Your treasure is in your heart.

Your treasure is in your heart.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

When you live through an open heart you are ONE with the treasure of your heart. This is where you start to get real with yourself. It does not start in your head or your mind with a thought. It does not start through an emotion, and it does not start from something that is external. Getting real in your heart requires your attention. Your heart center is the middle ground of your life.

Mostly this asks you to cut the strings of the puppet that your ego pulls on you and redeem your heart and soul by being in service to the Highest Will of your soul. The other way around is to be at the mercy of your ego through the energy of feeling stuck, waiting or pulling on others to make your life work for you. It requires that you master the pattern of you ego however obvious or subtle it is.

It requires you to connect with your essential and deepest needs through an open heart. I am not referring to obvious needs. There is a difference between a vital need, an emotional need and an essential need. I will give you an example that will shed the light on this. For example everyone has fears. If we take it a little deeper everyone has deeper fears that can be afraid to lose control, afraid to go crazy if they lose it, afraid of not being loved, heard or seen, and perhaps a person is afraid of dying. Deep fears need to be discerned in order to feel free within.

It is the same thing for your deepest needs and wants. When you have the clarity of your deepest needs you are empowered to choose what is best for you. How can you feel fulfilled when you do not know what you want and need to really feel fulfilled with your life. It does require your attention. When you gain the clarity of your soulful essential needs you are in Harmony with Your Higher Self. This is where worthiness and the gifts of your wealth exist. Taking full ownership of your life by being the COE of your life is rewarding. You deserve to live your life exactly the way you want to live it. You can make it happen!