Connect With Your Prosperity is a 6 Week Group Program Of Transformation that will help you to thrive in your life, have more happiness and success, do what you love and make good money! 

Connect With Prosperity 6 Week Group Program is what helps clients the most and is part of the yearly private program Purposeful & Assertive Lifestyle Private Coaching ”Live, Love and Work on Purpose so you can thrive in your life, do what you love and make good money!”

Over these 6 weeks I will be guiding you step by step through the processes that helped me to overcome the struggles in my own life! My life imprint impacted both my personal life and my money – these two were mixep up and made me struggle! Thank God it’s healed. I will tell you more about my story as you scroll down this page.

The results Private VIP Clients have are powerful so I needed to make my program accessible to more people, through a group. Yes there is a way to work in private with me through a group program also. I know that you want to have quicker results!

When I was transitioning people who kept promoting their ”get it done overnight or on the fly and make a zillion amount of money” which really made me feel that I could never get it together fast enough and had to spend a zillion dollars.. and the other thing is I unconsciously had an emotional debt that made me feel like I had to give just about everything away. Keeping this goodness, love and money for myself was what made me struggle. Not good for business and profit! Today living – loving – working on purpose is the result of what I experience and profit is valued.

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As I’ve been creating prosperity in my own life and business, I have been sharing the wisdom I have learned… the bottom line is both heart expansion and action. Yeah.!! love fulfills you and money wants more happiness for you. This brings in more fun, and money is fun to hold on to, spend it, save it or invest it.

I’ve unlocked the door, it’s open! You can now access the20161114_091245 CONNECT TO YOUR PROSPERITY 6 WEEK GROUP PROGRAM and receive prosperity coaching. Private coaching and mentoring is ALSO available for those who enjoy VIP Services – having more attention and going deeper. It is limited to 8 people.

GAINING WAYS TO Harness your unique brilliance and do it your happy2way.. all the way to offering very specific results that your your ideal clients want and just love you for this!
Using the shortest most effective path to positioning yourself in your expertise or fine tuning your offer that reflects your inner genius.

All you need is self-worth – worthiness, and just use your value and excitment to spread this passion so you can enroll your soulful clients and have the best of both worlds, online and in person making good money doing what you love. Getting into life imprint & mindsets is worth it all the way to the bank.


Just moving through this system, keeping the FOCUS on your purposeful actions that GET results helping you be happier and making abundant amounts of money..



Imagine having more satisfaction and making great money doing what you love without the stress of feeling out of time or out of sync, or like something’s missing!

My private clients are thriving, growing, and loving their lives… And this is what I want for you as well. Read my testimonials below so you can get a sense of what is possible for you too!

  • Are you serious about wanting to come into alignment with your true passion and purpose in your business and life?
  • Do you desire to do what you are meant to do and finally silence that voice of doubt in your head once and for all?
  • Do you want to put your business together through a very clear, simple and efficient process…no more wondering if you’re doing it right?
  • Would you love to earn the money that you know you are worthy of earning? Do you want to stop giving away your services and confidently charge higher prices?
  • How would your life be different if you could effortlessly attract new clients?

Before meeting Yvonne, I felt like I was not achieving the simple goals I wanted to attain as an entrepreneur. leah
Within the very first session, I understood that my issues of self-worth were deeply affecting my level of confidence to move forward in both my personal and professional life.
The experience was so empowering, it helped me move leaps and bounds with my rebranding and attracting new clients in my coaching practice.

Working with Yvonne is like unwrapping a very precious gift that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life! Before my Money Breakthrough session with Yvonne, I felt like I was at a plateau with the amount of income I was generating in my business. During our session, Yvonne tapped into a deeply rooted belief that quickly helped me understand the root of my money issue. Ten hours later, I signed on my highest paying client ever! Yvonne is truly a miracle worker.

If you are looking to make more money, improve your life by getting to the root of the matter, I highly recommend Yvonne’s work. Give yourself the gift.


I am more empowered, trusting from the inside. My trust has increased from a 5 up to a 9 – 10. I know that I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH. I deserve more in every single aspect of my life. I am able to keep living my heartfelt desire and dream and stay teamed up with my Connected Source. We will make it happen with ease & grace.

Yvonne taught me a practical and structured way to resolve emotions and feelings in the midst of feeling them while feeling connected at the same time.
I will definitely keep working with Yvonne – she is now part of my supported team and someone that I can count on whenever I will need her help. I can only say Thanks Yvonne, soooo much!!!  You gave me something wonderful and priceless.

Let’s start by starting. If NOW is not the right time when is now the right time? Now you live in your heart. Yesterday or tomorrow you live in your head. Now YOU are the CEO of life. You are also the CEO of your business or you are wanting to transition into this.. I know it’s a crazy idea.. and it does give you more freedom and opportunities.

With my clients the first thing we get into is Purpose and Vision to make sure that you are putting your focus on goals that give you that soulful and deeper satisfaction, happiness and money.

