3 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING

Here we go with the 3rd of 5 series in the EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE challenge.

ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING. Letting go of distractions, insecurity holding you back, what’s causing limitations or restrictions so you can take INSPIRED ACTION for yourself. ***

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You can see this 2 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose Challenge teaching for free by clicking here…

You will find the 1st teaching of this series by clicking here…   The 1st teaching shows you proven ways of Standing in your AUTHENTIC VALUE, acknowledging the growth and expansion available for you at this time to build wealth consciousness. 

Live-love-work on purpose,


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2 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

Here we go with the 2nd of 5 series in the EMPOWERED & ON PURPOSE challenge.

If you recall my inner calling was to take a step back from my presence online to adjust, rest and get creative. I did just that. I followed my powerful inner guidance. Then came the time “Yvonne give time”. It’s time.

So here I am. 
Hummmm give time is to give time. As simple as that. 🙂

Finding your soul’s PURPOSE, by letting go of soul/spirit crushing BELIEFS that weigh you down…so you can stand transparent with yourself and put VALUE on your true WORTH.

You can see this 2 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose Challenge teaching for free by clicking here…

You will find the 1st teaching of this series by clicking here…   The 1st teaching shows you proven ways of Standing in your AUTHENTIC VALUE, acknowledging the growth and expansion available for you at this time to build wealth consciousness. 

Getting activated at a soul level offers inner stability!

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne

1 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose – Standing In Your Value With Growth & Expansion Through Wealth Consciousness

It’s done !! I am giving time in a most wonderful way. Passion and action are ignited! 

If you recall my inner calling was to take a step back from my presence online to adjust, rest and get creative. I did just that. I followed my powerful inner guidance. Then came the time “Yvonne give time”. It’s time.

So here I am. 
Hummmm give time is to give time. As simple as that. 🙂

You can see this 1 of 5 Empowered & On Purpose Challenge teaching for free by clicking here…

Standing in your AUTHENTIC VALUE, acknowledging the growth and expansion available for you at this time to build wealth consciousness.

BEING ACTIVATED at a soul level brings in deeper satisfaction. I know it does the same for you !!

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne

Connect To Your Divine Clarity Through Grace

Half of the year, gone!

The worlds shake up is on-going. Are you surprised?
It will continue on this year.
It will continue on next year.
Naturally next year will be the result of this year, 2021.
2021 is the result of 2020.
And we will see what opens up for 2023.

If we take time out of the equation we get to a space of timelessness.

That’s where the magic of manifestation happens.
Your decisions have nothing to do with time.
Decisions to make what you want happen, that is.

Just this morning in my morning walk on the beach I was listening to a replay from my coach about MANIFESATION. She brought me back to the EMPOWERED DECISIONS I made in my life.
Easy stuff!! I’ve got this I quickly told myself.

Let me teach you how easy this stuff is, to have what you wholeheartedly want. I am talking about your soul desires.

Clarity – Alignment – Connectivity – Wholeness – One With – Essence – Vulnerability – Raw
All the same energy. Different word labels say the same thing.

Energy speaks louder than words. How do you know this Yvonne, can be a question you have for me.
Let me tell you in a very clear and simple answer. The fact that I was raised with deaf parents taught me this.
I learned to pick up information in a different way.

Now, even stronger than before there is a movement of being present to discover more about being one with our divine essence, one’s powerful inner guidance. BEING ONE WITH offers more than the mind can even begin to imagine.

Let me give you a practical example that can offer you guidance to help you out with MANIFESTATION.

I wrote about it in my Special ReportConnect To Your Divine Clarity Through Grace” that you can read here…

Good Vibes & Alignment! You’ve got it!

You’ve been shown.
The relationship you have with yourself,
with your life, with your own connectivity,
with the almighty creator of life,
with your own passion for  your life,
with your connection to nature,
with your connection with animals,
with your connection to another person?
with your connection to your money?
with your connection to your business or work?
Connection or disconnect.
Each and everyone of us has been shown. 

