These last few weeks have been wonderful! As an official Ambassador for Canada participating in the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative I had the opportunity to share the stage with Marianne Willimanson and share with people over 100 different countries.

The book I wrote  in 6 weeks in 2007, Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego (a book that helps readers to listen to their heart) happens to share the same mindset and healings as Marianne’s teachings of A Course In Miracle. This is a miracle because I have not done this course. In 2008 I did read her wonderful book A Return To Love.  You now have 2 resources to help you.  I have now ordered A Course In Miracles as Marianne suggested that I do it. I am open to more miracles!  So you now have not 2 but 3 resources with these books.

What is awesome is that a client of mine, Véronique, a brilliant luminous woman said that with my book and coaching/mentoring, Mariannes’ and Gabrielle Burnstein’s teaching she was set because it is all within the same alignment.
Are you ready to allow Your Greatness to shine its light?

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My bottom line is to gracefully help you have what you want so you can master owning all of YOU and sharing your light to others who need what you offer through your unique brilliance!
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Connect With Your Heart,

Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do

Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do

Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do  

Specifically, how do you connect with comfort by valuing yourself and what is worthy for you.  

The human fundamental need of importance is valuing your needs out of self-respect and respect for others. Taking this one step further is valuing yourself and what you do. Naturally this positions you to define your intrinsic self-worth which makes it easy to stay faithful to your deeper needs and not settle or play the waiting game.

Talking to many women something familiar comes up, a common theme. Many people are not in touch with their needs and what is worthy for them when they are either alone or with another person. When connecting with another person there is always a need. The very core of connection is loving and caring attention which holds 29 needs.

I will list a few here to give you an idea. Acceptance, affection, appreciation, belonging, cooperation, communication, closeness, companionship, compassion, consideration, consistency, empathy, inclusion, intimacy, love….

Here is a clear example of connecting with another person without really connecting with yourself.
I was talking with a friend and she spoke to me of her friend. Her friend is having an issue of being more into another person than into herself. This woman wants to have a loving relationship with the man that she is with and on the other hand she says that “he is nice, he is this or he is that”. Never once did I hear she feels, she thinks, she loves that…she would like… she wants…

Can you relate to sometimes not knowing what you want, need or how to know what will make you feel happy and satisfied at a deeper soul level?
If you would like to have more clarity of how to connect with what you need, want and desire and trust that these will be fulfilled click here…

When a person does not connect with themselves they cannot be true to themselves. When a person does not take a moment to be with themselves how can the person know what she wants and needs deep down inside?

3 Tips For Getting What You Deserve Through Comfort

3 Tips For Getting What You Deserve Through Comfort

There is a part within you that is telling you don’t you dare –  the rebel within you that is yearning for your loving and caring attention. This little rebel is actually really cute! When you give it your attention it will smile at you and tell you finally I have your attention! What a relief!
Take a moment to consider 3 points that can give you some clarity:

1.Look at what you tolerate – what is that familiar experience and feeling that you have lived with perhaps for months or many years that limits you from getting your deeper needs met and feel the comfort that you deserve.

2.You have the right to live good experiences. Get very specific on what you want to improve and get to the why.

3.Start accepting and owning up to how you are giving your power away – this is the only way to resolve this and stand in your power.

Your powerful sacred inner guidance is guiding you to live with more richness and what is best for you – can you start trusting this more?

I know that you don’t only want information. You want a transformation. You can take what you just learned and you can go put it to work and get this done to start being more into yourself and get to that unshakable space within that makes you feel fully open hearted and connected with yourself and others and be aligned in a way that feels good to receive what you want deep down inside.

If you are telling yourself, I am curious or I am ready there is a service you may want to know more about. And here is how that works. Click on the words Breakthrough Session. It will open up a new window. From there simply follow the steps. Get excited for your breakthrough.

How To Deal With Insecurity

THEME: October is a month of opportunity
Since 2008 I have been healing hearts and empowering women to stand in their power. In 2012 I felt an internal push, a soul pull that it was time to take my soulful business at a higher level. I merged with my sacred essence and asked to have a symbol that would help me to stay faithful to this and make the right decisions.The symbol I got was a heart with diamonds. I wanted to buy this but the cost was $13,000.00 so I opted to find an image and paste the image on my vision board. I was approached by several big names to be part of their coaching community.

My soulful whispers said this: observe one person by taking a step back. Shortly after I witnessed how she experienced a disconnection and closed her heart in a situation. This confirmed that I would not work with her.

