Connecting To Prosperity – Free Masterclass Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 3:00PM EST

Owning your value and worth, and having more safety, money and happiness.

I will show you a step by step process with proven ways that allows you to shift your energy, identify your blocks and disempowering beliefs.

I will share powerful and proven ways to remove these subconscious barriers that are ultimately blocking you and your ability to access your true life purpose and value.
These techniques will help you increase value in all areas of your life; relationships, business and finances.

Before I met Yvonne I was feeling frustrated, stressed and tired. Yvonne, was so warm, helpful and intuitive. She helped me to quickly get to the core and it still gives me chills! I have a clear vision of where I am going…every detail felt so natural and comfortable. I physically felt a powerful shift in all the things, money and business. In the month I worked with her I have increase my money flow by 35%. I have a huge amount of respect for her gifts and her knowledge. I highly recommend working with Yvonne, trust her and she will help you bust open your blocks!! Krista N. 

In these free masterclasses you have proven ways to quickly clear blocks and let go of the stuck cycle. Why show up for the Masterclass? Sometimes all you need is a little shift !!

Specifically the 5 aspects that I teach on will help you receive what you want.

  1. OWNING your Authentic Self-Value, Self-Worth & Worthiness and making the difference in your life and the lives of others by being on purpose and owning your calling
  2. MASTERING your psychology, emotions, ego, spirituality, having confidence, increasing awareness and consciousness, shifting patterns to enjoy quality connections and a loving significant relationship that feels good
  3. IMPROVING your relationship with money, building wealth consciousness, busting money blocks and having peace of mind by feeling empowered
  4. IMPLEMENTING your vision by working with the right strategy and taking inspired action in alignment with what you want to accomplish for yourself
  5. OPTIMISING your environment (physical and emotional releasing what is toxic) to EXPAND your life through soulful joy and fulfillment.

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