Igniting The Alignment Of Your Inner Calling

IGNITING the ALIGNMENT and WISDOM of getting to be in the vibrational state of being with what is meant for you so you can call it into your experience, be MANIFESTING ON PURPOSE.

Going a bit deeper within offers insight, highest truth and guidance, creativity and inspiration, and offers deeper soulful satisfaction opening up the path to a prosperous way of living.   

The personality – The programmed part that says “I am not enough, I don’t do enough, I am not good enough, or not prepared enough, I don’t have enough money, or something with not enough” pointing to dis-value and unworthiness issues such as I am not worthy of (love, attention, support, money…), or I don’t deserve happiness, success…) and it’s all unconscious unless light is shed. Releasing the energy block with its beliefs is what needs to happen and that is where people get stuck. 

What you just read, well I had this and while that program was on it created sabotage in all aspects of my life until I learned how to manage the energetic imprint. It became one of my expertise. 

We were somewhat programmed to put other people’s needs first, to put a love relationship at the top of the priority, to be a high achiever at works even to the cost of neglecting our own frequency, our vibration, our own wellness ..

..spiritual and psychological well being not knowing that about the frequency of a program that you don’t even know about until a situation or a person matches that frequency resulting in a lower vibe of struggle triggering the energetic imprint. And then the can’t sleep good, the headache, not so hungry these days, the mis-managed energy or nervousness.. etc.. none of this makes it all better, basically neglecting self-care and love by not putting the value on one self first.

Once the unworthiness and dis-value gap is closed a whole new world of opportunities open up. Decisions are made. Conscious choices are taken. Spiritual intelligence, consciousness and intuition, the guiding source is activated.  Naturally its rewards lead to prosperity, wealth, financial abundance in a flow of ease.

The mind cannot comprehend this part. No! It is the mystery of LIFE, of the SOUL, of the HEART. Not to worry the mind does catch up to the rhythm of the soul.

P.S. Come see how alignment is activated https://yvonnest-louis.com/5-day-challenge-2/