Connect To Prosperity

We all have life imprints that propel us forward or limit us from having what we want.

Be honest with these questions. Do you know what yours are? These life imprints impact both your personal and financial life.

What if you could have the lifestyle you dream of… sooner?

What if you could feel more complete and worthy?

What if there was a system to help you gain clarity and move forward and have more of what you want?

What if you could change these life imprints and gain control of your life and thrive doing what you love and earn good money doing what you love?

I am holding a one day event that will get into this and much more.
It’s happening Saturday November 5th, 2016 in Montreal, Canada. Seats are limited so make sure to reserve your space now. If you need to make hotel reservations send me an email. Also if you know someone who would benefit from this event you can also call them and tell them about it.

Get you ticket by clicking here: This is a one time special price offer!

By recognizing your life imprints, you can start taking action and become all that you want to be!
Following are some of the aspects we will get into during this one day training event:

  1. Learn a 5 step by step proven system
  2. Identify your life imprints and move forward by staying open with the Connect Formula
  3. Connect with what is deflating your energy and learn to take inspired action
  4. Discover your true purpose or fine tune your expertise to give more
  5. Step into more self-value for yourself
  6. Let your value guide you to create more wealth so you can thrive in today’s economy
  7. Develop an action plan to keep your momentum strong and have more happiness, deeper satisfaction and success

Remember that living a life of meaning is the bottom line of living with deeper satisfaction. Having happiness, feeling safe and having financial security is an internal shift that reflects your outside world.

Get you ticket by clicking here: This is a one time special price offer!
Here’s a few benefits that you can expect.. several transformations clients have experienced as results:

  • Owning your self worth and seeing yourself as the amazing person that your are
  • Unconditional support with love, never giving up regardless of obstacles
  • Having more possibilities and knowing that more is accessible
  • Enrolling high end clients
  • Making money
  • Opening your heart and accepting your natural state of vulnerability
  • Getting to the heart of things quickly and being guided in a way that is painless – It’s the feeling of having lived a transformation without realising it, it is natural!
  • Having the middle ground between psychology and being practical
  • Clearing out block and having a soft place to land to reach professional goals
  • Having satisfaction
  • Feeling accomplished and knowing how I belong
  • Getting beneath the surface of what’s holding you back
  • Freedom, be valued, be yourself through safety and security, etc…

I look forward to connecting with you in person!


Self-Value and Prosperity, How Does It Work?

How would you like to have more happiness and quality relationships?
How about feeling accomplished and having more money?
How about both?

Thanks for taking a few minutes from your day to connect with me. This latest training (Train the Trainer in Orlando, Florida) was an intensive training. It was over a five day period with more or less 5 to 7 hours of sleep per night. It does explain the tired eyes and the flat hairstyle. However the smile and happiness are very strong!

Would it be OK with you if I told you a bit about me and what makes it that I teach and train what I do?
Because I was born highly sensitive, had the challenges and blessings of having been raised with deaf parent I’ve learned to tune into energy. I did take it to another level and now have international certifications in life coaching (mind-body-spirit) and money breatkthrough coaching.
I am blessed with my coaching and mentoring because I can capture information quickly in another way.

I did have very serious money problems for several years when my son was one year old. My parents, courageous people gave birth to 7 children with 10 years and I was the 3rd child. So this caused a bit of neglect.. at 5 years old I use to steal money from both my parents, sit in front of the house on the sidewalk and give money to people passing by to have some sort of attention.

As an adult I needed to come to terms with both love and money. Specifically I needed to stop the self-sacrifice in both my life and in my business I learned to stop giving it away to have success and come from my high value, passion and purpose to stand in my power, which I do now! If you are a giver here’s a hug for you. If you are an action taker high five to you!

The reward of living your passion, purpose and joy with a high self-value by standing in your power through efforts and actions, determination and faith does bring in some magic and expansion.

If you are in business and have losses I understand you. How would you like to earn a high 5 figure in one month?

I help my clients establish value for themselves, by helping them discover their true value, and also creating a new relationship with money. As this happens money starts coming in with more ease, and they get going in their business with a solid business foundation. You could say I’m a Prosperity Coach and it’s a bit more than that. I also work with creative entrepreneurs and coaches by helping them make money. If you want this click here...

If you want to learn to live more on purpose, value yourself more and have more clients or serve at the highest level and be paid good money doing what you love join my Soulful Community.

