How To Resolve Worthiness

Hello Soulful friend! I hope that you are enjoying summer! July has been very active enjoying beach time and a little downtime.

In this soulful newsletter I want to share ways to get back into your space of worthiness.​​

This past week the theme of feeling worthy came up a lot. The number one thing that gets in the way of living or loving or working on purpose is this: unresolved worthiness issues stemming from childhoon and deservability blocks stored in the conditioned mind, patterns.
Yes of course ego and purpose are like water and oil so integrating ego results in more happiness.

Talking with many people throughout my coaching journey, I can tell you that not having been heard, or not having been seen or not having been validaded growing up impacted your worthiness, what you believe you are worthy of receiving..Worthiness became my expertise for this one reason: I was raised with deaf parents that I love which came with challenges and blessings.

When a person has not been heard, seen or validated in their childhood it impacted their worthiness. That’s how it is. If you have experienced rejection, abandonment, betrayal and lies this created fear, mistrust and insecurities) and rides the same waveline of unworthiness along th fear and unresolved grief. Allowing yourself to hold the pain your worthiness holds is critical for this reason: it impacts confidence, self-belief, manifestation…
You will keep seeking your worth externally through another person in life (significant relationship) or business (clients).

How this shows up ? Now owning your value is closely knitted with worthiness and self-worth and in business this problem shows up with poor boundaries and this impacts money. Money is a consequence.

Worthy to be loved: I want to feel worth living, I need a relationship, I want to know that I am worthy of love. I want to feel validatedYou might tolerate what does not feel good, or now be caught up in a relationship where there is no heart connection, being physically driven with physical intimacy, or connecting from the intellect.. codependency, narcissism, dysfunctional ways that for some reason make you tolerate … even as you see the red flags

Worthy to be seen: this pulls on pride, is dependant upon external conditions, giving the power of one’s existance upon external conditions, giving one’s power to others for their survival to be validated or admired because this need was not fulfilled in childhood.

Worthy to be heard: this makes it that you don’t express your feeling, emotions, toughts, wants, needs, desire because a part of you think that you don’t matter. That everyone else’s needs are more important than you so this makes you forget about you.

False lies of the ego, I am unloveable, flawed, broken…Fulfilling the false needs of the ego versus your human fundamental needs will give you more of what you don’t want through emptiness.
Unresolved worthiness issues will continue to create blocks to genuine love, sacred love, your function of being happy impacting living, loving, or working on purpose.

You are worthy and that unworthiness space will keep putting situations in your life until you resolve this, one experience after the other until you know that you know you are valued and worthy with love, joy and peace supporting you effortlessly.

With love, Yvonne
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