Feeling good versus waiting on something or someone to feel better

Feeling good versus waiting on something or someone to feel better

When you are living your life through Prosperity and Abundance it reflects your values and your soulful essential needs.  It has a direct link with your vision that is aligned with life. There is no lack in your life. You live your life through unshakable security, trust and confidence. Every aspect of your life is meaningful and satisfying. What you live personally and professionally is meaningful and satisfying.

Living in harmony with Your Highest Good asks you to be real with yourself. It is one level deeper than authenticity.  Authenticity is being transparent. Being real is being connected and aligned with your life. Being real is having both mental and emotional awareness and spiritual consciousness. Discernment is the reward. Respecting the natural limits of your heart enables you to keep your heart open regardless of the situation you are living thus enabling you to set a limit to your ego and its non-loving ways of closing your heart.

Being real is to know the difference between the needs of your ego and the essential needs of your heart and soul. When you are real with yourself you know what you tolerate or no longer tolerate. It gives you the power to be assertive in a very natural way.

You no longer wait or pull on the exterior to fulfill your deepest needs because you are in alignment with life. Obvious or subtle the universe does speak to you. You do receive signals from life that confirms to you that you are on the right path. Being one with your sensitivity guides you perfectly. When you keep your heart open the energy of grace and faith enables you to keep reaching for what you want. You have the certainty that what you want and what need manifests in the most perfect timing in a very natural way. You trust in YOU and you trust in LIFE.  When it shows up in your life it is a perfect fit and it feels good.

A winning combination

A winning combination

When you combine both the psychological and spiritual dimensions by being in harmony with Your Higher Self it gives you the ability to quickly close the gap and you do not stay stuck. Being inspired through your divine clarity puts you in harmony with Your Highest Good.

This is reflected in your day to day behaviours through your decisions and actions. Your frequency is increased. Your power of attraction is increased. The combination of being results oriented and being in harmony with your Higher Self puts you in a very good position. When you are clear with your priorities and you have a good plan of action you are in a very good position to know what you want.

Your efforts seem effortless and they are rewarding. It is amazing when you are in alignment with the universe. Your satisfaction is gratitude. Naturally you keep progressing and you follow through on your next step trusting that what you want or what you need shows up in a most natural and amazing way.

When you are not getting what you want out of life something is unconsciously sabotaging you. The needs of your ego leave you empty and make you live your life through lack. This opens up a gap that asks you to stop the time and gain discernment or perhaps not wanting to get real keeps you stuck. The heaviness and struggles of your ego closes your heart to the richness of life. It disempowers you and does not honor your divine essence. Did you ever ask yourself the question ‘why am I not getting from life what I want? Where is my dream lover? Where is my dream job?’ Where is the money’ THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

Transformation Through Awareness and Consciousness

Transformation Through Awareness and Consciousness

What empowers you is to quickly gain both awareness and consciousness. This gives you discernment. This puts you in alignment with life and in harmony with Your Highest Good. This requires that you to connect with reality and with the Golden Thread of Your Divine Essence.

Mostly, this asks you to connect with your deepest needs through an open heart. When you know the why behind what you need you have the clarity of how it serves you. You also know how your request to another person serves you. This puts you in a very good position to be real with yourself and to be authentic in your relationships whether they are personal or professional relationships.

When you know how to quickly gain emotional and mental awareness and spiritual consciousness within seconds or minutes you gain discernment. With clarity you are inspired and empowered to be results oriented as you keep reaching for what you want through the energy of faith, grace and excitement. Your trust and confidence is boosted through great security. Looking ahead to what is next is exciting.

Getting real with yourself through countless therapy sessions or countless personal development workshops cannot give you the wholeness that you are seeking. Throughout the many years of yearning to feel home inside my heart I have rarely seen both psychology (emotional and mental awareness) and spiritual consciousness combined in one session or workshop. Keeping awareness and consciousness separate does not give you discernment. This does not give you the wholeness that both your psychological and divine esteem has to offer you.

Your treasure is in your heart.