Listen to your heart, Yvonne

How To Believe in Yourself

What keeps a person from not moving forward is how they believe in themselves.  YOU need to have someone who believes in you. Think of sports – the coach and the person who is doing everything to win. Success is in the efforts and they do get to that finish line!

What keeps a person stuck is to stay in unresolved traumas, heartache, the ego mind or the conditioned mind. This will keep a person stuck in the past.

What keeps a person in their tracks is the misery that comes from tolerating or settling.. self-sacrifice. Stop it! You deserve to live a life that you love!

Walk your path with someone who believes in you, who uplifts you, and mostly who values your happiness.

Keep an eye out for a webinar invitation that will be posted next week. It is a Masterclass on Manifesting On Purpose: Own Your Value To Create A Life & Business You Love.

Remember, love is source and money is meant to add value to your life, however you need to value YOURSELF!

Keep reaching for what you want!

Secrets to Purposeful Achievements

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life or your business?
– Feel at your place doing exactly what you are meant to be doing
– To be committed to yourself (life goals + money goals)
– To serve more clients that are in alignment with you
– or something else..
No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to happiness and success are the same..
1. Get clear. Be very specific in deciding what you want.
2. Get perspective from those you love or get it externally.
3. Get support – no one does their life or business alone.. Think of sports and how teammate and coaches are supportive.
Be willing to ask the people in your life for support.
If you want to open up to more possibilities, speed up your success rate, then I’d like to do it with a special one-on-one personal or business ”Rapid Change” coaching session where we’ll work together so you can have a crystal clear vision that will align with your next best step in your life or business, and boost your income.
We’ll uncover hidden challenges that impact your value, worth, money and sabotage your happiness and success.
You’ll leave the session with refreshed energy and inspired to boost your connection and your bottom line once and for all.
I can’t garantee a session for everyone. I’ll take at this moment 2 or 3 people and then start a waiting list. You can expect to be contacted in 7 days.
If you don’t hear from me, it means we’ve received more requests than we can handle right now and if something opens up we’ll get in touch with you at a later time.
Again, to take advantage of this offer, simply click here…
Connect With Your Heart, then your intuition and lastly your mind to move forward – this will bust ego and fear that live through the ego mind.
Listen to your heart, 

Follow Your Bliss

Looking for ways to soulfully expand with life asks us to value ourselves in every way so we can really enjoy our life. That part within us, you know that part that makes your hair grow without any effort is always at work, always. The divine universal energy that flows through us, that part of the universe that lives through you wants you to keep expanding so you can follow your bliss. This shows up through your heartfelt desires, a tug within, a soulful whisper..

I will be offering a webinar soon and I want to give you a sneak preview, and offer you something that can help you as of right now.

It’s all in the name of love:

– To do what you are good at – be optimal
– To be committed to yourself (life goals + money goals)
– To value yourself and be you
– To have satisfaction and make money
– To feel safe and secure in who you are and what you do
– To accelerate progress…

 Being myself highly sensitive and practical (15 years project management with business analysis), author, holistic practicionner, coach (since 2006), essentially a heart-soul preneur, I am known to help sensitive coaches and creative entrepreneurs get the following results:

  • Save time
  • Increase happiness – living a life of meaning
  • Gain praise and being valued
  • Have satisfaction and make money
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Feel supported, motivated, empowered…

What I have lived myself and what I do recognize with clients is something that might resonate with you.. and yes it can touch a sensitive string. What is important is to be transparent with yourself especially if you are determined to be happy and have success with your life

  1. Fear holding you back, not moving forward, not feeling confident.
  2. You want a breakthrough to manifest your life purpose.
  3. Frustration of wasting time.
  4. Your hopes and desires concern the next step in your career/business, feeling valued, accomplished, but..
  5. You yearn to do what you love and earn money from this.

In the end you want to be feeling accomplished, having life meaning, being on purpose, did what you were meant to do, freedom of choice.. really give it your best. 

Are you ready for your breakthrough? If so let’s connect..

After my money breakthrough I signed on my highest….

Before my Money Breakthrough session with Yvonne, I felt like I was at a plateau with the amount of income I was generating in my business. During our session, Yvonne tapped into a deeply rooted belief that quickly helped me understand the root of my money issue. Ten hours later, I signed on my highest paying client ever! Yvonne is truly a miracle worker.