I value sensitivity, open heart and connection. This is what has enabled me to change my insecurity complex to trust.

As for the other person I was inspired to research very specific words on the internet and I discovered fraud.

I value integrity and transparency. On the day that I let her know that I would not work with her hold and behold I received a phone call from Kendall’s office exactly one hour later. (keeping your heart open = high frequency with quick manifestation)  I esteem both of these women – the only Hick is that we do not share the same values.

I told the person from Kendall’s office who had reached out to me to give me three days to reflect on it and I would get back to her. I immediately merged with my sacred essence and surrendered this for divine guidance. My self-trust and self-worth is very high as I feel home deep down inside and as a child of the universe I am worthy of being guided and supported in everything.

Two days later I was in this shopping mall with my husband as he needed to rectify something with his driver’s license. Guess what? There was a jewelry store beside the driver’s license office. Amazingly I found a heart with diamonds $160.00. It was not identical to the photo on my vision board as the diamonds were a bit smaller however it was close enough to confirm my decision. I wired the money and it was a done deal. This is how I got to know Kendall.

You can live with high self-trust and high self-worth while having money be a good exchange of service for you.

A Return To Innocence

Opening the Gate to Abundance (Love & Money)

Uniting with our Divine Sacred Essence and Spirit resulting in
increased self-love up to the point of leaning into a firm belief
that soulful love is unlimited for the heart and soul.

Resolving heartache and survival emotional pain, shifting false mental survival beliefs and releasing money blockages results in  FREEDOM AND INCREASED FINANCIAL WEALTH.

Money then serves to keep increasing in self-love by allowing
passion to fuel heartfelt desires, gifts and talents resulting in SELF-REALIZATION – sacred & human.


Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor

Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor

Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor.

Very often we unconsciously fear reaching out for support for various reasons. I the first one feared this because I did not know any better. As many of you know I was raised with deaf parents and their needs were more important than my own needs (so I though). I learned to get out of my own way for my healing and growth.

Google or YouTube are great to give a little boost that lasts, well… not very long because these do not have the power to offer a deep transformation through trust and connection. It is a machine and not one can talk to a machine to feel heard, seen and validated. Did you know that the very core of worthiness is exactly that!

How many people do you know that live through loneliness or emptiness and do not know how to reach out for support? Perhaps you relate to this. I sure did when I didn’t make feeling good my top priority and felt disconnected.

Why having support is important and not an option?
1. Self-trust increases
2. Self-confidence increases
3. Self-worth (self-love) increases
If you relate to this and want to talk with someone that understands what you are going through reach out to me. Being on track with what really is meaningful for you at a deeper level is rewarding so
reach out to me by clicking here...


The loss of Robin Williams is heartbreaking and a terrible loss of the world. Please take a minute and send light to Robin. We never know what goes on deep down in the heart of someone. Reach out, reach out, reach out – this is very sad and a loss for the world. My mission is to help people to keep their heart open and merge with grace to release the burden of their heart and stay open to learning and living a life that is worthy – If you know of someone that needs help I am here to serve


Vision – Feeling Good With What You Want

Vision – Feeling Good With What You Want

There is a difference between feelings and emotions – do not think your life away. Feel instead of giving all the power to your thinking.What you feel is your guidance whether it is an emotion or a feeling. It is either survival energy with a visceral energy of emotion or it is an intimate guidance feeling by feeling centered and aligned with the flow of life. It could be labelled intuition, a sign from life, a flash, an inspired moment the soulful whisper of your internal guidance. This is what you need to trust and focus on to make changes happen.  Read more

Vision – Determination – Strength

Vision – Determination – Strength

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

The blog of this week is to make you spend 42 minutes watching this fabulous phenomenal woman.

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Vision – The Power Of Imagination

Vision – The Power Of Imagination

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

The power of imagination is meant to make you feel good. Do you know what you want? Do you breathe it? Do you feel it in its accomplishment? The journey towards the accomplishment of what you want sets you up to fully receive it in your life. What you need to do is to start the momentum and stay in the momentum.

Wanting or desiring something when you believe and know that it will happen is the driving force to make it happen. It starts to create momentum to make it happen. One way is to open up to it is to receive it in your energy before you live it. Keeping your heart open with high frequency aligns you with the flow of life. Building momentum by taking action while you keep feeling what you want opens up the gates of allowing you to receive it. As you do this life will at the same time send experiences your way to help you to get closer to your heart’s desire.  It will amount up to what you want and desire. Guaranteed! Read more