been helping people to heal and grow and have more confidence and self-belief through private coaching: mind, body, spirit life coaching, money breakthrough coaching, and business coaching.

My talent is to package up a person’s self-worth and unique brilliance, create their genuine signature package to be of service to others, and set a fee that reflects the value offered, charging their self-worth with comfort, and growing their business through strategies that help to serve their ideal clients, and make good money!

Because I was rasied with deaf parents, and also am intuitive and hyper sensitive, I capture information a different clients have quicker results. Bottom line? is it money -is it love? – is it business strategy?

My gift is MANIFESTATION. My mastery is CONNECTION. I was born into this life lesson and it transformed into mastery due to the fact that I was raised with deaf parents. I get it! I get the WORTHINESS that needs to be healed at a deeper level to allow yourself to receive with no end.

Here’s the cherry on the Sunday. After I ended what was becoming a toxic relationship the universe put on my path 3 diferrent men. They were tests and I passed the tests. I did need to roll up my sleeves for one test because it could have caused me some heartache. I did the inner work, although not too much and then wrote a declaration to attract my DIVINE LIFE PARTNER. This man flowed in 2 months after I wrote my declaration!

My dream is having my new home by ocean.. it’s on it’s way! It’s been declared!

CONNECT TO YOUR LOVE TO MANIFEST YOUR HEARTFELT DESIRE is my next group coaching program that will be coming out soon. If you want more info on this, connect and reach out to me 🙂 .!