Secrets to Creating Money And Having Balance With Heart & Money

How do you value the value that money adds to your life?

Lately I have been working with amazing women, a coach and a creative entrepreneur who had a disconnection with money and this caused them to undervalue money. The problem of undervaluing money is related to money blocks. To be very specific is that their disconnect with money somehow made them believe that they do not need money to be happy. On the other hand deep down what they felt was stress, anxiety and difficult existential heartfelt feelings. They could have never busted some of these blocks without the help of an expert.

I agree that money does not fill up the heart and soul. Fulfilled connection needs does this. Connection ranks as the number one criteria for happiness. However discounting the value and happiness that money adds to your life does not serve you as a coach or an entrepreneur. Your self-worth is what needs to be valued and given attention to in order to make money and be at peace with yourself while you reach your goals.

Our soul is always seeking ways to purify itself so we can enjoy the richness that life offers us. Part of that richness is to be living through the richness of our self-worth, the natural abilities, gifts and talents that we were born with and have abundant amounts of money. In order to start valuing money for what it really is (the function of money is to add value to our life) your higher feelings need to be valued. So forget about tolerating feeling frustrated, anxious or living through procrastination because of fear or ego.

Valuing your self-worth is where you need to be in order to value money. Money is meant to add value to your life so if your blocks limit you from valuing yourself and your self-worth and this is your time to do something about this problem I would love to connect with you.

What you need to do is to click here… This will open up a page where you will answer a few simple questions, four questions to be exact. This will qualify you for a complimentary session with me. I look forward to connecting with you.


Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year AND Position Yourself For Next Year

3 Ways To Make Money and Reach Your Financial Goals

  1. Defined Unique Self-Worth
  2. Valuing Yourself
  3. Capable of Comfortably Setting A Reasonable Price On The Value Offered


I know what it feels like to be a brand new entrepreneur and watch that money go out faster than what is coming in. I know the pain of this especially in the first years with all the start up costs.  I also know that when a person is impacted by illness or divorce or other existential events it adds up in both depressive energy and money does go out faster than what is coming in. I have lived these situations so I understand you.

I am offering a strategy session so if you are ready to connect with what is important to reach your goals or position yourself click here…

I also know that pain of creative entrepreneurs, coaches and holistic practitioners when they do not value how they connect with themselves.


I have met many creative entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, coaches… They all have one thing in common. Highly Sensitive! Many of them push and push and push through impatient energy of achieving results. They get tired. They have frustrations. They get little support because something within undervalues their needs. Their deeper insecurity is not resolved.


The result naturally is pushing to get things done, controlling a situation or a person, resisting deeper feelings that all stems from unresolved issues, fears or ego. Deeper insecurities are not attended to so internal comfort and material comfort is not valued. Their comfort zone however uncomfortable it is, is comfortable. The reason this is a problem is they do not see the value of investing in themselves. They don’t get that investing in themselves is the foundation for the growth of their business. They undervalue themselves or they are not making money an urgent problem.


No one undervalues themselves on purpose. No one undervalues money on purpose. Why? These are both related to safety issues. Every one wants to feel safe and secure.  Blocks are what is causing this problem. How can a person possibly give importance to something when somewhere along the way they were taught that their needs are not important, that they need to live through sacrifice, that they need to take care of everyone else first, that money is useless, that they cannot rely on others to get things done and it is not ok to ask for help, that they are not important…

You can turn this around and reach your goals. If you are ready to connect with what is important to achieve your goals click here…





Advice On How To Improve Your Emotional Relationship With Money And Allow Money To Add Value In Your Life.

Join me with Dr. Jo Anne White, Women’s Business Radio Talk Network  and the theme is Overcome money issues and money blocks for your success!

In this interview you will have advice on how to value your unique self-worth and allow money to add value to your life in a practical way that helps you to have more peace of mind.
How is your emotional relationship with money? Do you give it importance or do you neglect it? Perhaps you take it for granted like a whole lot of people and feel stressed.
If you are an entrepreneur did you at one point in your training need to say ”I Love My Numbers!”?  Are you attached to numbers, perhaps a little too much for your own comfort and piece of mind and the result is the only thing that you have in mind? I was caught up in this and it was impacting my energy. Ohhh yes this is a confession. I am as human and real as you. I got over this with one of my favourite coach. She helped me to see this in a different way.
There are many different situations with money that impacts each and every one of us and we all have a sensitive string.
There is a balance to be had with what you do, how you value what you do and why you do what you do AND value how money is an exchange that adds value to your life – your work why and your money why are both important pieces of the puzzle to live with deep satisfaction.  Money is a consequence of planning, actions and the energy of love.
After listening to the 30 minute interview, those of you that want to take it one step further I have an opportunity for you. A complimentary session will open the door to start valuing what is worthy so you can improve your emotional relationship with money through a high self-worth which will allow you to feel more in control of your life and your money. For those of you that are not used to investing in yourself I understand that this is a big decision. For those of you that are used to investing in yourself this is perhaps your next step and you simply know it in your heart of hearts. Apply Now For Your Breakthrough!


