Debt, Credit Card – Get control – Release stress. It’s blocking you.

Remove insecurity from the debt or credit card.

If you have more than one card put them away and only use 1.
Go buy yourself a pink envelope and put the credit cards that you are not using in them. Write a little note that says ”paid in full with grace and ease” and put the note in the enveloppe along with your cards.

Before making a plan to pay these, or perhaps you already have a plan to pay the credit card debt, or if you have no credit card debt and want to stay this way use the magic in a fun way and write on your note ”clean slate every month with grace, ease and fun”.

The lack of love and trust is reflected in your debt or in hoarding. Yeah, I know all about your insecurity. It is how at one point you needed to not only prove to others but also prove to yourself that you needed all those things and experiences to get you to a place whre you could finally tell yourself that’s it.! I’ve done it.! I’m at a right place now.

I’ve really outsmarted what was making me feel that I really needed to have all of those experiences and things to make me feel better, to make me feel like I was moving forward. You cannot fool your energy and your heart and soul. All those efforts you did by yourself, trying to hold it all together for everyone. Of course you did not spend a lot of money on your self-love and care. And this is where it’s costing you in energy because deep down inside you’re sad about this, maybe even feel anxioux. This is where your pain point, sensitive string, ego mind, conditioned mind is getting the best of you.

For now observe what your thoughts and emotions are. Do not resist your own energy. Don’t fight against yourself. I will continue with Part 2 and Part 3. You will have it all this week. So for now take it step by step. Trust the process of your growth, and especially the expansion of your soul that only wants you to have more divine and fun experiences and joy.
Connect With Your Heart, OWN your Life, Soul, Dream.. Play Your Life ALL IN so you can Master ALL of YOU!


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