Your treasure is in your heart.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

When you live through an open heart you are ONE with the treasure of your heart. This is where you start to get real with yourself. It does not start in your head or your mind with a thought. It does not start through an emotion, and it does not start from something that is external. Getting real in your heart requires your attention. Your heart center is the middle ground of your life.

Mostly this asks you to cut the strings of the puppet that your ego pulls on you and redeem your heart and soul by being in service to the Highest Will of your soul. The other way around is to be at the mercy of your ego through the energy of feeling stuck, waiting or pulling on others to make your life work for you. It requires that you master the pattern of you ego however obvious or subtle it is.

It requires you to connect with your essential and deepest needs through an open heart. I am not referring to obvious needs. There is a difference between a vital need, an emotional need and an essential need. I will give you an example that will shed the light on this. For example everyone has fears. If we take it a little deeper everyone has deeper fears that can be afraid to lose control, afraid to go crazy if they lose it, afraid of not being loved, heard or seen, and perhaps a person is afraid of dying. Deep fears need to be discerned in order to feel free within.

It is the same thing for your deepest needs and wants. When you have the clarity of your deepest needs you are empowered to choose what is best for you. How can you feel fulfilled when you do not know what you want and need to really feel fulfilled with your life. It does require your attention. When you gain the clarity of your soulful essential needs you are in Harmony with Your Higher Self. This is where worthiness and the gifts of your wealth exist. Taking full ownership of your life by being the COE of your life is rewarding. You deserve to live your life exactly the way you want to live it. You can make it happen!

More of What You Want…

More of What You Want…

I have aligned my soulful business and with what clients’ want more of.

When I started to tally up what my clients (99% women) wanted when they worked with me was very simple and yet challenging at the same time. I came up with one single word  “FREEDOM” –

I have also pin pointed the clients that I truly enjoy helping. “I Help Sensitive Business Women & Entrepreneurs Who Are Overwhelmed With Their Feelings So They Can  Include Their Powerful Sacred Inner Guidance To Make Decisions  & Focus On What Is Important For Them, Without Compromising Themselves”. If you are a sensitive man you are part of the people I serve – you represent 1% of clients. Read more

Connection Ranks #1 According to Psychology Today

Connection Ranks #1 According to Psychology Today

Wanting to feel better in your life? I have created a solution that you will love.

In psychology today a survey asking people what they needed to feel happy in their life. Respondents consistently replied that CONNECTION to family and friends, love and intimacy, even over… fame and financial wealth, and even above physical health was important. CONNECTION is the first thing that people need over and above everything.

Feeling Deserving VS. Worthy of God’s Grace

Feeling Deserving VS. Worthy of God’s Grace

Have you ever wondered why you don’t get you what you want deep down inside? Maybe you tell yourself, I don’t know how, or I am not ready. Let me tell you the truth. Waiting, giving and not being fully open heart to receive in a way that feels good is actually keeping you stuck and it means never. It’s like being put off, not today, maybe tomorrow or next week. You try again the next day and the next week and it’s the same story, perhaps tomorrow etc…

Look, if you have decided that you are never going to look at your situation and put it under the microscope to gain more safety to increase your connectedness and comfort of how you connect with your self and with others and get what you want, valuing your needs, increase your trust to get more from life and live your life with your heart fully open to enjoy the richness of life that’s fine. You certainly do not need to keep feeling that you deserve more to be worthy of God’s Grace.

Take a moment to consider 5 points that can help you on your momentum

1.Look at what you tolerate – what is that familiar experience and feeling that you have lived with perhaps for months or many years that limits you from getting your deeper needs met and feel deserving.

2.Get very specific on you want to improve and get to the why.

3.Start accepting and owning up to how you are giving your power away – this is the only way to resolve this and stand in your power.

4.There is a very good reason why you tolerate – accept what it makes you feel without judging yourself or anyone else.

5.Your powerful sacred inner guidance is guiding you to live with more richness and what is best for you – can you start trusting this more?

I know that you don’t only want information. You want a transformation. You can take what you just learned and you can go put it to work and get this done to start being more into yourself and get to that unshakable space within that makes you feel fully open hearted and connected with yourself and others and be aligned in a way that feels good to receive what you want deep down inside.

