Sensitive, highly sensitive, hyper sensitive. We are all sensitive beings! How do you stay grounded and practical while you reach for your dream?
The one thing I tell myself is that I own my life, my dream, my soul. It goes back to that one difficult moment where I understood how my own emotional self-abandonment had caused me such pain. I surrendered with this prayer:
Dear Lord, my heart is open to you
My heart is open to your love
All that is divine, my heart is open to you
I surrender completely
My heart is open to love, peace, joy comfort abundance, passionate grace, beauty, true love.
My future is yours. Use my talents and led the way. I am grateful for your guidance.

This prayer was recited in 2003. It immersed me into a state of grace that lasted 2 months. I was guided to heal, end a marriage to then stay single for 7 years and keep healing and growing as a single mother.. today as a young man my son is very much connected with his heart through his manly ways! We are close – we have a lot of fun together through a supportive, loving and caring relationship. HE IS CONNECTED TO LOVE, HIS AND KNOW THE VALUE OF A GOOD MATCH FOR HIM
Anyways, as a single mom that’s the time when I wrote my 1st book PURE INTENTIONS OF MY HEART: EDGING OUT EGO, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart. I was inspired to write this 292 pages within 6 weeks.

I then was pushed within.. remember my prayer.? I was guided to leave my corporate profession of project management and business analysis to follow my purpose and passion. I took the risk of leaving a highly good paying profession to start my own business. Some people believed in me and others didn’t it! So it it! I got some high level coaching to set the foundation of my business. It was a steep investment of time, energy, money.

You need to honor your growth, you are guided, are you listening? Are you TAKING ACTION IN SPITE OF FEAR AND WORRY?

My next relationship lasted 6 years – I ended it because it was becoming a toxic one.. it taxed my energy and my money. It showed me where I needed to step up so I got group and private coaching specifically on love and relationships. I then stepped up in my life and at the same time my business and money upleved! YOU NEED TO HONOR YOUR GROWTH, You are guided, are you listening?

The in between of all of this is that since 2006 I have been helping people to heal and grow and have more confidence and self-belief through private coaching: mind, body, spirit life coaching, money breakthrough coaching, and business coaching.

My talent is to package up a person’s self-worth and unique brilliance, create their genuine signature package to be of service to others, and set a fee that reflects the value offered, charging their self-worth with comfort, and growing their business through strategies that help to serve their ideal clients, and make good money!

Because I was rasied with deaf parents, and also am intuitive and hyper sensitive, I capture information a different clients have quicker results. Bottom line? is it money -is it love? – is it business strategy?

My gift is MANIFESTATION. My mastery is CONNECTION. I was born into this life lesson and it transformed into mastery due to the fact that I was raised with deaf parents. I get it! I get the WORTHINESS that needs to be healed at a deeper level to allow yourself to receive with no end.

Here’s the cherry on the Sunday. After I ended what was becoming a toxic relationship the universe put on my path 3 diferrent men. They were tests and I passed the tests. I did need to roll up my sleeves for one test because it could have caused me some heartache. I did the inner work, although not too much and then wrote a declaration to attract my DIVINE LIFE PARTNER. This man flowed in 2 months after I wrote my declaration!

Are you following me so far? YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!
CONNECT TO YOUR LOVE TO MANIFEST YOUR HEARTFELT DESIRE is my next group coaching program that will be coming out soon. If you want more info on this, connect and reach out to me 🙂 .!

3 TIPS on Valuing Yourself and Feeling Good

3 TIPS on valuing yourself and feeling good

TIP #1:
 Examine your well-being. You deserve to do what renders justice to Your Love. Offering yourself rewards makes you feel that what you do is worth it. This touches your satisfaction at a deeper level. What can you offer yourself that will really make it feel worthy for you! For example I broke a necklace and it was sitting on the desk. I could not wear my heart pendant because I did not have a chain. 

I am not into jewellery that much – I spend on what is truly meaning for me and this diamond heart represents for me a sacred symbol, a vision I had when I incorporated my soulful business. When I incorporated my soulful business I did a meditation visualisation asking for a symbol that when I would see this symbol it would remind me of my commitment and soulful support.  What I saw behind my eyes was a heart with diamonds. I found an image of this symbol and pasted it on my vision board. Sure enough it manifested. When I reminded myself of the meaning of my symbol I set out to have the chain repaired.
TIP#2: The more that you allow yourself to value what you do when you render services or do something the more you will feel calmer. Yeah! This calm settles within you and increases your confidence. When you value what you do and it increases your vibration with a calm confidencethat others feel. When you value and recognize yourself it makes you feel empowered (When you accept that you will not please every person that crosses your path you will then allow yourself to define your intrinsic worth with high feelings and be uplifted from within.

TIP#3: When it comes to reviewing your personal or business finances of what you have already paid or what needs to be paid, instead of feeling anxious with your money story you can choose to look at the value that your spending has brought you. 

Here are 3 questions to reflect on:

  1. How has it been worth it for you?
  2. How have you invested in what is really worth it for you?
  3. How has it rewarded you?

Part 4 of 4 – Essential Needs of Your Soulful Essence

Part 4 of 4 – Essential Needs of Your Soulful Essence

If you are not capable of accepting your self with what you live you will judge your self as needy or will live with guilt. For example, if you cannot accept how you look you will not accept how another person looks. You will not see the beauty because you don’t see your own beauty. Love is seeing beauty.Loot at nature, it is just beautiful. You need to accept your self with unconditional love. You need to be important for your self. When this very fundamental need ‘importance’ is not fulfilled you reveal your intimacy without limits or boundaries. Or on the other hand you might withdraw into your self or perhaps isolate your self.

You need to be important for YOU!

