Connecting To Happiness: Live-Love-Work On Purpose

How are you feeling these days? 
Are you expanding by adding more life to your life through joy or are you emotionally triggered and feel that your energy is contracted and the search to resolve this is on because of a block or overwhelm?

You are right on track !!

The joy of growth, learning, healing is the path that opens us to our general purpose. From our general purpose we have a deeper calling to follow our unique purpose through joy to experience opportunities to connect even more to love, peace, flow and fulfillment. When this is experienced you enjoy the richness of your life, the abundance and the happiness you deserve.

Each and everyone of us was given the gift of life to claim our freedom of being, doing and having. Here’s a little reminder: having is the outcome of doing, and doing is translated into taking action or inspired action that stems for being.

This state of being is what requires efforts in effortlesness. Effortlessness is associated with coincidences and the law of synchronicity. When we are connected and in alignment it brings to us exactly what we need. It is critical to stay open and acknowledge this is exactly what is required for your next step so you can have what you want or accomplish something for yourself that you dream of.

The efforts to grow, learn, heal are what confuses the mind because the mind wants to have control. It stems from fear, ego, conditioned mind patterns with its false and dispempowering beliefs and will never give you the rewards of love and fulfillment you expect. Why? This has an agenda of its own and entertains a false sense of safety with something missing. When this is on or activated, well the mind thinks that something external will give it what it needs to feel safe, loved and prosperous and this will lead you astray by BEING misdirected and misguided. Yeah, because of fear, deeper fears that hold you back from the fulfillment you want. 

This disconnect and misalignment taxes your happiness and joy.
The insecurity caused by this pushes you to seek externally where what needs to happen is to get to that sense of security inside, believing in your own soul to then allow the love and the money to flow in.

Why is this so? 
1. In very simple terms beliefs are associated to the false self that was constructed by a disconnect from the authentic self you truly are in your divine nature of being. Yeah, this does go back to childhood stuff and you probably know this.
2. Our divine nature of being will always push us to growth, learn, heal to live through oneness in this world of duality or contrast because that is our general purpose with the gift of life.
3. Enjoying the gift of life is to be involved emotionally with awareness of knowing your thought and emotional patterns and then purposefully chosing good thoughts, and living with spirit through consciousness. 

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You see the intelligence of life will always show you where you are on your path with your general purpose and unique purpose. 
This is exactly where tolerating or settling, losing yourself in another person because your sensitive nature absorbs their energy and issues. 
Putting someone else’s needs in equal proportion to your own and taking it one step further to fill your cup and feel whole through joy will shift the unhappiness because you put yourself in the equation (significant partner, family, friends, and clients in business). Finding balance in your relationships with boundaries that are empowered with togetherness.
In business it’s about your view on money and this comes right back to you, finding security within to then allow money to flow to you.

If something needs to be set right it requires a moment of attention. Yes it does ask you to roll up your emotional sleeves to do the inner work. Some do and others don’t. It’s free will, freedom on choice to grow, learn, heal and own your value knowing that you are worthy to live with the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. 

Being connected and in alignment with happiness is the path of purpose.
With love, Yvonne