Allowing in a healing presence through it all whether in person, at a distance online, reading written words, listening to a video, a song.

It’s been a crazy couple of years with its madness in the world. Countries opening up and then closing borders, open, closed. And again, open, closed to continue on this way for another while until the world finds its balance perhaps in 2022 at best or 2023. 

Having been offline for about one year and a half and now getting back online I can stand transparent and say “wow” what I am picking up is stronger and more driven.
When I got offline to take a step back from it all the collective energy was dense, powerlessness, then it shifted to anger, then it shifted to fear, then it shifted to more anger.

The relentlessness of many soulful human beings held the energy of the collective. Some were fantastic and selfless serving others with exactly what they needed, and others more selfish serving others with a scavenger mindset “there’s an opportunity to make a buck, more like make a million bucks off people’s vulnerability”.  

Yes I do have a high degree of intuition. Yes I have learned to pick up information a different way, and that is a blessing from having been raised with deaf parents.
And yes there were challenges also, that’s just how it is. 😉

Yes I do have a high degree of sensitivity as I value connectivity and alignment. 

Why is this important?

Higher feelings – good vibes, alignment, manifestation, benevolence of life with exactly what is needed at the right time.

Allowing your passion with your gift and talent pull you forward to add more light to this world to begin with you, your life. That’s enough to change the world because YOU are enough. You being you, fully you. You are worthy. Period.

Including your connection to all by allowing your sensitivity.

How I understood this is simple “Yvonne let me build my energy so I can reach you more” – I understood my dad (bless his soul) and the effort he needed to put on his side to connect with me. He used to get my attention by turning on and off the air conditioner. Funny thing, he does that same thing with my son Mitchell who also has these gifts developed.

I love teaching, mentoring, coaching, healing love or money blocks and my gift allows me to quickly identify what’s going on and so in turn clients have quicker results.

Yes I do smell the presence of angels with their scent of flowers, particularly roses. And yes I do smell the other smells of sulfur and manure.

Yes I will tell you as I walk on the street with you, watch your step so you don’t fall down to then be told… how did you know that?

So what I am perceiving and please do tell me how you are perceiving things so I know about you also 🙂

At this time in June 2021 let me ask this! Are you driven? What are the goals you have defined for yourself? Is it about health, business, money, relationship, purpose?

That is the collective energy that I am tapping into, picking up that vibe. Are you picking up on this vibe also? 

My message is to be your self, your human self, your soul self, your genuine self. Being connected and in alignment so you get to have it all.

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne

Igniting The Alignment Of Your Inner Calling

IGNITING the ALIGNMENT and WISDOM of getting to be in the vibrational state of being with what is meant for you so you can call it into your experience, be MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE.

Going a bit deeper within offers insight, highest truth and guidance, creativity and inspiration, and offers deeper soulful satisfaction opening up the path to a prosperous way of living.   

The personality – The programmed part that says “I am not enough, I don’t do enough, I am not good enough, or not prepared enough, I don’t have enough money, or something with not enough” pointing to dis-value and unworthiness issues such as I am not worthy of (love, attention, support, money…), or I don’t deserve happiness, success…) and it’s all unconscious unless light is shed. Releasing the energy block with its beliefs is what needs to happen and that is where people get stuck. 

What you just read, well I had this and while that program was on it created sabotage in all aspects of my life until I learned how to manage the energetic imprint. It became one of my expertise. 

We were somewhat programmed to put other people’s needs first, to put a love relationship at the top of the priority, to be a high achiever at works even to the cost of neglecting our own frequency, our vibration, our own wellness ..

..spiritual and psychological well being not knowing that about the frequency of a program that you don’t even know about until a situation or a person matches that frequency resulting in a lower vibe of struggle triggering the energetic imprint. And then the can’t sleep good, the headache, not so hungry these days, the mis-managed energy or nervousness.. etc.. none of this makes it all better, basically neglecting self-care and love by not putting the value on one self first.

