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We’ll uncover hidden challenges that impact your value, worth, money and sabotage your happiness and success.

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1. Having more possibilities and knowing that more is accessible

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…Before meeting Yvonne, I felt like I was not achieving the simple goals I wanted to attain as an entrepreneur. Yvonne patiently sat down with me to have a look at my self-worth. I understood that my issues of self-worth were deeply affecting my level of confidence to move forward in both my personal and professional life. The experience was so empowering, it helped me move leaps and bounds with my rebranding and attracting new clients in my coaching practice.

Working with Yvonne is like unwrapping a very precious gift that will allow you to thrive in all areas of your life!

…Before my Money Breakthrough session with Yvonne, I felt like I was at a plateau with the amount of income I was generating in my business. During our session, Yvonne tapped into a deeply rooted belief that quickly helped me understand the root of my money issue. Ten hours later, I signed on my highest paying client ever! Yvonne is truly a miracle worker. If you are looking to make more money, improve your life by getting to the root of the matter, I highly recommend Yvonne’s work. Give yourself the gift. Leah Laprise