Good Vibes & Alignment! You’ve got it!

You’ve been shown.
The relationship you have with yourself,
with your life, with your own connectivity,
with the almighty creator of life,
with your own passion for  your life,
with your connection to nature,
with your connection with animals,
with your connection to another person?
with your connection to your money?
with your connection to your business or work?
Connection or disconnect.
Each and everyone of us has been shown. 

Allowing in a healing presence through it all whether in person, at a distance online, reading written words, listening to a video, a song.

It’s been a crazy couple of years with its madness in the world. Countries opening up and then closing borders, open, closed. And again, open, closed to continue on this way for another while until the world finds its balance perhaps in 2022 at best or 2023. 

Having been offline for about one year and a half and now getting back online I can stand transparent and say “wow” what I am picking up is stronger and more driven.
When I got offline to take a step back from it all the collective energy was dense, powerlessness, then it shifted to anger, then it shifted to fear, then it shifted to more anger.

The relentlessness of many soulful human beings held the energy of the collective. Some were fantastic and selfless serving others with exactly what they needed, and others more selfish serving others with a scavenger mindset “there’s an opportunity to make a buck, more like make a million bucks off people’s vulnerability”.  

Yes I do have a high degree of intuition. Yes I have learned to pick up information a different way, and that is a blessing from having been raised with deaf parents.
And yes there were challenges also, that’s just how it is. 😉

Yes I do have a high degree of sensitivity as I value connectivity and alignment. 

Why is this important?

Higher feelings – good vibes, alignment, manifestation, benevolence of life with exactly what is needed at the right time.

Allowing your passion with your gift and talent pull you forward to add more light to this world to begin with you, your life. That’s enough to change the world because YOU are enough. You being you, fully you. You are worthy. Period.

Including your connection to all by allowing your sensitivity.

How I understood this is simple “Yvonne let me build my energy so I can reach you more” – I understood my dad (bless his soul) and the effort he needed to put on his side to connect with me. He used to get my attention by turning on and off the air conditioner. Funny thing, he does that same thing with my son Mitchell who also has these gifts developed.

I love teaching, mentoring, coaching, healing love or money blocks and my gift allows me to quickly identify what’s going on and so in turn clients have quicker results.

Yes I do smell the presence of angels with their scent of flowers, particularly roses. And yes I do smell the other smells of sulfur and manure.

Yes I will tell you as I walk on the street with you, watch your step so you don’t fall down to then be told… how did you know that?

So what I am perceiving and please do tell me how you are perceiving things so I know about you also 🙂

At this time in June 2021 let me ask this! Are you driven? What are the goals you have defined for yourself? Is it about health, business, money, relationship, purpose?

That is the collective energy that I am tapping into, picking up that vibe. Are you picking up on this vibe also? 

My message is to be your self, your human self, your soul self, your genuine self. Being connected and in alignment so you get to have it all.

Live-love-work on purpose, Yvonne