Once the unworthiness and dis-value gap is closed a whole new world of opportunities open up. Decisions are made. Conscious choices are taken. Spiritual intelligence, consciousness and intuition, the guiding source is activated.  Naturally its rewards lead to prosperity, wealth, financial abundance in a flow of ease.

The mind cannot comprehend this part. No! It is the mystery of LIFE, of the SOUL, of the HEART. Not to worry the mind does catch up to the rhythm of the soul.

P.S. Come see how alignment is activated https://yvonnest-louis.com/5-day-challenge-2/

Authenticity-Connection-Love-Money and Connecting the Dots

#ConnectionAuthenticity Let me CONNECT THE DOTS with LOVE and MONEY. I WILL GIVE YOU A LITTLE COACHING RIGHT HERE if you want to connect the dots for yourself, within yourself.

1st – Taking care of the needs of the other and not taking care of your own needs is not what will give you happiness and prosperity.

I write from both PERSONAL experience and client EXPERIENCES. No one is a sacrifice, however when you have learned to take care of others without taking care of yourself then there are programs installed such as I am not important.

The surface of the program is this: my needs are not important. Now these BELIEFS block you in two ways along with beliefs not serving you such as I am not WORTHY of attention, I am not deserving of happiness, of success, of money…etc

1st : meet your self in your own vulnerability and allow another other person to have their own vulnerability, a natural way of being opens authentic communication, reciprocal attachment, love grows.

Authenticity – Vulnerability – Soulful essence all point to the same ENERGY This DEEPER CONNECTION is YOUR ALIGNMENT with your SPIRIT, Inner Being, Higher Self the part within you that knows exactly what to create and then to reward you with PROSPERITY and the HAPPINESS you deserve for showing up and getting to be ALL OF YOU.

The 2nd way is very simple. I will give you a coaching exercise that you will take you 2 minutes. It’s a little coaching work that I did quite a while back that I want to share with you. I start with a clear example with myself. Then apply it to you and do it for your self.. I will coach you to do this.

“I am not important” Replace I AM with Yvonne (your name) : Yvonne (your name) is not important

Replace Yvonne (your name) with money: Money is not important

Replace Money with Spirit: Spirit is not important

I AM is the SPIRIT of the Almighty CREATOR with you to co-create your existence, all of it.

I am Yvonne (your name)

Spirit lives within me, of course I AM (Yvonne) (Your name) is important.

The physical me is materialized spirit, of course money is important.

Of course I want to be ONE WITH SPIRIT and allow all magnificence, beauty and all that I want from the richness of this life ADD MORE LIFE to my life.

You can get to BE ALL OF YOU human and soulful.

When you are ONE WITHIN it’s then easy to be ONE WITH WHAT YOU WANT. That is what is referred to as high level and quick manifestation. The law of attraction says that you cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is Spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies living through 5 senses (for most people) you cannot separate yourself from that which is physical or material.

P.S. I am soon launching Living-Loving-Working On Purpose Free 5 Day Challenge: Empowered & On Purpose I will share powerful and proven ways to support your ability to move forward in motion with ease, soul and confidence through your authentic value so it feels right for you.

P.SS. It’s gonna be happening in Soulful High Vibes Tribe – If my message calls you in join us https://www.facebook.com/groups/ConsciousEmpoweredLeaders

Trusting Time With Purpose

What worries me about wasting time:
The rest of my life, the future
What worries me for the future, not knowing how my life will turn out

What else, who will be part of my life, there has been so many changes in these past years
And over the years through out my entire life many people have came and gone and some stayed.

What is the best thing about the changes? MAGNIFICENCE, embodying it through value, mine and other people.

Tell me more about wasting time, nothing more.
Timelessness is now the time, unless it’s a physical clock kinda thing with an appointment,
Other than that no worries at all.

I just know I’ve got to be productive with time, be on purpose, think on purpose, feel on purpose, giving my energy and attention to feeling one with what I give my focus to.
Coming back to SACRED FOCUS to accomplish goals.
Working with the same sacred focus that empowered me to do the country move and live where my soul feels home by pristine beaches. Got it!

