Let’s Connect!

Overcome the hardship of disconnect and fully reclaim your value, self-worth and worthiness to have more happiness, success and money.

Without balance selfless & selfish, You tolerate and find a way to make it work, get into people pleasing, you put in the effort, and you settle. You will find ways to:

  • Increase connectedness by healing deeper issues that impact your worthiness and authentic value so you can receive more love and expand with life and live with more wealth.
  • Own your defined self-worth and unique brilliance including gift, talents, abilities and strength so you can know how to then set a fee to the unique value you offer.
  • Improve your emotional relationship to money so you can receive more money.

Having more happiness, feel safe and secure, and make more money.


  • smoothly transition into a life that you dream of through self-discovery and mastering all of YOU, including your purpose and money to have more happiness and live with deeper satisfaction, joy and fulfillment.
  • have a stronger personal and spiritual connection to resolve the deeper disconnect so you can be in alignment and overcome any stress, frustration, procrastination and if you are highly sensitive you will overcome the sense of overwhelm and you will know how to deal with this as it comes up
  • knowing the needs that make up the vital and core need of connection so you will know how to have your needs fulfilled in your relationships (significant, clients, etc…)
  • improve how you communicate to connect more effectively
  • have clarity on your heartfelt desires and purposefully align your vision with the results you want to manifest
  • define your self-worth and unique brilliance including your gift, talents, creativity, abilities and strength
  • own their passion and be purposeful with their gift and talent
  • discover your unconscious pain pattern with its limiting beliefs that block love, happiness, money, success…
  • transform limiting beliefs and self-doubt to empowered beliefs and success mindsets by releasing unresolved deeper pain and blocks related to not feeling worthy or deserving and create new empowered thought patterns to help you be the person you want to become
  • shifting the pain and unconscious thought pattern related to not feeling enough, doing enough and having enough to have more safety and security
  • have more confidence
  • setting up your business foundation by creating your unique signature program that can be used as a rinse and repeat no matter how your business grows
  • know how to set a fee to the value offered through your self-worth and unique brilliance
  • upleveling your business in you are in business and are not sure of the direction
  • be less scattered and be very clear on what you want so you can reach specific goals
  • make conscious choices and aligned decisions
  • feel more valued and appreciated
  • optimize your environments including releasing clutter, and detachment from toxic relationships, and letting go of what no longer fits so you so you can soulfully expand
  • shift the stress of people pleasing with honoring your Self by strengthening boundaries
  • develop a wealth consciousness
  • bust money blocks and improve their emotional relationship with money to be more comfortable with money and make more money
  • align core life values with money values so you can live your vision according to your values including spending, saving and creating money consciously
  • .. and more


      • Establishing value for yourself
      • Discovering what your true value and true purpose is
      • Creating a new relationship with money
      • Trusting your inner knowing, having more confidence, and knowing what you want, need and desire, and what is important for you; so you can live with deep and soulful satisfaction
      • Removing blocks that help you make more money and step into your power with grace and ease
  • Believe in yourself with enthusiasm and satisfaction in business
  • Develop a solid business foundation
  • Have a plan, take action and be confident
  • Get going in business with less obstacles
  • Connect and listen to your ideal clients, and develop long term relationships

My clients are open, empaths, driven, high achievers, results oriented, authentic, and they value purpose and freedom. They have what it takes to take consistent action in reaching for what they want. And as most people who are guided by their emotions, they shut down when they hit a wall, so when they do I hold the space for them through empowered ways that overcomes any self-abandonment. This is what makes me different from other coaches. I will hold you as powerful as you can be even in those times when you will not do it for yourself.


The cost of having this disconnect problem is not being open to receive more love and more money AND mismanaged energy, emotions and thoughs that make you feel stuck in your head.

It is feeling pinched off, closed or shut down in one aspect of your life which causes you also feel stuck in your purpose or your business.

Looking for self-development or programs to not feel stagnant and pushing into what you want with internal pressure does not bring you what you want at a deeper level. This costs more energy and more money, and it increases your level of stress or internal tension which impacts your wellness, important relationships, your passion and creativity, and your money.

This is costing you to lose your focus as you get scattered in business and spend money unconsciously.

It is costing you more time, energy and money with very little results and very little satisfaction.

The cost of tolerating a deeper disconnect makes you feel that there has to be more than this…

I work with leaders, heart, soul and money conscious coaches and entrepreneurs (and those who aspire to be), who have had it with tolerating or settling when it comes to owning their value, self-worth, and worthiness, and are ready now for a change, a shift or tranformation, who are ready, willing and able to invest into their happiness and success by focussing on the results they want and taking action now!

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The 72-hour action plan also gave me concrete steps to see the shift

Thank you so much for your time today. Your gentle approach really helped me clarify and focus on the blocks I had to expanding my income. The more we worked on what I had identified as problems, the more it became very clear that the issue was actually in another part of my life. Your

Marie Hughes March 10, 2015