Naturally you know who is important for you. We need to respect ourselves and respect others. We need humility. Humility gives us the gentleness and flexibility. It is the quest of the heart & soul that leads. It has its own rhythm. We need to connect with our Essence, to our divinity. It is the ultimate connection that leads us lovingly to connect together and share true love.

Only let endurance have perfect results so that you may become perfect and complete, deficient in nothing. James 1:4

P.S. Connect With Your Heart.

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Part 3 of 4 – Essential Need of your Heart & Soul

Part 3 of 4 – Essential Need of your Heart & Soul

If you allow your emotions to be the boss of you it will take over your psyche. Your physical body will react in some sort of discomforting way such as pain, tensions, a cold, a backache, a headache, or something else. If you take on too much I mean take on another person’ stuff on you will have back or shoulder problems. It somehow takes the physical body as a hostage. You follow and don’t have a choice. Doctors and mental health professionals would know something about this that’s for sure!

When you naturally follow your heart’s desire with clarity you know exactly what you need. When this connection happens life supports you because you are aligned with your Soulful Essence. Every one of us wants to reach this destination on our journey. Self-respect is gained over time through experiences. Be patient and glorify the victories because they add up. We are on this earth to learn love. Each and every one of us who walks on this planet is here for a lesson of love. Learn to love yourself and share love with someone else. There was never a school for this. We were left on our own for this one. Learn LOVE and to share LOVE.ESSENTIAL NEEDS STEM FROM OUR BEING, NOT FROM DOING OR HAVING.

P.S. Connect With Your Heart.

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Part 2 of 4 – The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

Part 2 of 4 

The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

As adults we strive to be emotionally and spiritually mature. We strive to align our mental attitude with our heart. We strive to connect our heart with our head. As adults we become mindful and connect our mind with our heart. The ego part with the child or teenage part will linger on until it has been lovingly and compassionately taken care of. When our emotions and our feelings flow through us, while at the same time capturing the negative thoughts, it enables a deep transformation in the psyche. As an adult it is our responsibility to discern our ego and to heal our heart through soulful love.

When the pain of ego is not healed it turns into a control issue. Controlling one self and controlling others, putting pressure on one self and putting pressure on others. It can also turn into a very strong emotional resistance. This pressure to control how we love and care for our self, or how we love and care for another person is very much intertwined between fear of the ego and love of the heart. The ego has developed and learned ways to have or get love and to feel safe. It did this to be protective. This is referred to as survival mechanisms of the ego. These survival patterns become dysfunctional relational patterns. The dysfunctional relational patterns give birth to emotional turmoil and emotional drama within relationships.

 When the child grows up, as an adult, the man or the woman wants to find someone to love. However over the years the ego has developed internal defensive controlling ways to protect the child from suffering. The energy of the child lives on within the adult. These defenses are filled with systems that are controlling. The controlling ways are both conscious and unconscious. Finding the right person to love will not give the adult the love he or she craves. The heart and soul craves love to heal. The way to feel the soulful love that is needed to heal is through one’s own Essence.

Connect with your Heart and know the soulful needs of your Essence. Heal your heart through love.

P.S. Connect With Your Heart.

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Part 1 of 4 – The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

Part 1 of 4

The Fear Of Love From The Ego Versus Pure Loving Intentions From The Heart

When fear is involved love is driven by the darkness of the soul. 

Babies and children need love to know they are loveable. A baby or a child does not need to do anything to be loved. It is natural to love. When a child has been loved the child knows that he or she is loveable. 

What damages this is to neglect or criticize a child, or make a child do what the parent or caretaker expect them to do to have the caring love of the parent. If the child was neglected the child unconsciously makes the decision that he or she is not loveable. This decision persists until the child becomes an adult. Discernment is gained through healing. Everyone regardless of their age needs to be loved, needs to be heard and know that they are loved just the way they are naturally. 

However, if a child has lived neglect or abandonment the painful feeling of hopeless or waiting to be cared for and loved is suppressed because for a child these painful feelings are too much to be with. This is how the ego develops. It is a defense to be protected from suffering. The heartbreaking feeling is buried because the ego’s job is to protect the child from painful feeling. The ego does serve its purpose because painful feelings of the heart are too much to be with for a child. 

When the child grows up the energy of the repressed emotions will be triggered in a negative way. The only way to release the negative energy is to be present by transforming the negative thought and belief that was made up by the ego. 

Being with the present moment is what people strive for. Gaining discernment through the moment present is very precious. Being present for the sake of being present is blissful. However, being present with the present moment when the ego is in full force is when many people turn their power to others by blaming others for their unhappiness. 

Being present in the present moment and gaining discernment of the negative thoughts while at the same time allowing the emotional energy to flow through is priceless. Taking it a step further is grace. When a person can observe his or her thought, while at the same time allowing the emotion to flow through, is a gain of 50%. The other 50% is gained when a person’s Soulful Essence is included in the healing process. This means to be present in your body, more specifically being present in the heart. 

Having gained the discernment enables people to know the truth of their heart. Releasing the pure feelings of the heart allows a person to go to the very root of the suffering. 

With time all the painful feelings flow through while joy and serenity takes its natural place in the heart. This amounts to freedom and grace. It is priceless. Taking action to get emotionally unstuck at times is simply the action of having compassion for one self. 

Many adults have an unconscious belief that if they are alone they will die. When neglect or abandonment is at the root cause of suffering it is normal and natural that it is related to the fear of death. However, through healing what dies is the negative part of the ego because the painful feelings are released and the negative beliefs are transformed. The ego’s job is transformed to be the will of the heart. The power of the Divine Intelligence naturally takes over. 

Connect with your Heart and know the soulful needs of your Essence. Heal your heart through love. 

P.S. Connect With Your Heart.

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