Let’s Connect!

Perhaps you relate to one of the following:

        • Struggle with lack of confidence and confusion
        • Guided by emotions and at times shut down when you hit a wall
        • Lack clarity on the specific things needed to move forward and you feel stuck
        • Self disvalue causing a disconnect with money
        • Difficulty moving forward with what you really want in your heart

How about money blocks that affect your financial security, perhaps you relate to one of the following:

        • I need to find a job to have money, my coaching is not enough.
        • Paying bills makes me anxious.
        • I want to make more money than what I need to survive, can I have a bit more… why can’t I do this?
        • Debt-ridden and stressed out.
        • No matter how much money there is it is never enough.
        • Having money and being spiritual are contradictions… money is not important.
        • Money really stresses me out.

Be reassured that there is a very good reason for this.

There is a solution!

Fine Tuning How You Connect to Unlock The Magic!



      • Establish value for yourself
      • Discover what your true value and true purpose is
      • Create a new relationship with money
      • Trust your inner knowing, have more confidence, and know what you want and need by including your sensitivity and intuition, and what is important for you; so you can live with deep and soulful satisfaction
      • Remove blocks that help you make more money and step into your power with grace and ease


      • Believe in yourself with enthusiasm and satisfaction in business
      • Develop a solid foundation and business principles that work
      • Have a plan, take action and be confident
      • Get going in business with less obstacles
      • Connect to and listen to your ideal clients, and develop long term relationships


Feel better and in control of your life?

Feel safe and secure by owning your inner value and worth, and having a good relationship with money?

Get more than you think you deserve by being aligned with your needs & the flow of your life to create healthy entitlement to the life style you want?

Living your dream of living with soulful love and having success with your business or your heartfelt projects takes strength and courage. It definitely requires high esteem – self-value and worthiness!


Here are several transformations clients have experienced as results:

  1. Owning your self worth and seeing yourself as the amazing person that your are
  2. Unconditional support with love, never giving up regardless of obstacles
  3. Having more possibilities and knowing that more is accessible
  4. Enrolling high end clients
  5. Making money
  6. Opening your heart and accepting your natural state of vulnerability
  7. Getting to the heart of things quickly and being guided in a way that is painless – It’s the feeling of having lived a transformation without realising it, it is natural!
  8. Having the middle ground between psychology and being practical
  9. Clearing out block and having a soft place to land to reach professional goals
  10. Having satisfaction
  11. Feeling accomplished and knowing how I belong
  12. Getting beneath the surface of what’s holding you back
  13. Freedom, be valued, be yourself through safety and security, etc…

I am fortunate to be involved in a Mastermind group with Yvonne St.Louis.

I am fortunate to be involved in a Mastermind group with Yvonne St.Louis.  From day one, it was very apparent that she was “all-in”.  Yvonne if gifted at being laser focused and when working with her, individuals always feel heard.  She provides deep insight in a loving and generous manner. I have no doubt that

Eleni Anastos March 30, 2015