If you are looking to make more money, improve your life by getting to the root of the matter, I highly recommend Yvonne’s work. Give yourself the gift.

Leah Laprise May 6, 2016

Is 2016 YOUR year to UP LEVEL one aspect of Your Life or Business?

Kicking off the new year with excitment and sending you my best wishes for 2016! So many amazing opportunities and new projects are on the horizon this year. I want to let you in on what is coming up…

Firstly, I’ve taken a part of my VIP Services private coaching training and designed a core program. It’s what I’ve come to rely on for my own growth and business growth.  I will let you in on this new course and give you a few snipets in the coming weeks!

Secondly, I am excited to announce that I am offering 3 FREE Coaching Clarity Call spots open until Friday January 29th, 2016! 

For those of you that do not know me, or if are new to this Soulful Community I am an International Life Coach (mind – body – spirit) and International Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Project and Business Management, Author of Pure Intentions of my Heart: Edging Out Ego book and the Connect Formula, and followed by the OWN Oprah Winfrey Network due to my contributions to the Super Soul Community.


  • are tired and fed up of being caught up in frustration, procrastination and helplessness,
  • are done with feeling stuck in your sensitivity,
  • have had it with feeling overwhelmed, insecure or disconnected
Statistics reveal that being coached increases success by 60% and in business this is critical!
If it’s your time I am excited for you!  You can take advantage of this opportunity by answering a few questions so we can connect better when we talk.
Can’t wait to connect and help you get clarity so you can move forward through safety and joy and create more love and money in your life or business!
In this Soulful Business Community you will discover ways to stay in alignment Head – Heart – Money so you can keep expanding and growing in both your life and your business, and future business for those of you that dream of rendering your services in your own unique and special ways!

How To Activate Your Vision To Have What You Want

Your gentle push within, you know that part of you that gently pushes you to do something about a certain situation, that part of you that always wants to be in the flow and in alignment… I am here talking to this part within you to help you to activate what is important, giving importance to what you tell yourself ‘that is not important…’. There is something important that is being undervalued when you tell yourself … this is not important. (especially if you are used to forgetting the ‘me’ or giving more importance to everyone else..)

When you hear yourself telling this is not important, whether it touches, emotional safety, financial safety, comfort … well it actually is important and it needs your loving and caring attention regardless if this a personal or professional aspect. You can be sure that your personal aspect does get reflected in your professional life one way or another.

This can be reaching for ways to do the work you love, starting a new romantic relationship, being surrounded with quality and fun relations, getting out there to do activities that you enjoy, having more money than just enough….

What do you tell yourself that is not important? Let’s reframe this question: what am I undervaluing? Myself, what I want, need or desire, my sensitivity, how I connect with myself, how I trust, emotional safety, financial safety, comfort…. What do you tell yourself that is not important?

Did you know that it is your birthright to live a life with grace and abundance? You can have what you want and have more than barely or just enough. If you are scratching survival there is a way out. What you need to do is to start valuing your higher feelings to live with high self-worth.

However in my 10 years + of experience as an expert in connection, coaching, and my 15 years of experience in leadership and project management… I know from experience that having success and have more positive situations require a lot of outside help.  I remember being with my mentor/coach, a wonderful woman who told me ‘I believe in you’ when I was feeling very very vulnerable because I had touched a subtle sensitive part within me that I thought I had dealt with… her loving words took me to my next level instantly. She helped me to get to where I am.

Stepping up to a new level in your life asks you to stay open and say yes to yourself so instead of saying I can’t, or be stuck in resistance, fear or ego ask yourself this one question: How Can I Support The Possibility Of….   Naturally you need to be clear on what you want and why you want what you want to be satisfied at a deeper level.  If you enjoy what you are reading your next step is to connect with me. Step by step everything is possible!

How To Value Yourself To Achieve Inner Peace

Valuing yourself, your life, your wants, needs and desires is not something that was taught in school. Even in the most perfect and functional families this is not taught as a formal lesson unless there is a lot of pain involved. If this was part of our family heritage we would all be exactly where we want to be and we would all have exactly what we want to have in no time at all!

On the one hand there is a push from within, a gentle push of your heart and soul that guides you, and on the other hand there is the resistance and control, an internal pressure that feels tense. For those of you that are more sensitive you feel this more intensively. I understand you!

