Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year AND Position Yourself For Next Year

3 Ways To Make Money and Reach Your Financial Goals

  1. Defined Unique Self-Worth
  2. Valuing Yourself
  3. Capable of Comfortably Setting A Reasonable Price On The Value Offered


I know what it feels like to be a brand new entrepreneur and watch that money go out faster than what is coming in. I know the pain of this especially in the first years with all the start up costs.  I also know that when a person is impacted by illness or divorce or other existential events it adds up in both depressive energy and money does go out faster than what is coming in. I have lived these situations so I understand you.

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I also know that pain of creative entrepreneurs, coaches and holistic practitioners when they do not value how they connect with themselves.


I have met many creative entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, coaches… They all have one thing in common. Highly Sensitive! Many of them push and push and push through impatient energy of achieving results. They get tired. They have frustrations. They get little support because something within undervalues their needs. Their deeper insecurity is not resolved.


The result naturally is pushing to get things done, controlling a situation or a person, resisting deeper feelings that all stems from unresolved issues, fears or ego. Deeper insecurities are not attended to so internal comfort and material comfort is not valued. Their comfort zone however uncomfortable it is, is comfortable. The reason this is a problem is they do not see the value of investing in themselves. They don’t get that investing in themselves is the foundation for the growth of their business. They undervalue themselves or they are not making money an urgent problem.


No one undervalues themselves on purpose. No one undervalues money on purpose. Why? These are both related to safety issues. Every one wants to feel safe and secure.  Blocks are what is causing this problem. How can a person possibly give importance to something when somewhere along the way they were taught that their needs are not important, that they need to live through sacrifice, that they need to take care of everyone else first, that money is useless, that they cannot rely on others to get things done and it is not ok to ask for help, that they are not important…

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How To Value Yourself To Achieve Inner Peace

Valuing yourself, your life, your wants, needs and desires is not something that was taught in school. Even in the most perfect and functional families this is not taught as a formal lesson unless there is a lot of pain involved. If this was part of our family heritage we would all be exactly where we want to be and we would all have exactly what we want to have in no time at all!

On the one hand there is a push from within, a gentle push of your heart and soul that guides you, and on the other hand there is the resistance and control, an internal pressure that feels tense. For those of you that are more sensitive you feel this more intensively. I understand you!

I grew up with deaf parents so in my mind their needs were more important than my needs. I had the same thought pattern for my son and husband until I learned to put the oxygen mask on myself first! Perhaps your situations regarding the needs of your family (children, spouse etc…) are more important and your needs are left aside or for another day…

I learned how to value myself and be assertive out of self-respect and respect for others and value another person’s needs through balance without losing myself so it is never too late for anything regardless if you are 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 years old. Who you are follows you everywhere at home, at work and at play. So the foundation of your growth is also reflected in your family, work and in your business for those of you are in business. This does have a positive or negative impact on your money.

If you want to achieve inner peace in your life, feel more love, be happier, do the work that you love, ask for a raise or raise the prices of your services, have more comfort, be a good role model for your children you need to start by valuing yourself and your needs. This is the start to achieving a high self-worth. Self-Love! You need to decide that you will bust the insecurity that causes your resistance.

So having a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power, being in agreement with your decisions, choices and values and connect with yourself is what will help you.

You can have what you want and feel in control. I have walked that path from feeling insecure and not valuing myself to living a soulful assertive lifestyle and connecting to happiness and success. You can live with inner peace – peace of mind and heartfelt serenity. Knowing how to fulfill the right needs to give you a deeper satisfaction. There is no need to struggle through your changes. There are solutions and steps that I have created to help you.

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Calling Your Attention

Connecting to Success

Are you allowing yourself to live with more comfort in your life? That is how I define success.
I have discovered that Connection leads to Trust. Trust leads to feeling safe. Feeling safe leads to feeling comfortable. We all want comfort when we connect with another person and we all want material comfort.
Comfort is the underground of Connection and Connection is the number one criteria for Happiness.

Today, I am writing to speak with you and ask you to please be on the lookout for friends or colleagues that:

  1. want to be happier with their life, increase their wellness and energy
  2. get over a depression or depressed state that impacts their work or business, and their romantic relationship (lack of), family and friends,
  3. perhaps they have a dream and want to take action but do not really know how to take inspired action
  4. want to improve their money habits and have a better emotional relationship with money,
  5. or, they could be in transition – perhaps at the start up of their business and feel overwhelmed by not knowing what to focus on to have results. Perhaps they undercharge and undervalue their service because their self-worth is not defined challenging them to sell their service or their self-esteem is low.

We all yearn to feel connected and to trust more which spells out into feeling safe and being more comfortable with life.

My specialty is helping highly sensitive, business women and entrepreneurs to be connected and in alignment Head-Heart-Money while managing their energy (feelings and mindsets) bringing balance to their life. The bottom line is being happier and having more success in both their personal life and or their professional affairs/business.

I also have published on July 8th, my book Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart. I have discovered what opens the heart and what makes a person shut down. I have mastered connection and alignment which spell out into internal freedom.

Will you let them know about me and vice versa? I’d love to chat with them to see if I could help. They can also call me directly with questions at 514.664.1186, visit my website at www.YvonneStLouis.com or e-mail me at connect@yvonnestlouis.com.

