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Soulful With More Happiness And Money

How is Self-Value, Trust, Money and Worthiness linked together? and what does being Soulful have to do to make your life, your business or your money work for YOU.? Check it out… I talk about it in today’s video teaching.

Confession: today I had my own coaching session with my coach and I want to share a piece with you that will help you. When you will get to 8:00 you will be able to get into your own story about what you tell yourself about money, this will help you!



The popular saying of ”how you do one thing is how you do everything”, is it true? I think so! I vibrate by feeling through my experiences and what I do know is ”who I am follows me everywhere, at home, at work, at play”.

Do your realize that money is one of the most important relationship you have with life. Think about it for a moment. People come and go in your life, and money is always there with you, in cash, in profit, in credit, in debts, in investment..

How you relate with money is a reflection of the emotional relationship you have with yourself. It really is! At one point it gets very subtle and that’s when we need to be soulful. We all want to have more happiness, freedom and naturally more experiences that money offers.. money is useful, and money serves a very important function in your life. When you come from soul and allow money to vibrabe with your soulful energy you shift from not trusting money to allowing money to offer you more security and purpose, and naturally you trust more.

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Connect With Your Heart! Own YOUR value, your life, your dream, your soul and make good money doing what you love!


P.S. You have an https://yvonnest-louis.com/applyopportunity now to give attention to something that you really want.. this strategy and breakthrough session is an opportunity to really get into what you want, need, desire and finding a way to make this work.

Wealth consciousness, What is it? is it soul.? is it money.? is it happiness.?

Wealth consciousness – let’s have a peak behind not deserving happiness. How does your sense of worthiness impact your life today?

Do you want to know? I sure wanted to know and solve this at its root once of for all!

I know, you’ve worked on this already. I remember a client Kathy, who said that she wanted to do her coaching practice to feel significant.. yes feel worthy! She didn’t really get to the root and said that she had done enough work on worthiness. Do you think that you will have a lot of value coaching with Kathy.? no you won’t because it is all about Kathy and not so much about you. This problem impacts money in a negative way because it’s out of ego and needing to prove one’s worth, and it is not out of offering a contribution and value to the life of another person. That doesn’t work! Money will not work in a business like this. Unfortunately many coaches have not fully resolved their worthiness issue and it impacts the quality of their service.

Let’s get into another situation that needs attention in order to solve this worthiness problem once and for all! Today I had a facebook conversation with a brilliant and talented soulful woman who wrote ”I have been working on worthiness for years. As you said, it is peeling off layers and layers” !!

What’s behind not deserving happiness is something very individual because it’s an unconscious decision that you took at one point or another in your life, some sort of a silent agreement that limits you today. Let’s look at mine as this will give you a good idea of how this underground stuff works.

I made, as a child, the powerful decision that I don’t deserve happiness. This bloock was released during a deep healing with a coach. I just didn’t get it! It stayed like that. Numbness energy was released, you know that num feeling that shuts out pain, a defensive mechanism we all have. I wanted to make sense of this. I prayed to have clarity. Some clarity was given by Tony Robbins which pointed me back in the direction of ”I am not enough, and even I am not enough for God” What an illusion, right?

You can’t tell someone ” hey you’re not enough and worthiness problem is a figment of your imagination. You’re a child of God, Period!” Spiritual laws are of freedom! We suffer because of conscious or unconscious believes about happiness, and yes money is also meant to add more happiness in our lives through comfort and experiences.

Let me get back to Tony. Because a part of me felt ”I’m not important, I’m not good enough to make my mother happy was somehow linked to the silent agreement ”I don’t deserve happiness”. What does this problem have to do with wealth consciousness? I will tell you in a second.

Maybe you also have a situation in your life that doesn’t work how you want it to work, maybe feeling overwhelmed with an emotional or financial mess that you want to resolve once and for all! You’ve probably done some work on yourself and find yourself living a similar pattern once again.

All of this stuff has its root in our childhood. As a child I was happy. The age range of 7 to 12 were most disturbing as I have had no memory recollection of this timeframe. Through healing heart hurts and shifting blocks, and by the way these were triggered by life experiences and different relationships, mostly important ones such as a boss when I worked in the coroporate world, husband, friend.. you get the idea… right.?

Weath consciousness is impacted by a pain pattern that includes a disconnect and awful feeling energy that sort of brings you right back to square one with behaviours that don’t have your back and struggles or some adversity! We all have experienced this. That’s what makes it that we want to reclaim our value and worthiness from our imporint that impacted both our life and money and just get on to doing something we love and make good money from what makes us feel happy!

HERE IS THE MINDSET: When I own my value, I allow life to return to me my worth through other people, money and fun experiences. However when your pain pattern unconsciously sabotages you it causes struggles. I get it!

