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How would your life change if people contacted YOU to book you for VIP days? This is what happened for me.

Sell with more soul and less stress. It will help you and the growth of your business in a way that fuels your passion, so you can call in your ideal clients.. create the impact you soulfully are meant to create.. actually letting your souflul clients gracefully find you because of what you offer and vibrate and give them that wow! in their life or business, at the same time allowing more money to flow into your business and bank account.

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Connect With Your Heart,

J’ai des outils pour m’ancrer dans mes valeurs avec l’argent!

Mon coaching avec Yvonne, m’a permis de tenir bon et de me propulser en affaires.  Maintenant j’ai des outils pour m’ancrer dans mes valeurs avec l’argent! Je connais : l’importance de faire de l’argent dans le plaisir ; être dans le cœur de mes passions et réaliser ce qui me fait vibrer ; laissé tomber ce qui me stress et qui me fait perdre mon énergie.

Pour moi, ce n’était pas important de demander, et même difficile de demander car je pouvais me débrouiller seule.  Mais Yvonne a été l’étincelle de voir, comprendre autrement.  Et oui, c’est hyper important de demander … maintenant que je sais et comprends alors je peux m’offrir le luxe de demander !  Merci Merci Yvonne 🙂

Self-Value and Prosperity, How Does It Work?

How would you like to have more happiness and quality relationships?
How about feeling accomplished and having more money?
How about both?

Thanks for taking a few minutes from your day to connect with me. This latest training (Train the Trainer in Orlando, Florida) was an intensive training. It was over a five day period with more or less 5 to 7 hours of sleep per night. It does explain the tired eyes and the flat hairstyle. However the smile and happiness are very strong!

Would it be OK with you if I told you a bit about me and what makes it that I teach and train what I do?
Because I was born highly sensitive, had the challenges and blessings of having been raised with deaf parent I’ve learned to tune into energy. I did take it to another level and now have international certifications in life coaching (mind-body-spirit) and money breatkthrough coaching.
I am blessed with my coaching and mentoring because I can capture information quickly in another way.

I did have very serious money problems for several years when my son was one year old. My parents, courageous people gave birth to 7 children with 10 years and I was the 3rd child. So this caused a bit of neglect.. at 5 years old I use to steal money from both my parents, sit in front of the house on the sidewalk and give money to people passing by to have some sort of attention.

As an adult I needed to come to terms with both love and money. Specifically I needed to stop the self-sacrifice in both my life and in my business I learned to stop giving it away to have success and come from my high value, passion and purpose to stand in my power, which I do now! If you are a giver here’s a hug for you. If you are an action taker high five to you!

The reward of living your passion, purpose and joy with a high self-value by standing in your power through efforts and actions, determination and faith does bring in some magic and expansion.

If you are in business and have losses I understand you. How would you like to earn a high 5 figure in one month?

I help my clients establish value for themselves, by helping them discover their true value, and also creating a new relationship with money. As this happens money starts coming in with more ease, and they get going in their business with a solid business foundation. You could say I’m a Prosperity Coach and it’s a bit more than that. I also work with creative entrepreneurs and coaches by helping them make money. If you want this click here...

If you want to learn to live more on purpose, value yourself more and have more clients or serve at the highest level and be paid good money doing what you love join my Soulful Community.

Listen to your heart, Yvonne

Prosperity Coaching

I hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing summer. I’ve been thinking of you that are in this Soulful Community and wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to because it might benefit you.

I have fine tuned my coaching practice and programs!
My mentor and coaches as well as clients that have been surveyed shared with me that all of my programs combined result in prosperity coaching – prosperity in life, love, work, relationships.. etc…

If you are interested in getting help in any of the following:

      • Grow and improve your business
      • Feel accomplished at the end of the day
      • Make money
      • Trust your inner knowing, have more confidence, and know what you want and need by establishing value for your sensitivity and what is important for you
      • Have more satisfaction
If you’re struggling with any of these, we should talk. I have some ideas and resources I think will help you. If you are ready for your next best step click to connect.. one step at a time everything is possible.
Click here and answer a few questions..

After my money breakthrough I signed on my highest….

Before my Money Breakthrough session with Yvonne, I felt like I was at a plateau with the amount of income I was generating in my business. During our session, Yvonne tapped into a deeply rooted belief that quickly helped me understand the root of my money issue. Ten hours later, I signed on my highest paying client ever! Yvonne is truly a miracle worker.

If you are looking to make more money, improve your life by getting to the root of the matter, I highly recommend Yvonne’s work. Give yourself the gift.

Leah Laprise May 6, 2016

Is 2016 YOUR year to UP LEVEL one aspect of Your Life or Business?

Kicking off the new year with excitment and sending you my best wishes for 2016! So many amazing opportunities and new projects are on the horizon this year. I want to let you in on what is coming up…

Firstly, I’ve taken a part of my VIP Services private coaching training and designed a core program. It’s what I’ve come to rely on for my own growth and business growth.  I will let you in on this new course and give you a few snipets in the coming weeks!

Secondly, I am excited to announce that I am offering 3 FREE Coaching Clarity Call spots open until Friday January 29th, 2016! 

For those of you that do not know me, or if are new to this Soulful Community I am an International Life Coach (mind – body – spirit) and International Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Project and Business Management, Author of Pure Intentions of my Heart: Edging Out Ego book and the Connect Formula, and followed by the OWN Oprah Winfrey Network due to my contributions to the Super Soul Community.