  • I work with leaders, high achievers, high end coaches, entrepreneurs, (and also coaches and entrepreneurs in the making or in transition) and support them in the removal of their blocks; this helps them make more money and get deep satisfaction from life and work.
  • Most of my client are highly sensitive. They are either born this way, or have acquired their sensitivity throughout their life experiences.
  • I help my clients establish value for themselves, as this happens, money starts coming in with more ease, and they get going in their life or their business with less obstacles…




1. The Importance of Owning Your Value (expertise, abilities, gifts, talents, creation). Know and feel your value to be on purpose and make good money. Be and Feel At Your Place! Creating your signature program will give wings to your coaching practice and will help you to have a rinse and repeat system.

  • Believe in yourself with enthusiasm and satisfaction in business
  • Develop a solid foundation and business principles that work.
  • Have a plan, take action and be confident.
  • Connect to and listen to your ideal clients, and develop long term relationships.

2. Overcome doubts, worries and the lack of belief in yourself so you can master your growth and feel worthy with a deep knowing that you deserve what you want.

  • Trust your inner knowing, have more confidence, and know what you want and need by allowing your intuition, sensitivity and what is important work for you; so you can live with a deep satisfaction.
  • Free yourself from the past! Get beneath the surface of what’s holding you back.
  • Have life tools to manage your energy every day so you don’t feel stuck.

3. Attract and make more money by making money your friend and improving your mindset with money and have enough money to do what you want.MBM-logo

  • Positive money mindset
  • Surpass what is unconsciously holding you back and take back control, feel more in control of your money.
  • Align your life values with your money and know your money why and vision so you can enjoy the lifestyle that you want to live.
  • Value your expertise, gifts, talents, creativity and know how to set a price to these.

4. Have clarity with your vision to manifest consciously and purposefully (purpose, business, money, personal relationships) so you can achieve what you want and progress by saving time.

  • Live with emotional wellbeing – go to the heart of things quickly to know how to transform a resistance into an inspired action!
  • Keep progressing with focus, determination, loving and positive energy as you call in what you want.
  • Have a strategy to be action oriented in your authentic power… with presence, awareness, consciousness while valuing your deeper healing, entrepreneurial path and growth, be in agreement with your decisions, choices and values : (tangible and non-tangible)

5. Optimise your environment and be more relaxed and calm by living a life of meaning and connecting with your soulful clients or potential ideal clients in an ongoing way.

  • Uplevel your life and your business to the next level. Before you move another inch and take that next best step let’s go over the results, the specific results you would enjoy so you can thrive on your journey, have fun creating the lifestyle you want.. so feeling calmer and yet excited, less anxious and more relaxed.

Connect With Prosperity 6 Week Group Program is what helps clients the most and is part of the yearly private program Purposeful & Assertive Lifestyle Private Coaching ”Live, Love and Work on Purpose so you can thrive in your life, do what you love and make good money!”

Here’s a bit more of my story and what you started to read at the very top of this page. Because I was born highly sensitive, had the challenges and blessings of having been raised with deaf parents I’ve learned to tune into energy, really LASER in and work in a way that helps you to stay open. Essentially I help you get results faster.

This means that when you feel confusion, lack of confidence, or not feeling good enough or even enough and not deserving or worthy of.. I know EXACTLY what needs to be done to move you through that issue so you can see clearly, create new opportunities, make big changes, serve the right clients and have money… And do it easily.

How does that sound?

I am blessed with these gifts, specifically my gift of manifestation – I was born to be a coach for highly sensitive people like yourself because I am sensitive myself, got great stuff from growing up with deaf parents such as capturing information at an extremely high rate.

I feel with my heart and soul how many people on this Earth would benefit from this beautiful tool and techniques, and more sacred love that I am teaching. And I see what happens for my clients who turn up and do the work – sometimes it leaves me speechless…

So if you are fed up struggling, if you want to connect with the clarity that will drive your business forward and attract soul mate clients who love to pay you well and frequently then you NEED to be in this program, and we need to know each other now.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to say yes to your new life…

Then please sign up below and join us in this profound and amazing journey of transformation and long lasting prosperity.

Click this button below to join us now, or keep reading for gains and more information about what you will get.

WHAT YOU GAIN AND WALK AWAY WITH.. several transformations clients have experienced as results:

  1. Owning your self worth and seeing yourself as the amazing person that your are
  2. Unconditional support with love, never giving up regardless of obstacles
  3. Having more possibilities and knowing that more is accessible
  4. Enrolling high end clients
  5. Making money
  6. Opening your heart and accepting your natural state of vulnerability
  7. Getting to the heart of things quickly and being guided in a way that is painless – It’s the feeling of having lived a transformation without realising it, it is natural!
  8. Having the middle ground between psychology and being practical
  9. Clearing out block and having a soft place to land to reach professional goals
  10. Having satisfaction
  11. Feeling accomplished and knowing how I belong
  12. Getting beneath the surface of what’s holding you back
  13. Freedom, be valued, be yourself through safety and security, etc…


yvonne1. I will guide, coach and mentor you through the 5 specific aspects. 

2. Masterclasses are for 6 weeks. You will have healing, accountability and your vision will be aligned with your purpose so you can manifest and keep your focus on actions linked with your goals to help you grow and uplevel in your LIFE and BUSINESS.

3. Group Calls, duration 60 to 90 minutes. Calls are recorded if you cannot make it. It’s best that you are on the call.