Now, if you want help from me directly in a more in depth way, there is a service you may want to know more about. And here is how that works. Click on theords Breakthrough Session. It will open up a new window.  From there simply follow the steps. Get excited for your breakthrough.

Being Well Surrounded Is Critical For Personal or Business Success

Integrity, transparency, vulnerability, mindful with heart & soul are gifts of love and investments. Don’t expect this from people who do not invest in themselves with an open heart and open mind.

2015 Masterminding, Mentorship and Coaching with Mind, Heart & Soul for Personal and Business Success will be announced in January. This Program will kick off in February 2015

Part 1 of 2 – When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence is Unshakable

Part 1 of 2 – When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence is Unshakable

When a challenging situation or a difficult experience strikes our esteem we need to turn within and we also need to reach out.

The consideration must be first given to yourself. Your attention must be focused on your energy by acknowledging what you tell yourself to make yourself feel the way you do. Secondly you must seek the intelligence of your heart. Your precious attention and vital energy must be cared for. How you connect with what you are living does give you the wings that you need to take it to a newer level or it taxes your energy and keeps you stuck.

When you have connected your challenge or experience to the Golden Thread of Your Divine Essence and you have released the burden of your heart, or have gained clarity and inspiration, your decisions are taken from an unshakable place within. This empowers you. Your faith is heightenedand you feel lighthearted through the energy of grace. Your actions are inspired actions. Life naturally puts on your path the perfect person of the perfect situation to move you right along on your path. Your heart is open to the richness of life.

When you do only consider half of what you live by either being disconnected to your thoughts or emotions or by being disconnected from Your Essence will naturally leave you struggling. You will turn it around in your head, in your mind and your thinking tank will have a party on its own. Perhaps you will ride the high and low of your emotions. Then again you may spiritualise what you are living by excluding your thoughts and emotions.

The consequence of being disconnected makes you pull on another person to give you answers. It could be to search for your answers in a book. Your insecurity will be at the mercy of your ego. No one can give you the answer that is perfect for you. At one point or another you will need to take a decision and take action for yourself.

If you do not get the lesson the Universe will put it right back at you and it will be either more subtle or more obvious and you will feel pain. You can count on the laws of the Universe for this! You will strive to gain mental and emotional awareness and you will keep struggling.

The energy of the ego feeds off the mental and emotional energy bodies.  If you do not resolve it at a higher level through consciousness you will not be empowered by the Intelligence of Your Heart. You will stay in your ego and your heart will be closed. The ego closes the heart and it feeds off the energy of the mental and the emotional energy bodies.

Part 2 of 2 – When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence is Unshakable

Part 2 of 2

 When You Believe in You Your Worth and Confidence is Unshakable

How can you connect your experience to what is truly meaningful, essential and soulful for you without gaining discernment through consciousness?

Knowing when to look within, when to reach out to another person and when to surrender to life, a bigger power that You or I to put on your path what you need and want is key!

The trusted people of your environment can give you words of wisdom. They can also give you their projections. They can save you from your pain up to a certain level. If it is a trusted mentor that has active listening skills and has experience with what makes you feel pain you are in good hands. This person should empower you to acknowledge your situation and enable you to connect with Your Essence for what is best for you.

When you know your worth and truly value it through Your Essence love finds you. The trick is to gain the awareness of how your ego pulls at you while at the same time gaining discernment through the Intelligence of Your Heart. This perfect combo aligns you with Your Highest Good.

When you surpass the challenges you face because you are capable of handling what Spirit or Life puts on your path you know your confidence.
When you take your decisions from a connected space and you are results oriented with your inspired action you empower yourself with what is perfect for you. This puts you in a very solid position.  You know it! You simply know.
Regardless if it stretches you and makes you feel vulnerable you are protected because You are on the shoulders of Your Higher Self. This does make you unshakable regardless of the situation. When you are authentic with yourself you speak your truth to yourself you can then share it with another person.

The Intelligence of Your Heart guides you perfectly.