  • are tired and fed up of being caught up in frustration, procrastination and helplessness,
  • are done with feeling stuck in your sensitivity,
  • have had it with feeling overwhelmed, insecure or disconnected
Statistics reveal that being coached increases success by 60% and in business this is critical!
If it’s your time I am excited for you!  You can take advantage of this opportunity by answering a few questions so we can connect better when we talk.
Can’t wait to connect and help you get clarity so you can move forward through safety and joy and create more love and money in your life or business!
In this Soulful Business Community you will discover ways to stay in alignment Head – Heart – Money so you can keep expanding and growing in both your life and your business, and future business for those of you that dream of rendering your services in your own unique and special ways!

How To Define & Value Your Unique Brilliance And Create More Potential Income in 30 Days

I’m revealing a SECRET, also a part of the VIP Service I use that gets quick results and how it offers a natural way to thrive in your unique brilliance, yes! with high self-worth, unshakable confidence that points the way to create your wealth, a path to follow that works beautifully in my life. I am inviting you to sign up for my FREE Master Class.
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I’ll be the first one to admit that money does not fill up the heart and soul. Fulfilled connection needs do this. Connection ranks as the number one criteria for happiness. However discounting the value and happiness that money adds to your life does not serve you as a coach, business owner or an entrepreneur. Finding body/mind/spirit and money balance can really be frustrating, overwhelming and even discouraging at times.
However, when you have tapped into your unique gift and talents, defined your self-worth it, get the power of connectedness, and allow money to be the consequence, like I do, you will always have ways to make the money you want … always.
If you can value your genuine and unique brilliance, set a price to the value offered, so valuing your uniqueness and having a good emotional relationship with money you can then experience working with fun clients by trading money for value.
So how do you trade money for the value of your unique brilliance, your self-worth? This special training is for YOU if you want to know:

  • How to build trust and value with your offerings!
  • How to have more ways of creating money in a way that feels natural for you!
  • How to know that you are in the flow doing what you are naturally meant to do so you can enjoy more the richness of life!

> > > >Join me < < < <


Define & Value Your SELF-WORTH And Earn More Income In 30 Days

While we reach for what we want through the goals we set we also want to have fun and live with balance. Doing the work that you love and being well paid!

I am working on a webinar that you will enjoy. It will be live in several weeks and you will have all the details soon. It is about Self-Worth & Money!

How To Define & Value Your SELF-WORTH And Earn More Income In 30 Days
Set and reach your goals & thrive with high self-worth.

This is critical for coaches and entrepreneurs. Doing what you love and being paid abundantly so you feel good and your clients receive value!

I agree that money does not fill up the heart and soul. Fulfilled connection needs does this. Connection ranks as the number one criteria for happiness. However discounting the value and happiness that money adds to your life does not serve you as a coach or an entrepreneur.

Your self-worth is what needs to be valued and given attention to in order to make money and be at peace with yourself while you reach your goals.  If you are like me you are probably telling yourself, ”Yvonne, no one taught me how to value my self-worth. Actually don’t I need to know what my self-worth is so I can value it?”

My response to this is YES your unique self-worth needs to be defined. No one was taught how to do this. This is not learned in school. Neither is this discussed at the dinner table when we grow up.

This is why I am excited to share with you an efficient way that works well on how to define your uniqueness so you can then value this and earn good money from your unique ways of being of service. Your authentic marketing tool that naturally resonates with someone who is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Being of service is a lot of fun when it is effortless!

For the moment what I can offer you is a way to discover a few blocks that you might have regarding money. Improving your emotional relationship with money is ultra important. This will enable you to put a price to the service that you offer, creating income (or more income) from your self-worth.  You were born to thrive through your uniqueness and enjoy the richness of life. Start with this fun quiz by clicking here…


Secrets to Creating Money And Having Balance With Heart & Money

How do you value the value that money adds to your life?

Lately I have been working with amazing women, a coach and a creative entrepreneur who had a disconnection with money and this caused them to undervalue money. The problem of undervaluing money is related to money blocks. To be very specific is that their disconnect with money somehow made them believe that they do not need money to be happy. On the other hand deep down what they felt was stress, anxiety and difficult existential heartfelt feelings. They could have never busted some of these blocks without the help of an expert.

I agree that money does not fill up the heart and soul. Fulfilled connection needs does this. Connection ranks as the number one criteria for happiness. However discounting the value and happiness that money adds to your life does not serve you as a coach or an entrepreneur. Your self-worth is what needs to be valued and given attention to in order to make money and be at peace with yourself while you reach your goals.

Our soul is always seeking ways to purify itself so we can enjoy the richness that life offers us. Part of that richness is to be living through the richness of our self-worth, the natural abilities, gifts and talents that we were born with and have abundant amounts of money. In order to start valuing money for what it really is (the function of money is to add value to our life) your higher feelings need to be valued. So forget about tolerating feeling frustrated, anxious or living through procrastination because of fear or ego.

Valuing your self-worth is where you need to be in order to value money. Money is meant to add value to your life so if your blocks limit you from valuing yourself and your self-worth and this is your time to do something about this problem I would love to connect with you.

What you need to do is to click here… This will open up a page where you will answer a few simple questions, four questions to be exact. This will qualify you for a complimentary session with me. I look forward to connecting with you.