How To Deal With Insecurity

THEME: October is a month of opportunity
Since 2008 I have been healing hearts and empowering women to stand in their power. In 2012 I felt an internal push, a soul pull that it was time to take my soulful business at a higher level. I merged with my sacred essence and asked to have a symbol that would help me to stay faithful to this and make the right decisions.The symbol I got was a heart with diamonds. I wanted to buy this but the cost was $13,000.00 so I opted to find an image and paste the image on my vision board. I was approached by several big names to be part of their coaching community.

My soulful whispers said this: observe one person by taking a step back. Shortly after I witnessed how she experienced a disconnection and closed her heart in a situation. This confirmed that I would not work with her.

I value sensitivity, open heart and connection. This is what has enabled me to change my insecurity complex to trust.

As for the other person I was inspired to research very specific words on the internet and I discovered fraud.

I value integrity and transparency. On the day that I let her know that I would not work with her hold and behold I received a phone call from Kendall’s office exactly one hour later. (keeping your heart open = high frequency with quick manifestation)  I esteem both of these women – the only Hick is that we do not share the same values.

I told the person from Kendall’s office who had reached out to me to give me three days to reflect on it and I would get back to her. I immediately merged with my sacred essence and surrendered this for divine guidance. My self-trust and self-worth is very high as I feel home deep down inside and as a child of the universe I am worthy of being guided and supported in everything.

Two days later I was in this shopping mall with my husband as he needed to rectify something with his driver’s license. Guess what? There was a jewelry store beside the driver’s license office. Amazingly I found a heart with diamonds $160.00. It was not identical to the photo on my vision board as the diamonds were a bit smaller however it was close enough to confirm my decision. I wired the money and it was a done deal. This is how I got to know Kendall.

You can live with high self-trust and high self-worth while having money be a good exchange of service for you.