I grew up with deaf parents so in my mind their needs were more important than my needs. I had the same thought pattern for my son and husband until I learned to put the oxygen mask on myself first! Perhaps your situations regarding the needs of your family (children, spouse etc…) are more important and your needs are left aside or for another day…

I learned how to value myself and be assertive out of self-respect and respect for others and value another person’s needs through balance without losing myself so it is never too late for anything regardless if you are 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 years old. Who you are follows you everywhere at home, at work and at play. So the foundation of your growth is also reflected in your family, work and in your business for those of you are in business. This does have a positive or negative impact on your money.

If you want to achieve inner peace in your life, feel more love, be happier, do the work that you love, ask for a raise or raise the prices of your services, have more comfort, be a good role model for your children you need to start by valuing yourself and your needs. This is the start to achieving a high self-worth. Self-Love! You need to decide that you will bust the insecurity that causes your resistance.

So having a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power, being in agreement with your decisions, choices and values and connect with yourself is what will help you.

You can have what you want and feel in control. I have walked that path from feeling insecure and not valuing myself to living a soulful assertive lifestyle and connecting to happiness and success. You can live with inner peace – peace of mind and heartfelt serenity. Knowing how to fulfill the right needs to give you a deeper satisfaction. There is no need to struggle through your changes. There are solutions and steps that I have created to help you.

Do you want help with Achieving more inner peace? You can book your complimentary session with me by clicking here…

How Would You Like To Attract More Abundance By Feeling Aligned and Deserving At Your Core

If you want to up level something in your personal life or in your business or change your money mindset you will enjoy what I want to share with you! A gift from you to you with opportunities that feel good! Abundance mentality, prosperity, feeling rich in both energy and fabulous experiences that makes you grow more into yourself … enjoying more business … enjoying the richness of life! 

From my own experience and my clients’ experiences that I have helped to do just that…understand the abundance mentality, thrive with high feelings and positive energy, and feel worthy and deserving of having the right support, enjoying business and serving clients, serve more ideal clients, buying a jeep, knowing that they still have what it takes to share a loving and fun relationship with a partner what is worthy of their loving and fun ways, getting their needs met, being offered help along the way that feels good…

Essentially to reach for what they want through high self-worth, faith and action, edging out ego and recognizing their fears for what they truly mean for them. This will always be there… always needs to be adjusted in order to reach that next step.You might be telling yourself, sure Yvonne I’ve worked on myself … and I tell you that valuing yourself and your worthiness with what you want, need and desire through high feelings – high self-worth has a formula, a framework that works.

Attracting what you want can be easy and what I find that gets in the way is that women and highly sensitives including men beat themselves up, judge themselves or blame the past in an unconscious way, stay stuck and do nothing, or struggle and push by doing so much that they become exhausted. What they are having is not being able to attract what they want and frustration sets in. This is why I have created a pathway of 5 key points that will help you. 

  1. Define your genuine value to value yourself in your business (abilities, gifts, talents, creation). Knowing how to be of service in your unique brilliance and value. Be and Feel At Your Place!   Increase your confidence, enthusiasm and satisfaction in business by having a solid foundation and business principles that work. Connect with your ideal clients and develop long term relationships.
  2. Master your psychology, growth and ego and feel worthy, deep knowing that you deserve attention, love and money, abundance to live a prosperous life with happiness and success.  Believe in YOU! Understand growth steps and surpass stress, worrying and doubts by valuing the intelligence of body, mind, heart and soul… live with a deep satisfaction.
  3. Improve your emotional relationship and your mindset with money …live with the positive consequences of your planning, actions and energy. Surpass what is unconsciously holding you back and feel more in control of your money. Value your expertise, gifts, talents, creativity and know how to set a price to these.
  4. Have a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power… with presence, awareness, consciousness while valuing your entrepreneurial path and growth, be in agreement with your decisions, choices and values : (tangible and non-tangible) go to the heart of things quickly to know how to transform a resistance into an inspired action!
  5. Optimise your environment to live with more comfort. Be well surrounded! Connect with trust to live with more emotional and material safety enables you to live with peace of mind, heartfelt serenity and more comfort. Connect To Soulful Wellness! 

Do you want help with Attracting More Abundance By Feeling Aligned and Deserving?

You can book your complimentary session with me by clicking here…