Look for nothing and everything comes!

Being in business for yourself or wanting to do this is essentially what highly sensitives crave. Actually, it is the freedom that is sought after. Life has its way of putting you on your path in the most intelligent and subtle way that the ego mind doesn’t get.

In this Soulful Newsletter I want to point out some traits that you might identify with.

”For highly sensitive people, goals that are not saturated with meaning – ultimate spiritual meaning – just don’t satisfy, as a general rule.” Elaine N. Aron, PhD.  

Traits (a few traits) of Highly Sensitive People:

– Ability to connect at a deeper level, capacity to process at a deeper level

– Conscientious

– Are comfortable with reflection, meditation, prayer

– Aware of subtleties, you get it quickly

– Other people’s moods affect you, picking up their energy (joy or anger…)

– Need to protect your energy

– Have a rich inner world

– Startled and uncomfortable with loud noises

– Highly intuitive

– As a child you were tagged as shy or too sensitive

– Your spirituality is soulful!

Success inevitably comes through self-love! During my vacation I reflected on what worked out in my life, tapped into my strength of getting it and how I am blessed to offer guidance and help so others also get it! Love is the foundation of your business and money is a consequence! If you have gotten this your are thriving! If you want to discover more about this you have an opportunity right here and right now. If not you, do you know someone who would benefit from this opportunity! Click or pass it on.
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