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Your energy does not lie to you!

Not being able to relax, not sleeping well, being caught up in waiting game, thinking and being paralysed with fear, crying because it is difficult…etc.. You can neglect, ignore, reject it, essentially a disconnect, sort of a self-abandonment. We all have our unique ways of coping however pressure is pressure and it is no fun.

What I can tell you is that the closer you look at it the more empowered you become. You know exactly what that pressure, tension and insecurity is all about and you CAN do something about it.

  • Pressure from an unresolved heartache (difficult existential feelings)
  • Pressure from relationship conflicts
  • Pressure from money worries that reflect bad money habits OR debt that is linked with an unforgiven past OR you are shut down with a poor mindset and a poor heart
  • Pressure from psychological structural pressure caused from being in the middle of a change, known as in the gap
  • Pressure of needing to work harder to have more money
  • Pressure to have more clients and undervaluing your value and your self-worth
  • Pressure from insecurity, feeling scared about something and it contracts your energy – this can even be afraid of being afraid.

Taking action and not allowing fear to paralyse you – When the ego is not edged out or when fear is taking too much space this will leave  a person feeling stuck, at the mercy of living a disconnect with one of these:  body, mind, heart, spirit or money. It is very challenging.

You have a deep need to feel safe and not putting your pressure under the microscope will keep you feeling insecure and not feeling safe. If you are affected by a disconnect I would enjoy talking with you. Click here to connect with me.

You cannot fool your energy. Your energy wants to be resolved – personal or business energy does not know the difference. Who you are follows you everywhere, at home, at work, at play and with friends…


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