Soul Calling Alignment – Live 3 Week Workshop

“Being one with your creative life force & passion (life or business)”


I honored my soulful vision to move from Canada to the Caribbean, and continued to offer my gift both in person and online.


1. Be laser sharp focussed on the specific result you want by trusting your authentic inner knowing, heart’s guidance and intuition 

2. Make empowered decisions to manifest your inner callings while continuing to develop the divine quality that support your growth and purpose

3. Improve your relationship with money knowing your blind spot and shift with empowered beliefs. 


Laser Sharp Focus With Your Soul's Guidance

Transitioning, growing through your creative passion or building your business, and connecting with people that resonate with your energy so you can be one with your soul’s calling to take your next step with steadfast faith!



– One (1)  90 minute group Zoom call per week during 3 weeks.


– You will benefit from the group teaching and group coaching while having a laser focussed approach on your specific needs.


– You will be part of a private members only Facebook group where you can post your progress and have support from the group.


BONUS: One (1) 30 minute private Zoom coaching call with me as you see fit during the 3 week workshop.


In the Soul Calling Alignment 3 Week Workshop I will share powerful and proven ways to support your ability to move forward in motion with confidence through your authentic value.


There will be a positive ripple effect that will help you honor your value in all areas of your life; self-love, relationships, business and finance.


Thanks to Yvonne’s coaching, I’ve been recently able to step into my own power and recognize my gift. My femininity and vulnerability are two things that I had kept hidden under a rug for the longest time. I feel more confident now to shine my light and have more compassion for myself.

The work I have been doing with Yvonne has led me to understand who I am and to stand up for my needs. I have started working on my own business, with Yvonne’s guidance all while staying true to my essence.

My business reflects my values as and includes my gift that I have to offer. Working with Yvonne has been the best investment I have made. I highly recommend Yvonne for her specialty in business coaching, as well as for uncovering patterns in relationships and wealth & money. Thanks for everything, Yvonne! Kristie V.


Specifically the 5 aspects that I teach on:

1. Trust your powerful inner guidance and your inner knowing to go to your next level.

2. Honor your authentic value to design the lifestyle that corresponds the environment and context best suited for you.

3. Create from passion and inspiration and share your authentic gift in ways that impact others.

4. Connect your self-worth and unique brilliance to money.

5. Embrace your worthiness to find balance with relationships in both personal life and business.

Before I met Yvonne I was feeling frustrated, stressed and tired. Yvonne, was so warm, helpful and intuitive. She helped me to quickly get to the core and it still gives me chills! I have a clear vision of where I am going…every detail felt so natural and comfortable. I physically felt a powerful shift in all the things, money and business. In the month I worked with her I have increase my money flow by 35%. I have a huge amount of respect for her gifts and her knowledge. I highly recommend working with Yvonne, trust her and she will help you bust open your blocks!! Krista N. 

“The door to the soul is the heart”