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  I followed my inner guidance, dream, intuition and vision all the way from Montreal Canada to Pueblo de Los Pescadores in the Caribbean. You have it within you to pull magic out of yourself !!

Thanks to Yvonne’s coaching, I’ve been recently able to step into my own power and recognize my gift. My femininity and vulnerability are two things that I had kept hidden under a rug for the longest time. I feel more confident now to shine my light and have more compassion for myself.

The work I have been doing with Yvonne has led me tounderstand who I am and to stand up for my needs. I have started working on my own business, with Yvonne’s guidance all while staying true to my essence.

My business reflects my values as and includes my gift that I have to offer. Working with Yvonne has been the best investment I have made. I highly recommend Yvonne for her specialty in business coaching, as well as for uncovering patterns in relationships and wealth & money. Thanks for everything, Yvonne! Kristie V.