The decision for the move was taken December 2016. In May 2017 I wrote that I would be living by the ocean by the end of 2018. The move date was November 1st, 2018. I know that I can fully trust my inner clarity because it just knows. Goals connected to priorities.
Having 3 top priorities.
Now for this I need to drop into my heart, into my soul, my inner being and be one with what my soul now wants to experience. TRUSTING.

Even through the WORLD RESET my soul guides me with its yearnings. It’s cool!
Working from my vision, embodying its accomplishments.
I totally get it, a physical body with 5 senses at the service of life, of god, of soul.
I get it and I can’t explain it. I can teach it. It’s the wet of the water that you experience.
It’s the grace of life that guides you through benevolence and prosperity that has no words.
If I had one thing to appreciate at this time, what would that be?
The supportive environment I’ve created for myself by following my inner being.
By TRUSTING this soulful inner guidance
One word to sum it all up: RADIATE, JUST BE, stuff gets done in its time.
P.S. Giving time is where my sacred focus is. I will give you my time. I am being called this way. I’m just about complete with my new creativity… challenge, workshop, mastermind

Faith Through Changes

CYCLES OF LIFE! I missed writing soulful newsletters, vlogs and blogs! I took a step back and stayed faithful to the energy and follow my inner calling to recalibrate my energy with where Spirit was guiding me.

Ending a cycle represents the starting of a new cycle with its beginning. Some endings are caused by a life crisis or the world crisis that we have known, and other endings are based on the power of a decision through empowerment. Changes!

When we observe the universal laws of seasons through human growth it brings us to honor the cycles of changes in our own life just like changes in nature. Living in the Caribbean where it’s always sunny does have its seasons, only the changing of seasons is very subtle. Subtle changes! One thing remains of having lived in Canada or now living near the ocean and beach. Seasons change. There is a time to work the earth, put in the seeds, allow growth, and harvest the fruit of one’s labor.

Each season has its strength and its qualities. Let’s look at the seasons of changes through human growth.

Burning desires of the heart seeded by the soul’s intelligence..

..mental consideration of these soul needs, envisioning and being one with its manifested feeling and essence..,,

..emotionally being challenged to take action after action manifesting soul callings without being hostage to the conditionned mind and its program with its limitations or ego thinking to STAY FAITHFUL to the higher program of the soul through ease and flow.

The voice of the soul, your little inner voice, intuition, spiritual intelligence, goose bumps and sensations, all of this stuff is both subtle or loud if you are sensitive to energy. It is persistent. It is not fear. It is not control. It is not contracted energy. It is not the voice of another person. It is heard in silence. It is your own authority within.

Now more than ever it is important to be your own authority in your life. The button LIFE RESET was pushed in August 2019. It was echoed in the world in March 2020 and has been voiced through media over and over again through a virus and its mutation.

The button reset was pressed on LIFE where each person needed to have the reset in their own way of living.

That reset is where your weakest link kind of situation is. It’s what I’m noticing in my healing and coaching work, and the people I have connected with in the past while. It started with fear of death where people said bring it on, or what a blessing to have this time off, others stated I’m not afraid of death but when faced with a possible death situation within their own environment it was a totally different story..

Then I started to see real stuff and wanted changes with real people’s ways of living.. if this resonates with you, you are not alone feeling what you feel or thinking what you think. 

..ohh my god I cannot stay in this relationship any longer and I want out,..

..awww I wish I had someone to share my life with because it’s so lonely and it’s causing anxiety or depression,..

..grrrr I need to stay with this person or else I don’t know how I can survive without the financial support I’m used t having,..

.. I need to figure out my purpose and do something where I can be doing something I am meant to do in this life because a part of me feels it’s missing out on something important,..