We all create our experiences. Just these past few days I received an email from my mentor with a few affirmation statements that are empowering and I want to share them with you.

As I create wealth others create wealth with meI am becoming a woman of wealth at a soul level and in my bank account!

Here is something that is proven. Your life is a success and works when you have resolved that deeper disconnect. You can have success with both your life, and your business and money!

”As I become highly successful others become highly successful with me!” Your business is successful when you treat your business with the respect it deserves as an entity that enables you to offer your soul contribution and expression and by creating your income through your self-value.

Today as a tender, bold and assertive wholehearted soulful woman do I believe that I don’t deserve to be happy? The answer is NO! I just need to acknowledge what is triggering my pain pattern of ”no communication equals pain because no one hears me” (remember I was raised with deaf parents and they gave birth to seven children within the space of ten years and I was the third child.. very courageous people!

At five years old what I did to have attention or affection was to steal money from my mother’s purse, my father’s cash register, the church baskets and go site in front of the house on the sidewalk only to give away the money to have attention or affection. So my love and money were mixed up from a very early age, and I really believe that we hold society beliefs about money because how would a five old know that money is a tool that helps to have what one wants to be happier? All of this also made me struggle in my relationships until I healed the root cause of this self-value and worthiness problem to be empowered with my choices and decisions.

All of this turned out to be part of my life lessons and soul contribution and expression to help you bust those blocks and limiitng beliefs once and for all so you can do what you love and make good money, have more success and happiness, and be well surrounded. You deserve it!

Connect With Your Heart! OWN your life, your dream, your soul and money!


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It’s only been a month and everything has already been transforming…

I want to share with you all my amazing story. When I first met Yvonne, I was completely disconnected, felt stuck, had only sadness and anxiety occupying my being. I even had no desire to dream anymore. I knew I needed help immediately… I then met Yvonne, her presence and her calmness gave me what I needed in that moment. True connection felt amazing!! 🙂
It’s only been a month and everything has already been transforming… new job, new home, new friend!! (And it’s only the beginning!) Not to mentioned that she is showing me the way back to myself and I love it. Grateful and thankful to work with Yvonne, an amazing women with a sweet and transparent presence! Cheers to all!

How To Overcome Feeling Scattered and Overwhelmed

Take those mornings, where you wake up and something in you says go, get out of bed and rise with a new day! What kind of day will it be?

What are your first thoughts?
Are they excitment and joy or are they worries?
Do you hit snooze before getting out of bed? How many times?
Do you think you’re doing it right, your life, is it working?
Do you think, what should I focus on? What is my goal? What exactly is my goal? Which one? Feeling scattered.! Feeling overwhelmed even before you begin to put one foot ahead of the other one.
I understand you.

Do you keep searching and waiting for something to be even more perfect to go for what you really want deep down inside your heart?

Are your feelings triggered and your emotions make you feel stuck in your tracks?
This makes it difficult to put one foot ahead of the other one.
After the first hour that you are up you are telling yourself, ”I’ve gotta get going, I’ve gotta start doing something”.

Maybe you want to be a coach yourself and guide other people and when you are triggered something brings you down the rabbit hole and its kind of hard to be on top of it and be true to your dream of wanting to help other people and make good money doing what you just love doing!

The problem with the lack of focus or a disconnect makes it challenging to move forward with a sense of accomplishment, and if there is a pain pattern underneath the lack of focus or disconnect chances are that you will feel even worse, have depression or anxiety.

When this problem is solved your focus in on your priorities and these are linked to your vision.
Therefore progressing to reach your goals and taking inspired action does bring you what you want including more happiness and more money. Your focus is back and your energy is uplifted. You know what to focus on to have the specific results that you want and this feels exciting and joyful!

Connect With Your Heart, OWN Your Life, Your Dream, Your Soul! You have what it takes to make it happen and make both your life and your money work so you can have what you want.


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Vraiment! Yvonne St Louis does a powerful work, I am blown away by how far I came and how far I went in only 6 weeks! Healing deep blocks, finding the power within me and be able to connect with it is just amazing! I don’t have enough words, because French is my first language, to explain all the energy that flows within me but I am grateful that I connected with Yvonne and I recommend her program 200%! Et soyez informé qu’Yvonne travaille aussi en français. 🙂

Money wants to take care of You! Do You believe me?

If I told You that money wants to take care of You would You believe me?

I was invited to be on radio to talk about chronic illness with Caylah, a brilliant nurse. The show started with words about how stress causes chronic illness and that according to Health Canada financial problems causes health problems including heart problems because of the stress.

