How To Believe in Yourself

What keeps a person from not moving forward is how they believe in themselves.  YOU need to have someone who believes in you. Think of sports – the coach and the person who is doing everything to win. Success is in the efforts and they do get to that finish line!

What keeps a person stuck is to stay in unresolved traumas, heartache, the ego mind or the conditioned mind. This will keep a person stuck in the past.

What keeps a person in their tracks is the misery that comes from tolerating or settling.. self-sacrifice. Stop it! You deserve to live a life that you love!

Walk your path with someone who believes in you, who uplifts you, and mostly who values your happiness.

Keep an eye out for a webinar invitation that will be posted next week. It is a Masterclass on Manifesting On Purpose: Own Your Value To Create A Life & Business You Love.

Remember, love is source and money is meant to add value to your life, however you need to value YOURSELF!

Keep reaching for what you want!

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