Connect To Your Divine Clarity Through Grace

Half of the year, gone!

The worlds shake up is on-going. Are you surprised?
It will continue on this year.
It will continue on next year.
Naturally next year will be the result of this year, 2021.
2021 is the result of 2020.
And we will see what opens up for 2023.

If we take time out of the equation we get to a space of timelessness.

That’s where the magic of manifestation happens.
Your decisions have nothing to do with time.
Decisions to make what you want happen, that is.

Just this morning in my morning walk on the beach I was listening to a replay from my coach about MANIFESATION. She brought me back to the EMPOWERED DECISIONS I made in my life.
Easy stuff!! I’ve got this I quickly told myself.

Let me teach you how easy this stuff is, to have what you wholeheartedly want. I am talking about your soul desires.

Clarity – Alignment – Connectivity – Wholeness – One With – Essence – Vulnerability – Raw
All the same energy. Different word labels say the same thing.

Energy speaks louder than words. How do you know this Yvonne, can be a question you have for me.
Let me tell you in a very clear and simple answer. The fact that I was raised with deaf parents taught me this.
I learned to pick up information in a different way.

Now, even stronger than before there is a movement of being present to discover more about being one with our divine essence, one’s powerful inner guidance. BEING ONE WITH offers more than the mind can even begin to imagine.

Let me give you a practical example that can offer you guidance to help you out with MANIFESTATION.

I wrote about it in my Special ReportConnect To Your Divine Clarity Through Grace” that you can read here…