Did you know that repressed emotions, you know emotions that are stuffed causes stress. Wanting a situation to be different than what it is causes stress as well. Essentially it’s the resistance and how your energy is contracted. It is this that causes your stress. When it is not taken care of it becomes a pain pattern, whether it is in the form of physical pain, emotional or mental pain or a spiritual disconnect from our powerful inner guidance.

Busting stress will help you. I have opened up 5 spaces for the next 3 weeks to connect with me before I head off to go walk on the beach and disconnect from everything to only come back re-energized to give you more ways to connect with your money so you can have more money doing what you love. Here’s the link to connect with me…

When we value ourselves through our love, health, wealth and soulful expression, call it mind, body, spirit or physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and financial wealth we feel good, are fit, live a loving relationship with our significant other, our life works well and our business and finances work well. When we stop our pain pattern we at the same time stop tolerating or settling, and even procrastination.!

The most important relationship that we have is with ourselves. The second most important relationship that we have is with our money.
There after the most important relationship that we have is with our significant other, family members, friends, clients, collaborators…

I want to get you to reflect on your personal connection with yourself and the emotional relationship you have with money. Think of it for a moment, one of the most important relationships that we all have is with money. It just is part of just about everything in our daily lives. We always seem to be taking out our wallet for something!

Everything that you do is supposed to be out of love for either yourself or someone else, would you agree? If not life is lived mechanically and this only lasts so long unless depression and anxiety tax your energy and tells you loud and clear that something needs to shift. We are very human and this confused state of depression and anxiety can shift quickly if you have done your inner healing and mindset work, which by the way needs to be done on a regular basis as you keep growing and expanding with more of what your heart desires.

So here is where money is your ally. In the radio show Caylah was talking about how it’s bad to love money and I disagree. Hear me out.

At 5 years old I stole money from my parents and the church baskets to then go and sit on the sidewalk in front of the house only to give away the money to have some attention or affection. I learned that money wanted to take care of me.

As an adult I needed to come to terms with this and I understood that when I disvalue myself in any way shape or form, I also disvalue money. If I do not tender to my self-love and care money has no meaning other than to be a mechanical tool to support my life. Said in very simple language if I neglect my self-care money becomes a struggle. That is the secret to improve not only your money situation but help you to value your life, your dream and your soul and this is something that I can help you with.

When you are in business for yourself, or in transition it is critical that you start to give serious attention to how you value every aspect of your life and stop tolerating and settling with what contracts your energy and impacts your self-love and care. Those blocks need to shift so you can have what you want and create the impact that you want in your life and in the lives of your clients. What you do is done out of love so you may as well be all in and value YOU, the most important person! That’s when magic happens.

I am excited to let you know that I am now working on my ‘Connect To Your Money’ program that will be released this spring.
For now what I can offer you to a Breakthrough by connecting with me and we will focus on your needs and what you want so you can take your next best step. Click here to claim your Breakthrough and Strategy Free Intro Call

Debt, Credit Card – Get control – Release stress. It’s blocking you.

Remove insecurity from the debt or credit card.

If you have more than one card put them away and only use 1.
Go buy yourself a pink envelope and put the credit cards that you are not using in them. Write a little note that says ”paid in full with grace and ease” and put the note in the enveloppe along with your cards.

Before making a plan to pay these, or perhaps you already have a plan to pay the credit card debt, or if you have no credit card debt and want to stay this way use the magic in a fun way and write on your note ”clean slate every month with grace, ease and fun”.

The lack of love and trust is reflected in your debt or in hoarding. Yeah, I know all about your insecurity. It is how at one point you needed to not only prove to others but also prove to yourself that you needed all those things and experiences to get you to a place whre you could finally tell yourself that’s it.! I’ve done it.! I’m at a right place now.

I’ve really outsmarted what was making me feel that I really needed to have all of those experiences and things to make me feel better, to make me feel like I was moving forward. You cannot fool your energy and your heart and soul. All those efforts you did by yourself, trying to hold it all together for everyone. Of course you did not spend a lot of money on your self-love and care. And this is where it’s costing you in energy because deep down inside you’re sad about this, maybe even feel anxioux. This is where your pain point, sensitive string, ego mind, conditioned mind is getting the best of you.

For now observe what your thoughts and emotions are. Do not resist your own energy. Don’t fight against yourself. I will continue with Part 2 and Part 3. You will have it all this week. So for now take it step by step. Trust the process of your growth, and especially the expansion of your soul that only wants you to have more divine and fun experiences and joy.
Connect With Your Heart, OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN so you can Master ALL of YOU!


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Because Something Happens When You Value YOU.!

GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY TO HAVE MORE LOVE AND MONEY is what it takes to really live the life you want to live. Maybe you are NOW living your dream life and that is amazing!
Then again maybe you have a glass ceiling of how much love or how much money, or how much joy, purpose, enthusiasm and excitment, even how much happiness you deserve.!! Yes, as crazy at it sounds chances are that your blocks and limiting beliefs are creating a blind spot for you.

How many times have you’ve been to an emotional place feeling like ‘if only I had the resources, time, money, even approval of someone I would..??’

Do you realize that money is neutral and is never the cause of what stop you from moving forward with what your heart and soul truly desires?
Money is a consequence of planning, action, and the energy of love. So the importance is to have a better relationship with money and in order to do that you need to have a personal relationship with yourself.. and why not at the same time include your divinity to make it that much more easier and graceful for yourself, after all this is your dignity.

Where you can really start to help yourself is to own your self-value, and when you do this, (I mean own it in every area of your life without tolerating or settling.. you know you feel this when your energy goes down or when it’s contracted), you will reap in magic, (in every area of your life). ARE YOU READY TO EXPAND INTO MORE AMAZING EXPERIENCES, or have you already settled and told yourself, it’s enough.

Have you limited your capacity of receiving because of your imprint that impacted both your life and your money, and most importantly your self-value and worthiness. Maybe you have soooo many other responsibilities and live other people’s dreams and don’t value yours enough.

I hope for the love of life and the divine and the universe that you didn’t tell yourself, ahh that’s enough, I don’t want to have more.. if you did you are not in the right soulful community. Truly!

What I know is that your life and your soul is wanting to expand and if you put a lid on this you will stop growing.
What I know is that you are here to master all of you and live your life for you… just like everyone around you.!

Do you know that you can command your mind, your body, your soul when you are connected to your personal powerful inner guidance, aligned and in flow with life?

What is required for this is to tender to your personal connection, resolve the burden of your heart and not be weighed down with survival and pain patterns. You gotta know your story and reclaim your power from your imprint that impacted both your life and your money. If you are in business for yourself you need to know that when you uplevel in your life you naturally uplevel in your business.

REAL STORY: A bit about me. When I stopped tolerating one specific relationship that became toxic, and yes I was settling because of an unconcious pattern and block, what happened was so exciting. The declaration that I wrote about being in a relationship with the right partner manifested 3 months after I declared it. My business got past the 5 figures per month. This might speak volume, but it is not the heart of it. Because I am sensitive.. and no it is not written on my forehead so you don’t see this, and you are also up to a point, and because of how I grew up I was more into another person’s needs and dream than my own! I gave that up, and that SPEAKS VOLUME! What I receive from owning my dream, my life and my soul is just amazing.! AND I want you to have this too.!!

Wanta know the pattern that keeps you tolerating or settling and bust blocks so you can allow yourself to receive more love and more money, more joy and purpose.. happiness and sooo much more..?
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Connect With Your Heart, OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Master ALL of YOU!

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Want More Freedom?

Where do you want more freedom in your life?

Where don’t you feel free? Let’s start with that.!

What do you want to change? What makes you not value yourself so you can allow life to return to your your worth? to live with more purpose and joy, and freedom.

When you are an entrepreneur, coach, healer.. in business for yourself you are seeking more freedom for yourself. Here’s the thing. All businesses are people businesses and the bottom line is connection.

If your personal connection is not fully tendered to how will you fully reclaim both your worthiness and your self-worth? You know, getting past your blocks, your self-value blocks so you can live your life with more freedom, more love, more money.. and just more and more..

In your personal life where are you lifted to have courage, allow vulnerability to sty open hearted and stay open minded, and genuienly be ope to not only give but also to receive.

Freedom seekers like us want fulfillment, love, meaning and purpose, wealth, and all of this in a way that makes you feel emotionally secure and safe and financially secure and relieved!

You see I was more into other people’s dream than my own dreams. YES! I did! I was! I had not been using my gift of manifestation for myself first. Let me tell you that when I reclaimed my self-value, my worthiness, and defined my unique self-worth and brilliance my life transformed. It’s as if what I wanted and was waiting for quickly and naturally flowed into my life, just like that.

Next thing I knew I was serving more clients that are really pleasant to work with, making 5 figures per month,
my name and prosperity coaching was starting to be regarded with high value, referrals came in, compliments that I am a genuine coach that is gifted were what life was returning to me.

On top of this life just flowed my way a gentle and at the same time handsome soul that ignited a beautiful relationship with a man that tells me ”because of how you are it makes me want to up my respect for you by one notch”. So be it.. how better does it get for these aspects of my dream life.!!

Do you now get how you value yourself and allow life to return to you your worth works like magic.!
I would not have this magic if I had not tendered to my personal connection. You are here in my Soulful Community and you can also have this.. I am no different than you.!!

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Connect With Your Heart, and OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN!