Claim Your Value and Earn Money Doing What You Love

Not knowing how to claim your value and gift of love will keep you settling and stuggling. It will keep you in a sort of a camouflaged misery, victim mode or stuck in your story. You are worthy of wayyyy more than stuckness or hardship! You are bigger than this. That desperate and urgency feeling that you have inside is there for a very good reason and your attention to this is critical. If you don’t give this loving and caring attention it will not give you what you want to have, the happiness, money and freedom you want.

This will result in more disconnects, conflicts, increased debt, anxiety will rise and you will look for quick solutions that do not give you what you need deep down inside. Perhaps you have heard this saying ”give a person what they want, and then give them what they need”. So go for what you want, then get what you need so you can uplevel to what you want. Be good for yourself by accepting where you are now. Step by step everything is possible!

I want to share with you quotes from a little book that I enjoyed reading.. my take on this is in purple.

Breaking the Time Barrier, How to Unlock Your True EarningPotential.. – a potent little book.

Many people don’t have the humility to ask for help, and it’s really the first step in your personal growth…personal growth that will lead to business growth.” takes courage, you need to overcome I won’t and I can’t.


” Moving to value-based pricing isn’t something you can wave a magic wand on. You have to earn and develop your way into it.” does involve busting money blocks..  fine tuning your emotional relationship with your yourself.. how you perceive value and worth.. it does touch your life story.

I believe that a thriving life or successful business does lead to setting bigger money goals so you can live the lifestyle you dream of. Absolutely! I also believe that making it happen with increments is just about the only way to bust blocks as you keep progressings, moving forward on your journey with a vision that makes you happy by living your dream and being on purpose! At times we need another person to believe in us so we can believe in ouselves even more! I speak from personal experience.

If you want to to have tips and resources to earn good money doing what you love click here to answer a few questions and we will connect.

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