How To Value Yourself To Achieve Inner Peace

Valuing yourself, your life, your wants, needs and desires is not something that was taught in school. Even in the most perfect and functional families this is not taught as a formal lesson unless there is a lot of pain involved. If this was part of our family heritage we would all be exactly where we want to be and we would all have exactly what we want to have in no time at all!

On the one hand there is a push from within, a gentle push of your heart and soul that guides you, and on the other hand there is the resistance and control, an internal pressure that feels tense. For those of you that are more sensitive you feel this more intensively. I understand you!

I grew up with deaf parents so in my mind their needs were more important than my needs. I had the same thought pattern for my son and husband until I learned to put the oxygen mask on myself first! Perhaps your situations regarding the needs of your family (children, spouse etc…) are more important and your needs are left aside or for another day…

I learned how to value myself and be assertive out of self-respect and respect for others and value another person’s needs through balance without losing myself so it is never too late for anything regardless if you are 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 years old. Who you are follows you everywhere at home, at work and at play. So the foundation of your growth is also reflected in your family, work and in your business for those of you are in business. This does have a positive or negative impact on your money.

If you want to achieve inner peace in your life, feel more love, be happier, do the work that you love, ask for a raise or raise the prices of your services, have more comfort, be a good role model for your children you need to start by valuing yourself and your needs. This is the start to achieving a high self-worth. Self-Love! You need to decide that you will bust the insecurity that causes your resistance.

So having a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power, being in agreement with your decisions, choices and values and connect with yourself is what will help you.

You can have what you want and feel in control. I have walked that path from feeling insecure and not valuing myself to living a soulful assertive lifestyle and connecting to happiness and success. You can live with inner peace – peace of mind and heartfelt serenity. Knowing how to fulfill the right needs to give you a deeper satisfaction. There is no need to struggle through your changes. There are solutions and steps that I have created to help you.

Do you want help with Achieving more inner peace? You can book your complimentary session with me by clicking here…

Calling Your Attention

Connecting to Success

Are you allowing yourself to live with more comfort in your life? That is how I define success.
I have discovered that Connection leads to Trust. Trust leads to feeling safe. Feeling safe leads to feeling comfortable. We all want comfort when we connect with another person and we all want material comfort.
Comfort is the underground of Connection and Connection is the number one criteria for Happiness.

Today, I am writing to speak with you and ask you to please be on the lookout for friends or colleagues that:

  1. want to be happier with their life, increase their wellness and energy
  2. get over a depression or depressed state that impacts their work or business, and their romantic relationship (lack of), family and friends,
  3. perhaps they have a dream and want to take action but do not really know how to take inspired action
  4. want to improve their money habits and have a better emotional relationship with money,
  5. or, they could be in transition – perhaps at the start up of their business and feel overwhelmed by not knowing what to focus on to have results. Perhaps they undercharge and undervalue their service because their self-worth is not defined challenging them to sell their service or their self-esteem is low.

We all yearn to feel connected and to trust more which spells out into feeling safe and being more comfortable with life.

My specialty is helping highly sensitive, business women and entrepreneurs to be connected and in alignment Head-Heart-Money while managing their energy (feelings and mindsets) bringing balance to their life. The bottom line is being happier and having more success in both their personal life and or their professional affairs/business.

I also have published on July 8th, my book Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart. I have discovered what opens the heart and what makes a person shut down. I have mastered connection and alignment which spell out into internal freedom.

Will you let them know about me and vice versa? I’d love to chat with them to see if I could help. They can also call me directly with questions at 514.664.1186, visit my website at www.YvonneStLouis.com or e-mail me at connect@yvonnestlouis.com.

If I am not the right Coach, I have many colleagues who may be better suited and I will be happy to refer them. I´m grateful for your help and if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I would be happy to do so. Please feel free to give me your feedback, by phone or email.

Graciously, Yvonne

Connect To Happiness & Success

This is Your Life and Your Dream! You are invited to Connect To Happiness & Success!

Imagine that you are sitting in this chair. I am in the audience in the front row with all the people that are important for you. Why am I there?I BELIEVE IN YOU! Start telling me and the people that are important for you your vision of how you want your personal life to be and how you want your professional and business life to be.
Pain or a vision makes people move forward. 

Many times it is a mix of both, pain and vision. It is precisely this that worked for me.

You have the intelligence of your mind, heart, soul and the strength of your spirit to position you in YOUR life!  It starts with staying open. Listen to the video and you will find out more….

3 Proven Ways Of Staying Connected And Feeling Good Thriving With Your Soulful Vision

3 Proven Ways Of Staying Connected And Feeling Good Thriving With Your Soulful Vision

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

3 Proven Ways of staying connected and feeling good thriving with your soulful vision

  1. Merging with your Higher Self or Your Trusted Source in every aspect of your life helps in the following ways. Stay connected to the Sacred.
  2. Knowing the motivation behind your intentions – why am I doing what I do and what is my interest?  
  3. Knowing if you are pulling on others for attention or when others are pulling on you for attention? What can you not give yourself through your Shine?  

