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Take money to garnish your spirit and your spirit will garnish your wallet! Taking Care of yourself like no one else can!

“Soulful & Assertiveness Lifestyle™” Kick Start Your Soulful Assertive Lifestyle with a VIP Service tendering to your heart to feel better quickly.

Feel good with the flow of your life! Trust it. Feel satisfied with your accomplishments at the end of the day?

Feeling good about yourself – having success but you feel weighed down, stuck in survival (tired), or cannot find the way to eliminate your blocks that limit you from living with emotional and financial safety when thriving is what you really want?

parrot-feathers1Imagine feeling in harmony AND aligned ~ emotional ~ spiritual ~ financial ~ living your life WHOLEHEARTEDLY through your natural leadership with what has meaning for you. HONOURING YOUR UNIQUE CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION, your brilliance and living with the positive consequence of Increased Self-Value & Financial Wealth!

When you are feeling connected with soulful love –> CONNECT with loving & caring attention: feel comfort with Your Self, in your relationships (spouse, child, friends, clients, business partners…), feel good about your money situation, feeling worthy and deserving of love, attention and money. – Imagine waking up and making feeling good your top priority throughout your day. . . and you will!

Here is Your Opportunity, to help YOU increase your connectedness, self-value, self-worth (your esteem) and net-worth (financial wealth), resolving issues so you can keep progressing at a rhythm that gives you the outcomes you want...

Here are a few points that we will cover:

    • 480829564_7repN-SHow you connect with your heart.
    • How you connect with your money.
    • How good you are at getting your needs met.
    • How you are valuing yourself, your dream and what you do.
    • How this ripples into your business or your profession.
    • How good you are at keeping your heart open regardless of your past, challenges or difficulties.
    • How you have resolved the need for approval and not being affected by what others think of you, how you set your limits and boundaries.
    • How you have defined your unique self-worth at a psychological and spiritual level and own your inner worth.
    • How responsible you are for your life and your soul, resolving that gets in the way of your personal growth or entrepreneurial journey.
    • How is your relationship with money, an innocent piece of paper that triggers emotional states through blocks that need to be removed so you can create your financial wealth in a way that feels good.

A coaching and mentorship that focuses on turning around what makes you disconnect and not feel confident. You are in for a powerful transformation.

UntitledThe solution to this disconnection, low self-value or worth, or insecurity problem, of course, is to fulfil your essential needs, but how?  THE ART OF LIFE SIMPLIFICATION – A SYSTEM TO HAVE MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT AND GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE! My clients expect tangible outcomes. And my system offers them very tangible results by solving their issues with self-value.

1. Own your value (expertise, abilities, gifts, talents, creation). Know and feel your value to be on purpose and make good money. Be and Feel At Your Place! Creating your signature program will give wings to your coaching practice and will help you to have a rinse and repeat system.

  • Believe in yourself with enthusiasm and satisfaction in business
  • Develop a solid foundation and business principles that work.
  • Have a plan, take action and be confident.
  • Connect to and listen to your ideal clients, and develop long term relationships.

2. Overcome doubts, worries and the lack of belief in yourself so you can master your growth and feel worthy with a deep knowing that you deserve what you want.

  • Trust your inner knowing, have more confidence, and know what you want and need by allowing your intuition, sensitivity and what is important work for you; so you can live with a deep satisfaction.
  • Free yourself from the past! Get beneath the surface of what’s holding you back.
  • Have life tools to manage your energy every day so you don’t feel stuck.

3. Attract and make more money by making money your friend and improving your mindset with money and have enough money to do what you want.

  • Positive money mindset
  • Surpass what is unconsciously holding you back and take back control, feel more in control of your money.
  • Align your life values with your money and know your money why and vision so you can enjoy the lifestyle that you want to live.
  • Value your expertise, gifts, talents, creativity and know how to set a price to these.

4. Have clarity with your vision (purpose, business, money, personal relationships) so you can achieve what you want and progress by saving time.

  • Live with emotional wellbeing – go to the heart of things quickly to know how to transform a resistance into an inspired action!
  • Keep progressing with determination, loving and positive energy.
  • Have a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power… with presence, awareness, consciousness while valuing your entrepreneurial path and growth, be in agreement with your decisions, choices and values : (tangible and non-tangible)

5. Optimise your environment and be more relaxed and calm by living a life of meaning.

  • Thrive on your journey creating the lifestyle you want and feel calmer, less anxious, so feeling more relaxed.

If you want to make concrete and real changes in your life, taking your future seriously you need to take action in a concrete way and be responsible. In business the success factor is investing in human resources which include personal self-growth.   If you are a coach – solopreneur your self-growth is critical – it is the one of the most important factor that will contribute the success of your business.

To find out more about how a Soulful Assertiveness Lifestyle™ could be like for you:

If you are struggling to move forward, don’t be scared – you have nothing to win or lose at this point because we have not yet connected so make sure to be in check with your objections – I can help you with these so you can at least take one more step to pull you forward.

Here are common ways that unconsciously sabotage brilliant women and men and it does not have to be this way:

Common Ways of Self-Sabbotage

    1. Not trusting or believing. Uncertainty is clouding abilities and capabilities (unconscious fear = I will lose control). Control is resistance. The bottom line is insecurity.
    2. The timing is not good. The bottom line is undefined priorities and not being clear on what you want. You must want what you want like the air that you breathe.
    3. I am afraid of the change, I don’t like change, a change destabilizes me. I have been doing it my way now for many years. This touches confidence. The bottom line is psychological confidence I am capable – Spiritual confidence is I can resolve my pain. Believing is staying open to learn and trusting that something in you knows.
    4. I cannot afford it. When you value yourself and what you want and do the investment is always worth it for you. You find a way to make it happen. Money is an exchange of value. Its usage is to help you to increase in self-love or to create material comfort. The bottom line is that you either have a good relationship with this innocent piece of paper or your money history and money blocks are limiting you.
    5. I am used to figuring it out alone. Spirit it always guiding and protecting you whether you realize it or not. The universe always puts the right person on your path at the right time. You are worthy of being guided in every experience that you live. The bottom line is learning to lean into your powerful inner guidance for your highest good.
    6. I need to consult with my spouse or partner. Being responsible with your decision when it impacts another person reflects positive values. Bottom line consideration in fulfilling your human fundamental need of importance by valuing your needs out of self-respect and respect for others.
    7. Not understanding the benefits of how this will uplift you with what you need, want and desire. Having more information such as the results that others have had with similar experiences gives reassurance.

The bottom line to take the time to read testimonials and seeing how it resonates with you. You have the final word on your decision.

Money Breakthrough and how I signed on…

Before my Money Breakthrough session with Yvonne, I felt like I was at a plateau with the amount of income I was generating in my business. During our session, Yvonne tapped into a deeply rooted belief that quickly helped me understand the root of my money issue. Ten hours later, I signed on my highest

Leah Laprise May 6, 2016

You are bigger than your fear. I BELIEVE IN YOU! If you are ready to add more value to yourself, your personal growth, a lifestyle that is soulful, mindful and assertive, heart and soul that will increase your esteem, essentially your self-love and self-confidence, creating more financial security for yourself, receive a serious helping hand that will add value to your life give yourself this graceful gift.
Do not under estimate the strength and transformational power of grace.
If you are an entrepreneur, a busy business woman, coach or healer this will not only help you in your life, it will equally help you in your business and your practice.

I invite you to spend 30 – 45 minutes in a private consultation with me where you have all of my attention.


The intention: having more clarity on what is needed to reach your goals and make your dream come true and a reality in your everyday life. Or if there are obstacles, looking at what must change to make space for your dream.