Coping And Staying Open

This week’s Soulful Blog is on the topic of moving through resistance and anger.

“I felt all of this is false and it’s not true. When all of this started in March I knew it was false. I made me angry. I started to have migraine headaches. I needed to sleep and rest to allieviate the headache.”

As I was working with Christine she said to me “I need to open up my heart. I feel pain in my neck and somehow I know that I am not in my heart. My resistance is strong.” Being very sensitive she felt it in her energy. She wanted to align her head with her heart to be heart centered like she usually is.   We talked about what it takes to open up our heart.  Having a responsible compassion for herself this will bring her to the results she wants.

I knew that the unresolved energy within her being was coming up to the surface with what she was experiencing in the present moment with this over emphasised media where no one knows what seems to be true or false.  The anger or rage has to flow through one way or another and it’s best that it does so through awareness.  This powerful energy does cause pain and dis-ease. This can be resolved with healing and increasing one’s consciousness with more self-love.

Just when the world is opening up slowly bam! the United States hit the world with another abuse of power with injustice. A police officer holding his knee over the throat of a black person’s neck causing death. The media has been all over this case and racism was activated once again.  

The bottom line is hate causing more hate and more division amongst people. Ego consciousness. This is the dark energy that causes people to suffer. Putting fuel to the fire is to stay stuck in the hate and anger energy. There is forgiviness work in the heart to tender to this heartfelt rage for everyone who suffered by this tragic event. There is compassion to be shared. Justice in our human form will balance it out with its lawful punishment. At a soul level the negative karma will not be escaped.

As I was participating in a virtual live class with Oprah Winfrey’s her heart was heavy and she was angry as she talked about this abuse of power that triggered racism. She had a stye in her right eye. Her words and her body expressed her energy. Throughout my energy healing and coaching work I know that the eyes are connected to the fire energy and the fire energy is connected to anger and rage.  The body speaks just like words do through its own intelligence.

When this energy gets out of control as we have seen with the abuse of power its emotional cocktail of anger and pride stemming from ego consciounessness has consequences that will be handled by human laws that holds society together. Every person has value and are worthy. The suffering is felt and the heartfelt rage will cause a movement in society. My heart goes out to everyone who were directly involved. May they be blessed with grace.