Focussing on your feelings and keeping your heart open thriving in high frequencies helps you to be real with yourself. It gives you discernment of the dysfunctional ways of your ego and keeps your intentions pure. This results in being real with your self, transparent and authentic in your relationships. Being real and being authentic are not the same. Being real is about you and being authentic concerns relating with another person.  

When you apply these basic rules it enables you to live your life in a lighthearted and fulfilled way.  

Essentially it enables you to merge with the Wholeness and Worthiness of YOUR SHINE keeping your intentions pure to easily share, give and receive with joy, excitement and certainty making you feel fantastic!  

It simply amazes you on the natural ways that the universe manifests what you want and desire in your life without struggle. 


Keep your focus on one thing and only one thing: How You Connect to feel good with what you want Gain clarity of how you connect or disconnect with what is significant and meaningful for you here… 

Stay connected with how you feel and what you are living.

Increase your **inner strength** with this ….

Increase your **inner strength** with this ….

Ever wonder why it looks so easy for some people and so hard for others?  

We are all born under the same star. Striving with core essential needs versus emotional needs of the ego is the difference between easy and struggle.

The information behind what you want and need is precious information.  You have got to be important for you to consider what you need, want and desire.  

Understanding the why reveals if the need is a fundamental human need, an emotional need of your ego that closes the heart, or an essential need of your heart that keeps your heart open. You can choose to have an ego best that will drive everyone around you crazy including yourself or choose to have a soulful best that will empower you.

Knowing your intention tells you if the ego has its hidden agenda that will eventually sabotages you through emotional resistance or frustration.

The big difference of why it is easy for some and harder for others is connecting and keeping your heart open or disconnecting and closing your heart. You increase your inner strength by keeping your heart open regardless of what you live. This empowers you to be uplifted through the strength of grace.

Creating your vision with the pure intentions of your heart is guaranteed to fulfill you in a meaningful way.
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3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

3 Ingredients To Stop Stress & Worry In Its Tracks

Worry – What You Believe – Community (Moving Onward & Upward)

When a situation worries you essentially you have 2 choices to deal with this.
1. face the reality and take action that will diminish the anxiety caused by worry
2. get caught up in scenarios that makes you even more worried

Face Reality
You have been told that something will happen. It makes its way in your mind and in your heart. All is well and you feel good about what will happen.
You have been told that something will happen and right away it gets you very worried. Accepting what might happen is difficult.

FACTS: Get the facts. Talk to the right person that will tell you exactly what is. It can take you 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the situation or it can take you 4 hours of intensive research or telephone calls. Your focus is to get relief!
COMMUNITY: Eventually you get to the right person that has the answer that is based on facts. This person usually has dealt with this and can guide you or instruct you on what to do. Be empowered with the right people!
BELIEVE: With facts you are in a very good position to either take the action that you were instructed to take and go to the end of it. This puts a limit to worry. Do not under estimate the power of belief.What you believe disempowers or empowers you!
Panic or the wrong source of information will drain you of your precious energy and you will have lost your focus on the situation at hand. If you look to others that do not have factual information to guide or instruct you and you talk to people that have never lived a similar experience chances are very probable that you will double your worry.
Emotional drama will most likely be the outcome of your experience. The worry energy will turn to all sorts of supposition and what ifs that is not helpful. This will spin you around and around. You will loose your focus and you will feel drained out. You will want to control everything and everyone because your anxiety will make you feel that you do not have control.
When or if you get to this space within you have 2 choices. Give your power to the energy of fear and allow the energy of anxiety to control you or surrender the whole thing to a Higher Power and be energized through the energy of faith that you will have the perfect solution.

The victim consciousness does not see solutions to problems. The victim stays stuck and blames. Spiritual consciousness enables you to be faithful. The built up confidence of your previous victories, all your little wins of the past confirm that you have always found the solutions.

Always there is a solution! When you trust in a Higher Power you know that you are always protected and safe.

Be connected with reality – Be empowered by the people of your community. Take action to release your worry without taxing your own energy. Trust in YOU and trust in Life! Being on the shoulders of Your Highest Power guides you perfectly.

Be the CEO of Your Life – You can make it happen!

Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor.

Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor.

Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness in your life or in your business and why Google or YouTube is not a healer, coach or mentor.

Very often we unconsciously fear reaching out for support for various reasons. I the first one feared this because I did not know any better. As many of you know I was raised with deaf parents and their needs were more important than my own needs (so I though). I learned to get out of my own way for my healing and growth.

Google or YouTube are great to give a little boost that lasts, well… not very long because these do not have the power to offer a deep transformation through trust and connection. It is a machine and not one can talk to a machine to feel heard, seen and validated. Did you know that the very core of worthiness is exactly that!

How many people do you know that live through loneliness or emptiness and do not know how to reach out for support? Perhaps you relate to this. I sure did when I didn’t make feeling good my top priority and felt disconnected.

Why having support is important and not an option?
1. Self-trust increases
2. Self-confidence increases
3. Self-worth (self-love) increases
If you relate to this and want to talk with someone that understands what you are going through reach out to me. Being on track with what really is meaningful for you at a deeper level is rewarding so
reach out to me by clicking here...

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