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Value driven masterclasses that leaves people wanting to know all the details !!

Soulful expression leading to clients leading to business growth leading to more money leading to living-loving-working on purpose !! Faithful to your soul calling.

The impact of following the little voice within, a soul nudge, the same recurring thought and feeling! “That’s it. I’ve had many vacations in the Caribbean and now it’s time to move there. I will be shown”! 

I was shown to BE ONE WITH the ocean. From that moment it started to unfold quickly. Life orchestrated the whole thing.

My job was to connect within at a deeper level to receive my instructions, honor my VISION and INTUITION and keep my sacred FOCUS to accomplish this HIGH LEVEL MANIFESTATION.

I was shown exactly where to live, which country in the Caribbean.

I moved from Canada to the Caribbean within no time at all. One year from the decision time, and then ten months later I was moved. I did the country move with ease, support and courage. More GROWTH, EXPANSION & PROSPERITY unfolded in more ways than one.

I simply do what I know best, staying faithful to my INNER CALLINGS and TRUSTING that I will be shown.


BEING ACTIVATED at a soul level brings in deeper satisfaction.

I know it does the same for you !!

Focusing on your intentions through alignment and what you want to accomplish!  I am exciting to be offering a class on Alignment With Your Intentions. Here’s what you will walk away with:

1. Getting clear on what is pure intentions, expectations, deceptions, and your authentic needs so you can stay faithful to your vision and inner callings with your soul vibes (very little ego or struggle).  

2.Exploring your intention with money, how you connect with money and building wealth consciousness. Money is one of the most important relationships we have with life. It’s always there!   

3. Uncovering more ways to own your value and worth with the intention of contributing your gift in  purposeful ways.


A deeper dive into ALIGNMENT of your intentions with your SOUL CALLING.  Letting go of what is holding your back, causing limitations or restrictions so you can take INSPIRED ACTION for yourself. ***


This is a hands on masterclass so bring a pen and paper to take notes.


Working on a goal with specific tasks is what we all do when goals are  priorities. Time well spent on achievements of goals: life, soul, business, money, relationship, health..etc… a goal is a goal, right?

I learned throughout time to take it one, even two steps further.

I will show you.

Behavioral habits makes up a success program – In simple terms there’s no negotiating on something that just needs to be done. It is automated. (meaning there’s no thinking about it so the I just do it is motto)

And then the focus is on no more than 3 priorities.

Everything else goes to priority number 4 that is a document called distractions that  eventually is looked at to know what the distraction is.

That is how I was able to manifest in alignment the country move from Canada to the Caribbean within the space of 10 months.

Even though this was a major change and soul gain my ego mind wanted to bring me down the rabbit hole to look at negativity and loss and on and on…. Yeah it is a big huge change that does bring on anxiety because anxiety is part of change for sure.

Having a success plan in place guarantees success.

In other words nothing or no one getting between the intention and what is wanted to have from the intention that is set. 

I will show you a step by step process with proven techniques that allow you to shift your energy and expand  to make it a reality in your everyday life.”

These techniques will help you honor your value in all areas of your life; self-love, purpose, relationships, business and finances. 


I FELT THE ENERGY SHIFT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS BLOCK WAS LIFTED I just had my first coaching session with Yvonne and all I can say is WOW!. In less than 15min did she break through the money blocks that I have been carrying ever since I was a child. I was not even aware that this belief was so deeply integrated and linked to something else than I initially had thought but this was all thanks for Yvonne’s expertise and guidance. 

I feel so much relief now and I felt the energy shift immediately after this block was lifted. Thank you so much, Yvonne, you are truly amazing! I am so grateful you showed up when you did.

I can highly recommend Yvonne to everyone who feels they need some extra guidance to release their blocks. Whatever it may be, this lady can definitely help you. Again, thank you so much ♥ Ingunn T.


CONFIDENCE TO MOVE FORWARD Before meeting Yvonne, I felt like I was not achieving the simple goals I wanted to attain as an entrepreneur. Yvonne patiently sat down with me to have a look at my self-worth.
Within the very first session, I understood that my issues of self-worth were deeply affecting my level of confidence to move forward in both my personal and professional life.
The experience was so empowering, it helped me move leaps and bounds with my rebranding and attracting new clients in my coaching practice.
Working with Yvonne is like unwrapping a very precious gift that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life! 
L. Laprise

SHINE MY LIGHT Thanks to Yvonne’s coaching, I’ve been recently able to step into my own power and recognize my gift. My femininity and vulnerability are two things that I had kept hidden under a rug for the longest time. I feel more confident now to shine my light and have more compassion for myself.

The work I have been doing with Yvonne has led me to understand who I am and to stand up for my needs. I have started working on my own business, with Yvonne’s guidance all while staying true to my essence.

My business reflects my values as and includes my gift that I have to offer. Working with Yvonne has been the best investment I have made. I highly recommend Yvonne for her specialty in business coaching, as well as for uncovering patterns in relationships and wealth & money. Thanks for everything, Yvonne! Kristie V.


Sometimes all you need is a little shift !!


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