How To Overcome Feeling Scattered and Overwhelmed

Take those mornings, where you wake up and something in you says go, get out of bed and rise with a new day! What kind of day will it be?

What are your first thoughts?
Are they excitment and joy or are they worries?
Do you hit snooze before getting out of bed? How many times?
Do you think you’re doing it right, your life, is it working?
Do you think, what should I focus on? What is my goal? What exactly is my goal? Which one? Feeling scattered.! Feeling overwhelmed even before you begin to put one foot ahead of the other one.
I understand you.

Do you keep searching and waiting for something to be even more perfect to go for what you really want deep down inside your heart?

Are your feelings triggered and your emotions make you feel stuck in your tracks?
This makes it difficult to put one foot ahead of the other one.
After the first hour that you are up you are telling yourself, ”I’ve gotta get going, I’ve gotta start doing something”.

Maybe you want to be a coach yourself and guide other people and when you are triggered something brings you down the rabbit hole and its kind of hard to be on top of it and be true to your dream of wanting to help other people and make good money doing what you just love doing!

The problem with the lack of focus or a disconnect makes it challenging to move forward with a sense of accomplishment, and if there is a pain pattern underneath the lack of focus or disconnect chances are that you will feel even worse, have depression or anxiety.

When this problem is solved your focus in on your priorities and these are linked to your vision.
Therefore progressing to reach your goals and taking inspired action does bring you what you want including more happiness and more money. Your focus is back and your energy is uplifted. You know what to focus on to have the specific results that you want and this feels exciting and joyful!

Connect With Your Heart, OWN Your Life, Your Dream, Your Soul! You have what it takes to make it happen and make both your life and your money work so you can have what you want.


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