3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

Worry – What You Believe – Community (Moving Onward & Upward)

When a situation worries you essentially you have 2 choices to deal with this.
1. face the reality and take action that will diminish the anxiety caused by worry
2. get caught up in scenarios that makes you even more worried

Face Reality
You have been told that something will happen. It makes its way in your mind and in your heart. All is well and you feel good about what will happen.
You have been told that something will happen and right away it gets you very worried. Accepting what might happen is difficult.

FACTS: Get the facts. Talk to the right person that will tell you exactly what is. It can take you 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the situation or it can take you 4 hours of intensive research or telephone calls. Your focus is to get relief!
COMMUNITY: Eventually you get to the right person that has the answer that is based on facts. This person usually has dealt with this and can guide you or instruct you on what to do. Be empowered with the right people!
BELIEVE: With facts you are in a very good position to either take the action that you were instructed to take and go to the end of it. This puts a limit to worry. Do not under estimate the power of belief.What you believe disempowers or empowers you!
Panic or the wrong source of information will drain you of your precious energy and you will have lost your focus on the situation at hand. If you look to others that do not have factual information to guide or instruct you and you talk to people that have never lived a similar experience chances are very probable that you will double your worry.
Emotional drama will most likely be the outcome of your experience. The worry energy will turn to all sorts of supposition and what ifs that is not helpful. This will spin you around and around. You will loose your focus and you will feel drained out. You will want to control everything and everyone because your anxiety will make you feel that you do not have control.
When or if you get to this space within you have 2 choices. Give your power to the energy of fear and allow the energy of anxiety to control you or surrender the whole thing to a Higher Power and be energized through the energy of faith that you will have the perfect solution.

The victim consciousness does not see solutions to problems. The victim stays stuck and blames. Spiritual consciousness enables you to be faithful. The built up confidence of your previous victories, all your little wins of the past confirm that you have always found the solutions.

Always there is a solution! When you trust in a Higher Power you know that you are always protected and safe.

Be connected with reality – Be empowered by the people of your community. Take action to release your worry without taxing your own energy. Trust in YOU and trust in Life! Being on the shoulders of Your Highest Power guides you perfectly.

Be the CEO of Your Life – You can make it happen!

Money and You

Money and You

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Where are you in relationship with money?  Are you friends or do you ignore each other?  In other words, do you want money?  Do you want more money than you already have?  Do you have enough money?  On the surface, all these questions seem silly:  Who in the right mind doesn’t want more money? Read more

Insecurity Through *Feeling Disconnected*

What if you are living with immense anxiety and cannot feel connected to Spirit?

This is where many people struggle and they close their heart. Living with a closed heart is what many fearful people do. Living with a closed heart does not stop a person from functioning. A disconnected person will live through their ego. The outcome will be struggles. It is very difficult to live a relationship with a person that is not emotionally available and feel safe.  If you want to live with emotional security in your relationships you need to start listening to your heart. It is this that will empower you to respect the natural limits of your heart and set your limits with what does not make you feel good.  Taking your decisions from the Intelligence of your heart will enable you to trust yourself and feel more confident.

From Scared to Faith

From Scared to Faith

I want to focus on what is the opposite of scared. You will love this. In the letters S C A R E D is also the letters S A C R E D.

Feeling scared usually holds insecurity. It is not the same thing as a fear. Fear can be either the presence of real danger, or uncertainty. When you know your fears you can surpass the fear by allowing yourself to lean a little into certainty by feeling supported with a trusted person, by recalling your past victories, and also by leaning into Spirit for guidance. Your actions will empower you to overcome the fear.

Insecurity is a deep tension. It is a state. There is a good reason why you feel scared. If you ignore this or reject how you feel you are abandoning yourself.

When you take courage into your own hands with the intention of wanting to uncover what this is all about it reveals precious information. This insecure state is transformed with time and action. It does not happen over night.

In order to start transforming the scared to sacred you need to want to learn what is causing you to feel this way. The separateness of ego or deep heartache cannot be resolved through your thoughts and your emotions. It is precisely this that is causing you to feel scared. This can be resolved at a higher level with the intelligence of your heart, Spirit

From Insecurity to *Trust*

From Insecurity to *Trust*

Ways to change insecurity to trust:

  1. Allow your emotion with its judgment to be released to then be enabled to allow the feelings of your heart to  naturally flow. This will enable you to trust in what you feel. You will know why you feel the way you do.
  2. Merge with the intelligence of your heart for spiritual guidance to know what is the loving inspired action for you to take, the loving thoughts you should have, when to set the natural limits of your heart in a situation or with a person.
  3. Surrender the will of your ego for a Higher Will. This will give you your ultimate safety and will definitely put an end to struggles.

When you keep your heart open and listen to your heart it enables you to be real and transparent with yourself. Living through the intelligence of your heart guides you through theultimate security there is.

When you respect the natural limits of your heart by making feeling good your top priority this will lead you through high frequencies feeling high on life and unshakable.

When you listen to your heart the intelligence of your heart guides you in your decisions and actions.This naturally increases your trust and confidence.

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