If I am not the right Coach, I have many colleagues who may be better suited and I will be happy to refer them. I´m grateful for your help and if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I would be happy to do so. Please feel free to give me your feedback, by phone or email.

Graciously, Yvonne

Vision – Feeling Good With What You Want

Vision – Feeling Good With What You Want

There is a difference between feelings and emotions – do not think your life away. Feel instead of giving all the power to your thinking.What you feel is your guidance whether it is an emotion or a feeling. It is either survival energy with a visceral energy of emotion or it is an intimate guidance feeling by feeling centered and aligned with the flow of life. It could be labelled intuition, a sign from life, a flash, an inspired moment the soulful whisper of your internal guidance. This is what you need to trust and focus on to make changes happen.  Read more

Vision – Determination – Strength

Vision – Determination – Strength

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

The blog of this week is to make you spend 42 minutes watching this fabulous phenomenal woman.


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Vision – The Power Of Imagination

Vision – The Power Of Imagination

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

The power of imagination is meant to make you feel good. Do you know what you want? Do you breathe it? Do you feel it in its accomplishment? The journey towards the accomplishment of what you want sets you up to fully receive it in your life. What you need to do is to start the momentum and stay in the momentum.

Wanting or desiring something when you believe and know that it will happen is the driving force to make it happen. It starts to create momentum to make it happen. One way is to open up to it is to receive it in your energy before you live it. Keeping your heart open with high frequency aligns you with the flow of life. Building momentum by taking action while you keep feeling what you want opens up the gates of allowing you to receive it. As you do this life will at the same time send experiences your way to help you to get closer to your heart’s desire.  It will amount up to what you want and desire. Guaranteed! Read more

Vision –Putting Pressure On Yourself Or Favoring Progress

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

A very common pressure that people put on themselves is time. The stress of psychological time– your watch is a good thing when you have a doctor’s appointment, a flight to catch or you need to be at work for a specific time. We all experience this stress. It is normal.

The distress of psychological time makes you anxious. When you project yourself into the future by pressuring yourself is not a good thing. Long term stress releases cortisol in the physical body. Your physical body becomes hostage to aches, tensions or sickness. This stress takes you away from the peaceful feeling of what you want. What is hidden behind the stress is emotions.
Read more

Soulful Vision – Courage To Keep Your Heart Open

Soulful Vision – Courage To Keep Your Heart Open

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

What is courage :

  • Inner strength
  • Confidence
  • Having heart
  • the power of facing your experiences and being real with yourself.
  • the quality required to deal with your pain
  • Surpassing obstacle
  • Being faithful to yourself

How do you keep an open heart when you want to shut down because you’ve had it?

  1. Accept the natural limits of your heart, take it one day at a time.
  2. Restore your faith in life by connecting to the divine essence that you were born with. If you are feeling depressed you need to discern your ego. The emotions triggered by your ego are closing your heart. This is an inside job.
  3. Let go of the rage and the powerlessness that you feel. Take a moment and gain clarity on your unfulfilled needs.
  4. Align your soulful needs to your vision and your values. Connect to your divine clarity and follow up on your inspired thought or action.
When you listen to the whispers of your heart the shifts and transformation you make amount in the long run to a meaningful transformation. Taking action becomes natural and effortless. You can learn more here…

5 Proven Ways Of Staying Connected And Feeling Good

5 Proven Ways Of Staying Connected And Feeling Good

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for… VS Thriving With Reality & A Vision When you know the why behind what you want and soulfully connect with it your attraction power with the Universe is powerful.
Having a soulful vision by merging with your Higher Self or Your Trusted Source helps in the following ways: Read more

5 Ways to Cope With The Waiting

5 Ways to Cope With The Waiting

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

Know the difference between the neediness of the ego and the essential needs of your heart and soul. Stay connected to the Sacred.


  1. Accept the reality of your situation. Be one with your experience (no mental or emotional resistance).   Intimately express yourself with a person you trust (no judgement or projections – empathy and compassion all the way. If this person has lived what you are going through be open for recommendations – you have the final say because it is your experience and your life.
  2. Put a priority on wanting to feel good (be selfish in wanting to feel good).    Know the survival pattern of your ego (predominant or repetitive thoughts and emotions – what experience do you keep repeating, what keeps making you struggle).
  3. Merge with your divine essence and connect with your Highest Good  – release the natural existential feelings of your heart and gain clarity on what to think or do next and be surprised how the universe aligns you perfectly with the flow of life.
  4. Get busy on the clarity that you have received and ride on the shoulders of Your Higher Self as you reach out for what you want – the Universe heard you. Keep progressing and working towards what you want and desire – pure intentions of your heart through the energy of faith.
  5. Get physical by doing something that makes you feel good or take time to exercise (if you are limited you can color mandalas, meditate, do a puzzle, watch movies, read a book)


Surround yourself with people that make you feel good – mutual fun kindred spirited men and woman with similar values – nurture quality relationships


Your top priority has to be FEELING GOOD. This keeps your heart open and aligns you perfectly with the universe – Adapting is inevitable.

Learn to lean on the strength and power that guides you perfectly here…

Gain clarity of how you connect or disconnect with what is significant and meaningful for you.

  • Keep your focus on one thing and only one thing: How You Connect to feel good with what you want.
  • When you know the essential needs of your heart and you are faithful to yourself magic happens!