.. I just can’t numb myself out anymore with smoking cigarette, smoking weed is not something I want to continue to use to sleep better, his drinking and anger is wearing me out, I want to now let go of an outdated mindset, diet and exercise.. (this last one impacted me 🙂 so I am now faithful to my exercise routine while maintaining balance with both personal life and business)

.. It’s getting to be too much being a caretaker of everyone else where everyone’s needs are more important than my own needs, it’s frustrating, I need space to do my own thing..

..yeahhhh the next level is asking me to go deeper within myself and it’s just hard to go back within and figure it out once again, didn’t I already deal with it..,

..there is no way that I’m gonna go back to those childhood experiences and that’s all there is to it.

Changes and growth, who said it was easy! The reset button that has been pressed in each one of us points to FAITH. Faith towards one’s own authenticity or essence. Staying faithful to your soulful and powerful inner guidance, true north star, honoring genuine human needs and blending these with soul need to restore balance.

It requires courage and willingness. Being authentic with how you feel, allowing vulnerability, the emptiness or void, not running away with thought patterns of the conditioned mind or living through its drama, being real or raw energy to create and live what you are meant to live at this time in your life (personal life – business).

Faith, change, inspired action with growth. That’s what the LIFE RESET is about. So having written this I would like to offer clarity with your own truth because being faithful to one self is the way through changes. What do you need to be happy at this moment, specifically what is the genuine need that needs to be fulfilled for you to have the change you want ? What is it that you no longer want, and what is it that you want more of ? 


Structure Brings Freedom

Do you believe there is power in structure? I want to offer you a way to look at structure and freedom together in a very positive way. 
Structure brings freedom. I heard this yesterday and it resonated with me at a core level. You will discover how presence with foucs works out well through structure. 

As we were just about one month into this world crisis, when the world shut down, in my meditations and journaling the word structure was very strong. This word structure was always brought into my awareness for a solid week.

Put a structure in place. Put in your agenda times to exercise. Put in your agenda times to contemplate and rest. Put in your agenda times to work.
Basically it was all about structuring blocks of times. As an entrepreneur doing healing and coaching work, and even when I was in the corporate in a project management profession locking in blocks of times in my agenda is something that I am very familiar with.

Then I thought of a teacher in university who told me that after 90 minutes concentration is diminished and needs to be replenished with a break of 20 minutes or so.

As we know the energy since February and more in March was dense and is continuously shifting as we keep adapting. It is making us discover strength and resilience at a deeper level. 

Let’s ponder on structure bringing freedom with presence and focus to accomplish what you want and have the results YOU want in your life. 
For this I will bring you back to the basic foundation of structure. Then I will include ways to allow your intentions and creativity to lead you forward in motion.

When a baby is born there is a natural structure set in place with attention for the newborn baby such as eating, ensuring sleeping patterns, pooing and peeing, bathing, bonding, being nurtured with affection.. etc.. 

When the baby grows into a toddler there is more structure added to this basic structure such as playing and being social, discovering how to talk and to make impressions with sounds..etc…

There after daycare or school adds a little more structure with timed based activies structured the day.

The child grows into a teenager, and then into adulthood. The indivitual has learned through structured time with times to learn through growth, play, study, gym, exercise, leisure days, being social, healing and resolving issues..etc…  Then the famous question comes what am I going to do to work. Sometimes a child knows this at a very young age and other times it is discovered along the way. Soul callings and decisions leading to work and make money with purpose. 

Let’s come back to how allowing structure leading you to your freedom with what you wish to live to enjoy the richness of life“what do I really want to create that will add more life to my life in a way that feels really good?”

Today is creating your tomorrow.  The vision you had before this global shut down started is still there even though you’ve hit the reset button on your life. We all have had to hit the reset button in one way or another. 

I love to nudge individuals in the right direction. Join our Tribe https://web.facebook.com/groups/ConsciousEmpoweredLeaders. Conscious Soulful High Vibes Tribe officially launched March 12th, 2020. How did I know to be more present online? I just followed my inner voice and followed through. Here’s to going next level. 

Live-Love-Work On Purpose! 
Keep learning, growing, healing… you’ve got this!

With love, Yvonne